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Okay guys....after watching the great movie Donnie Darko like a million times....I want to take up a intrest in time travel....like how can it happen? I thought about it and the best I can come up with is: If we are living now...for someone, say joe, wants to travel in time, wouldn't everyone else's time have to stop? In order for joe to go in the past and have interaction with people from now...what would happen to the people in the present time. Would time just pause? Oh, and if any of you have seen Donnie Darko, can you explain what the liquid-like bubbles extruding from the chest is, and where the actual dead engine came from?
What Donnie Darko dealt with, is the same stuff that many science fiction writers have mention, as part of the museum of hopelessness.

This phenomenon is called a resiprosical loop.

This is a phenomenon by where one realizes through the sensing of a particle known as a pry-on, prion, also referred to here as a Chronotron, that one can briefly tell the future.

However they only know so much, but cant effect any change in the future.

There was a resiproscial loop, as shown in Star Trek the Next Generation, of the Enterprise continually traveling to, then crashing, however always returning to this loop.

Because sub-events can continually change, in time, the event may work itself out.

However what also happens, is the event core, always can stay the same and is replayed over and over again, as a recorded loop in time.
The sphere coming out of their chest was their destiny..Where it led to was where they would go.
And the dead engine broke from the plane in turbulence through a portal into the past.
okay, I didnt see the movie. However, I know how you could look at the past! Read my posts, so far I think I have the only operational type of time travel. As you know, regular time travel is impossible, like trying to visit the future at a faster than normal rate (we are always moving forward in time) and trying to go visit the past and have a visible effect. If you could visit the past, anything you do will just make the past into what it already is, since the past, present, and future exist all at one time. Think of them as parallel lines, with the present a dot between those lines.

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