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Relaied from Godlike Productions ambassadors say.


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Guess there is more than one protem bid ambassador.....?


We the people of Earth ask, in case of any planned deception, the following enforments to be taken:

To offworld historians as well as time travelers, governmental officials and the peoples concerns by and large.

It was proclaimed on this web site, at GLP that by say, that the political concerns, known as the Zeta Reticulans would by Nancy Lieder say, assist government in the evacuation of said peoples from this planet Earth, in lue of the arrival of supposed Planet X to Earth's geomagnetic horizon.

Since the appearance of Planet X is already considered as felony assault, as proposed a year ago from this posting date, by www.universepeople.com, a Chezh web site, showing Planet X as being a said battle star, by Pleiadean, not Zeta Reticulan concerns, then any damage sustained by legal principles of Earth, placed on Earth by Planet X because it is a said controlled device, would be considered felony assault.

Because of Nancy Lieder's say, that the Zeta Reticulans would now help with a said evacuation of Earth's rotation should stop, then this would be termed a relief effort, by the offworld particulars, involved in any designs placed upon Earthlings.

Since life, liberty and property causality is now said to be involved in the appearance of said Planet X, then any taking of Earth peoples by any offworld agency, for not pure motives of relocation, would be termed additionally, as felony kidnapping, with probable mal intent?

In my place as a protem bid ambassador, with over five written bids for the office of an offworld ambassador passed to the mailing of both The White House, U.S. Congress and Senate, I must say that there is no official informancy to the peoples knowledge, not only in this land, but as afforded in others as well, concerning the issue of offworld relations.

Note that Nancy Lieder in her say, has alos legally interposed herself as either a big d ambassador, or an assigned ambassador?
The second term, may denote a said affilation with and or for the Zeta Reticulan consortium where-ever thney may stand?

If there is a sincere wish to help relocate the peoples of Earth, then some of ask that this attempt be genuine and not a ploy to process Earth peoples as a bought and sold cattle product.

If front his date, when and if Planet X does appear within ten years from this date and time and there are then reported a false intent and people are taken to be sold within a slave mode, we of Earth ask the following by neutral offworld and time travel agents to be appealed as a qualified action against the perpetrators.

That all local as well as intergalactic trade routes fore the Zeta Reticulans, as well as the Pleiadeasn be severely restricted, to the point that where in future tense, that these once contriving offworld species, have their ability to trade for the items that they need restricted by any supposed false intent of their actions.

There was a posting within Gary Kinder's book Light Years concerning the Pleiadean landing in Switzerland in 1975, which said that a contingent of Zeta Reticulans had accompanied the Pleiadeans at the said Swiss landing site.This was in said association as ambassadors for the Zeta Reticulan homeworld?

Furthermore, let it also be stated that any other additional race, such as some of the said war-like reptoid races that would perpetuate and such action placed here on Earth, should also have their trading rights effects thussly in same fashion?

We at this point as Earthlings do realize that we have probably been engineered up as a byproduct of both alien and natural Earth genetics infliuces, however both our political beliefs, as well as a our personal religious or semi-religious beliefs, written on papers, does give us the vested right to chose our own destiny.

Neither false aims by any established governmental organization, or any surreptitious aims by any said such offworld civilization should place themselves in the way of a peoples that have been promised by their governments, a right to invest themselves within the realm of outer and near space as colonist, as they had choosen.

All statements within this proclamation sworn and attested to.

Signed Earth protem bid ambassador, already a published source of identify.

Thank you.
Re: A suggestion

Friend Creedo of EarthTR125.0121

Have you ever heard of Havona and Orvonton. If not you are just going to love this. Please reply immediately.
Until later becomes now.
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