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Real Time - No such thing



I'm no prof. Only taken psychics in school.. But if you think about it, there is no such thing as "Real Time"..

When something happens light must travel from that "object" to your eye, which takes time. Then, from your eye to communicate with your brain, then to print a mental picture.

By this time, it has already happened and passed before you even knew it.
Maybe everything has already happened and we then choose to physically experience some of it. We move through various probabilities each time we make a decision to do or not do something, to go or not go someplace, to act or not act on something, etc.
....and, if you can travel into the future, then what is happening in that future time has already happened or you wouldn't be able to exist in that time. Future history books include our past, our present and our future right up to the times you travel to.

If you time travel from now to a future time, then everything in between must have already happened or you could not get there.
This concept is what has often been refered to by many great philosophers as "Multidimensional Omnipresence" wich is a place within the aether, or "Matrix" where all things are happening all at once, at the same Time.

Within this dimension, there is no passage of Time, and Time does not exist.

(I sure would hate to be stuck there! LoL)

Louise Hauck www.louisehauck.com
Hauck, futurist and intuitive, believes the past, present and future exist simultaneously, beyond this limited, physical dimension wherein time is perceived linearly and sequentially.

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