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read 12th planet first and then The Pole Shift & Earth Changes


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The Pole Shift & Earth Changes
The most dramatic earth movements/cataclysms will occur in late Spring or early Summer of 2003. The North and South Poles will shift from their *current location. The 12th Planet will pass between the earth and the sun, approaching from below the elliptic (from the direction of the South Pole) and move in a trajectory towards the North Pole. As the 12th Planet passes by the central portion of the earth, the magnetic influence of the 12th Planet will be so great that its North Pole's magnetic field will cause the Earth's North pole to deflect away about 90 degrees. This rapid movement of the Earth's molten interior core will pull the Earth's crust along with it. The resultant earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mountain building, mega winds, and tidal waves will be on a scale beyond normal reference or imagination.
The Zetas report that new land masses will rise in the Pacific Ocean, reducing its overall area; while land will sink in the Atlantic, expanding its current dimensions. Vast areas of both the East and West coasts, as well as the Mississippi valley of the United States will be inundated by tidal forces and permanently flooded. A large section of northern Europe, the western half of Australia, and most of Japan will go under water as well (as predicted by Edgar Cayce).
During the period of non-rotation, obviously half of the earth will be exposed to the sun while the other side of the earth experiences darkness. This scenario corroborates with the biblical revelation and Hopi Prophecies concerning 3 days of darkness (Sitchin also points to many historical texts by ancient historians describing events from both the dark side and the illuminated side of the planet during past visits by the 12th Planet).
After the 12th Planet moves beyond its obstructing position vis a vis the sun, its gravitational grip will lessen and allow the Earth to again respond to the influences of the sun and other planetary bodies in our solar system. This lessening gravitational influence will permit the Earth to begin rotating again; slowly at first; but gradually returning to its normal speed as the 12th Planet pulls away from us.
Due to the enormously long, debris-filled tail of the red giant, the close passage of the 12th planet will cause a tearing away of a portion of the earth's atmosphere as well as raining down of a great deal of chunky debris and red dust into our atmosphere. Oxygen in the atmosphere will burn with this inbound debris and ignite superheated atmospheric firestorms that will consume much oxygen.
Continuous volcanic eruptions will throw up massive amounts of smoke & ash. The large amounts of sulfur and lead in this ash will poison most sources of surface drinking water such as lakes and rivers, and possibly contaminate some underground water sources as well. The Zetas report that it will take a few years for the atmospheric pressure to rebuild to former levels. During this period, clouds and wind currents (the jet stream), which normally blow aloft, will occur at the surface. This atmospheric change will translate into an almost constant rain and drizzle and very high surface winds. Therefore, it will not be possible to grow food unprotected or live above the surface for a few years. Underground protected environments will be a necessity for survival.
*New Polar Regions
After the North and South Poles shift, they will permanently assume this new position and not return to their former positions. Present day India, as well as the mid-ridge of the Atlantic off the eastern tip of Brazil will be near the center of these new polar regions and will flash freeze within a matter of hours (Z). This will obviously change the location of the Equator, the Tropical and Temperate Zones, etc.
The Zetas report that Nibiru has passed close enough to Earth to have caused Pole Shifts many times before. Today, there are many books which discuss the ample physical evidence of former Pole shifts, but Immanuel Velikovsky was one of the earlier authors to thoroughly document the evidence and make the case for Pole shifts in the early 1950's. John White's contemporary book Pole Shift is also well done.

please tell me what you think
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Hmmm, well If what I think holds any relevance to what your saying, It could be a way to explain allot the documented cataclysms throughout past history.

But you still never answered my question from your previous posting as to the origin of this story by Zecharia Stitchen? Anybody can think and ponder up a story that is somewhat believable. How does he claim to know this knowledge?

I firmly hold truth to the Hebrew Bible, there is allot more to be learned in there than can be found in Stitchens story.

What I really think about Stitchens story is its very inconclusive. It is generalizing the hole majority of earthlings as a cultered farming and breading station for the (aliens) higherarche of FALLEN ANGELS that are commonly talked about in the Bible as the GIANTS! or Ananacki. Lets be serious and assume if this were true? what they (aliens) are farming for is a GD that they WILL NEVER GET, only to SERVE!

Their attempts are to control and manipulate GDs giving life force to their own means as lucifer once attempted but FAILED!!!
lucifer was cast out of the demensional realm of heaven with 1/3 of the other angels who the bible states interbread with earth women and had bore giants. Goliath was one of them.


What you are really saying is that we have about 6 months to live. This being the case why would I would I want to spend it reading about ancient history?

Look pal history may be interesting, but not if I have to die first.

Pehaps if I were not such an ineffectual fool I would have my intergalactic spaceship at the ready by now. But I don't. And if you do give me a call. I'd like to see it. Say, while your at it, would you mind running off a few pounds of gold in your replicator for me?

Can't you find a geology chat board some where?
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