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Re: Planet-X/Niburu, Marduk, Nemesis . . .


Message: 2: UnderGroundBases- Digest Number 757
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 12:37:14 -0000
From: "ocenmyst" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Planet-X/Niburu, Marduk, Nemesis, to cause cataclysm on
Earth, may be at least a thousand years off!

Study the seals to be opened and the trumpets of Revelation. Then picture Rahab coming towards us. And men's hearts will fail them for fear.


--- In [email protected], "George \(USAF-VET\)"
<osi2002@y...> wrote:
> Planet X or Niburu or Marduk or Nemesis
> to cause cataclysm on Earth in 2003 or 2012 ?
> Zeta disaster "cyber prophets" got it all wrong
> and may be at least a thousand years off.
> Some years back there was the hype that Asteroid XF11, discovered by
> astronomer Eleanor Helin and later re-discovered by astronomer Jim
> Scotti, would hit the Earth on 28 October 2028. It was only after
> careful analyses and recomputations that this asteroid will pass the
> Earth at a distance of 600,000 miles and not hit our planet.
> Of course, the press was the first to put such hoax into the media,
> blowing up the subject out of proportions, just for the thrill
> than caring about scientific details. And now we have a similar hype
> about Niburu or Nibiru, also known as Planet-X. Photo editors are
> busy in creating "evidence".
> I do not rule out the possibility that planetary disasters are
> up, just to avoid mass hysteria. But we should be highly critical
> towards any disaster prediction.
> Many names for the same thing. Well, according to hysterious
> clairvoyants, in the year 2003 this planet X will be closer to Earth
> than the Sun is. But rest assured : this year 2003 and the next 1200
> years won't be giving any such event of this kind.
> It seems weird, even suspicious, that comets of a size much smaller
> then the Moon get discovered long before a close pass along the Sun,
> whereas a presumed dwarf star 4 times the size of Earth remains 'not
> officially proven to exist' even though right now this Planet-X
> pass Earth rather closely, which could cause a major cataclysm.
> So what about this mysterious Planet X or Niburu/Nibiru or Marduk or
> Nemesis that is assumed to swing through the inner Solar System
> 3600 years, having caused things like the tilt of Uranus up to
> upheavals on planet Earth (I don't think there was any around 1500-
> BC), perhaps even the extinction of dinosaurs in earlier such
> approaches, according to Zechariah Sitchin, author of the book "The
> Twelfth Planet" (it should have been the tenth planet) ? Will our
> planet Earth stand still in the year 2003, then tilt, to shift poles
> afterwards and leave the larger part of the world population
killed ?
> Hoax ? Truth ? Scientifically possible ? Zetatalk.com talks say it
> will. Oh please, come on.
> NASA took the scientific approach and detected this asteroid
> on the right) "1950AD" and calculated that this giant may get in
> with Earth in the year 2880. That is over 875 years from now. But
> is an asteroid, not Planet-X. So what are the Zeta clairvoyants
(read :
> vaguevoyants) talking about ?
> According to modern astrologers, our Sol system has 3 more planets
> after Pluto, named Persephone, Hermes and Demeter, so that the Sol
> system has 12 planets, each one of them representing a specific
> zodiacal sign and thus a specific sector (or life department or
> house, 12 of them in a horoscope). "Advantage" is that the Sun and
> Moon would not need to be called "planets" anymore by the
> Anyway, in astronomical terms, Planet X would be the same as
> Persephone, if Planet X is indeed the next planet after Pluto.
> By the way, it would not be a bad idea to go back to basics and have
> astrology and astronomy merge into one scientific unit, like in the
> good old ancient times ;-) After all, things like Stonehenge and
> pyramids would then make more sense too. Further back in time,
> occultism and science was the same.
> In January 1981 several daily newspapers stated that Pluto's orbit
> indicates that Planet X exists. The report stated that an astronomer
> from the U.S. Naval Observatory told a meeting of the American
> Astronomical Society that irregularities in the orbit of Pluto
> indicates that the solar system contains a 10th planet. He also
> that this came as no surprise to Zechariah Sitchin, whose book about
> this planet came out three years before.
> In 1982 NASA themselves officially recognized the possibility of
> X, with an announcement that an object is really there - far beyond
> outermost planets. One year later in 1983 the newly launched IRAS
> (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) quickly found Planet X (the 10th).
> The Washington Post summary of an IRAS scientist from JPL California
> reported : "A heavenly body as large as Uranus (The size being in
> perfect parallel to the ancients knowledge) and part of this solar
> system has been found in the direction of the constellation of
Orion by
> an orbiting telescope." The orbiting telescope found it right where
> was aimed at.
> A large observatory in St. Petersburg, Russia yielded significant
> information. The man in charge of finding new planets admitted they
> have been watching Planet X for 3 years and are worried about the
> substantial damage it will do to Earth during its passage. The name
> they gave for Planet X was "Raja Sun" or "Great Star." To my
> there is a slight difference between a star and a planet.
> Planets in our Sol system are experiencing remarkable changes in
> overall brightness and appearance. All planets are increasing in
> overall brightness. Jupiter shows a visible tube of ionizing
> formed between its moon. The planets magnetic fields are becoming
> stronger. The magnetic fields of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are
> strongly increasing. Their atmospheric qualities are changing, as
> easily seen through conventional astronomical telescopes. For sures
> there is something with the Earth atmosphere that distorts
> sightings, as the Hubble Space Telescope doesn't complain about it.
> Keep it simple.
> And nothing is reaching the news headlines ... Nothing is conveyed
> any government ... Because there is not anything to report. Simple.
> Nowadays, predictions about the return of Niburu in early Summer
> keep on finding - and losing - their way. Those predictions could be
> taken very serious. We all know how accurate ancient astronomical
> calendars are, scientifically proven, but also Zeta Talkers should
> learn how to read those astronomical tables. But Planet X has now
> officially not been detected by astronomers. Officially, because
> has not (?) been any visual contact, contrary to aforesaid NASA
> See visual image below that clearly shows this heavenly body,
> it is not clear which one it represents.
> So there are lots of lies going around, all denying the existence of
> planet X, registered as "2001-KX76" in astronomy catalogs. Whether
> planet is inhabited by Aliens or this heavenly body is a dwarfstar
> not totally clear to me. But there is not enough scientific
evidence to
> the existence of Planet X.
> Sure, good reason to keep such thing top secret, to avoid (or to
> generate) mass hysteria, because a planet of a size several times
> planet Earth would indeed disrupt the (mental, not physical) balance
> between Earth and Sun, if indeed its distance would be about one AU
> (astronomical unit, roughly the distance between Earth and Sun) in
> perihelion (closest distance) and certainly if planet X comes
> the Sun and Earth. The NASA "knows" about Earth stopping to rotate
> a couple of days and 2/3 about world's population to be completely
> destroyed as seems happened thousands of years ago, according to
> unverified reports. I did not know there were written NASA reports
> before the time of Moses or Abraham.
> Other sources say that Planet X its orbit will take the track
> Jupiter and Mars, near the asteroid belt, approx the same from the
> Earth. So there is a bit of confusion of where exactly that planet
> move, between Sun & Earth or between Mars & Jupiter. Another
> is whether that planet is a planet or a dwarf star, since its mass
> 20 times Earth mass but its size is 4 times Earth size. Certain
> pictures show a reddish planet, and certain reports state that this
> planet is inhabited by Alien civilization.
> But regardless of what kind of heavenly body, it is scientifically
> proven that solar flares, or protuberances, cause major changes on
> Earth, such as in economy, climate & weather, seismic, state of
> and so forth. So if planet X, having a momentum comparable with
> flares, passes Earth this close, then it is not hard to imagine that
> today's changes on Earth are interluding the coming of planet X, as
> field of planetary influence (such as gravity and other forces)
> over quite a great distance. In plain words, the world wide [censored] of
> kinds in which we are at present time could be one of the effects.
> is but the mind that is affected, not the Earth. And not by Planet-
> Continents are supposed to move around and so we would end up in
> Antarctica in a tropical climate, South America in a polar climate,
> India completely submerged, according to those who claim to know it
> all.
> Now, how to prepare for the cataclysm of mid-2003 ? Just don't.
> won't be any ...
> On the other hand, as far as mass entities in space is concerned,
> is a big difference between gravity and magnetism. And I have the
> impression that in impact computations these forces are mistakingly
> taken for the same thing. In other words, the effects that we would
> normally expect from Planet X passing by, may be far from dramatic,
> nothing worse than the moment a comet is passing by. Therefore the
> greatest effect of such passage would be on the human mind.
> If Planet X passes Earth at a distance of 1 AU, then its effect may
> similar to the Moon at its present distance, more or less based on
> square root principle applicable to gravity and distance. To state
> plainly : Planet X will not cause any damage neither will it stop
> from rotating.
> Yes, through contradictions I just want to put things into
> And I still wonder to what extent it has been proven that in the
> 3500 years (the orbital time of Planet X) - roughly 1500 BC -
indeed a
> major cataclysm has been caused by the passing of Planet X, and how
> come that a polar shift similar to this expected magnitude has
> apparently not occured at that time ? At least, I have not seen any
> decent proof about such event.
> Sure I think that the whole cataclysm thing about planet X is a
> even though quite a few governmental super solid buildings are upon
> construction completion in some mountain areas, as the rumors say,
> these have nothing to do with it. By the way, some web-sites talk
> the year 2012 or 2013, in relation with Planet X, and with some
> calendars that don't go beyond 2012 (beginning of Aquarius). So this
> could make the confusion or hoax a lot greater.
> Last but not least, Planet-X seems to have some 9 moons. And some
> scientists state that these moons are pulled behind the speedy
> like Superman's cape. What a nonsense ! Would planet-X then have so
> much headwind in vacuum space ? If planets would encounter so much
> resistance in space, then none of them would travel by now and we
> have any seasons. Moons orbit around a planet. Period.
> It would not make sense to establish civilization on a planet that
> doomed to get destroyed every 3600 years. I guess our "Alien"
> would have known better. The Zeta-Reticulians, who "told" people
> the upcoming pole-shift, do not necessarily know it all. In certain
> documents they mentioned May 05, 2000, as the date of such
> Well, nothing special has happened, and the Zeta Reticulians better
> call themselves Zeta Ridiculians. If indeed ancient scientists knew
> about Planet-X already 6000 years ago, then they must have seen that
> planet at "close" distance. So if its orbit takes 3600 years, then
> after about 1200 years from now (-6000 + 3600 + 3600 = 1200) we may
> able to see the same as what they saw 6000 years ago (from now).
> And again, magnetism and gravity are two totally different things,
> obviously mixed-up by those who claim to know it all. Gravital
> do not only occur on one spot but on the entire planet, so there
> be any random G-forces, and therefore any partial movement is
> So again, Zetans should go back to school and take some courses in
> astronomy and should learn some physics too.
> And to underscore the Planet-X to Earth cataclysm hoax even more :
> distance between Planet Earth and Mercury & Venus is also less than
> AU. Yet Planet Earth does not cause any polar shift or tectonic
> movements on Mercury & Venus, or vice versa. Not even the
slightest, as
> expected by the Zeta theories. The socalled Zeta enlightened
> visionaries seem to have no clue about gravity and magnetism. They
> a bit about a 10th planet, and all the rest they mock-up in their
> day-dreams.
> Taking into account all of the above, and other bits of pieces of
> information, in my humble opinion the Earth will not stop or slow
> or accelerate turning all of a sudden, neither will there be a
> polar shift, no earthquakes or upheavals or floods, nor any tectonic
> movement of any kind during the entire passage of Planet-X in this
> 2003, if there is any, which is highly doubtful. Don't listen to
> disaster prophets, including ET's from Zeta & Orion, Moses, Edgar
> and Nostradamus. There are better things to do. See you after 1200
> years.
> =====
> ===========================
> Mr. Jorge "George" Anthony Paniagua
> 615-A Jefferson Street
> Stayton, Oregon 97383-1929
> ===========================

It's 2003 now, and only a week and a half or so away from new year's. So I'll agree not to listen to all those people who say planet x will hit earth in the year 2003. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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