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Report on the gifted peoples of this erra.



Please note that there at this time, is a mistrust of the many differing peoples who are either natural born witches, gypsys, magicians seers, proffits and or other humans, who seem to posess supernatural abilites, within this time period of my posting.

There had been warnings so vested by certain memebers of the Pleiadeans extraterrestial communities, that durring the relative time of this posting, that those who were gifted in many of the way of supernatruality, may be harrased at times?

I myself have been harrased and accused of being a hacker, in reference to my ability to be able to read at a distance.

However is a larger macrocosim, such as some other posting boards, as well as the media, there seems to be an almost religious zelousness, in the persicution of some of these differing sects of peoples?

I had made the aquaintiance of a woman who was an international seller of merchandise, within the process of giving her a lift to a large city one day.

What she had told me of, was her time in India, where there are more differing religions percapita, than in any other place in this world.

She had told me of her walking down the streets of Calcutta, and HAVING locals who she had never formally met, come up to her and say, "From are FROM such and such place and you have four brothers, two sisters and your parents are still married"!?

So the gift of being able to see clairvoyantly, should not be considered as something abnormal.This is where in some places within the world, that his trait is such an abundanet gift to many of the people inhabitating there.

I would like to point out a disturbing trend, as far as my vision goes and I do so with love and concern.

This is the latest series of feats performed by American Gypsey, David Blaine.

I enjoy some of the task that he performed., however these latest series of public shows, do deeply disturbe me, as in some way, for some reason, David seems to be trying to test himself to the very limit.

I am concerned for both him and his safty, as no performer, should ever for any unworthy point, have to place himself in such danger, that this person could possably recive injurey, FROM the performance of a supernatural task?

Being part Gypsy myself, I understand some of what David can do.

However I must sit by and wonder why because the danger level of these stunts is so great, as to the motive for these feats of endurance.

Is what David doing, to bolster a falling economey, or national self worth issue?

I don't know the answer to this, I can only suppose that David has some pourpose as to what he is trying to do.

I have a freind who is in India, who is a healer, who has been accused of crimes of a moral nature.

This trend seems as of late, as it is not common for the gifted to sucumb this way.

I love this person as a friend, however am disturbed at the malody my friend has eandered into.

I am also wondering with reference to the past American president Bill Clinton, being a past Rhodes Schaller, is there some trend within the social-biomechanics of this globe.
This is said, since we as a society do not posess a fully qualified level of space trtavel, that is enacting, so letting some of us socially fall.

And does this social falling, so effect the faiths, whatever this might be, and attempt to degrade us a a colective peoples?

I must interject and say of David Blaine, that I really do appricitate your gifts and what you can do David!

However please keep in mind, as I have always wanted to say this to you, that beware of the cost invested within your performed task and what that certan outcome might be for your perosnally Davd?

This is so, as once the damage is done, or if you are hurt, then for what cost was this feat performed for and what is the payback that you now posess?

I say this to you the young and gifted David Blaine, without fear or reservation.

I point to more dramtic devices, such as Indian holy men being buried up to their heads, or holding their arms above there heads, till their fingernails grow feet long, not inches.

Certan gifts afforded one on bith are fine, however at what cost do these gift can or do impose later, if they are not used wisely?

Maybe it is the times we are in, as I write these statments of fact?

~~I remember we had lost dear Pa pa.

He was dead and blue corlored within that stuckoed and walled room.

The smell had already started, when Si had arrived.

In clear sweet voice he began to sing, "Never fear, for Si is here".

This young man entered the room and closed the curtain behind him.

In one half hours time, Si came back out of the this room with Pap Pa now alive.

This is a gift of more than you can see.It is a presence of more than yee can feel?

The gift in touching to REPAIR a hearts lost need, is the doing that the great god-head had afforded to some.

Never fear, for I am here.

Lament to a friend

Creedo 299
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