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Question w/ John Titor story


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When you time travel you can never actually go back to the exact place you left from?

That is correct. In physical terms, I can never get back to the exact worldline I left from.

That is what I read on the postings from johntitor.com, i forgot which month tho. So, if you can never get back to the exact worldline you came from, then why leave everything you have and care about, never to get it back again? So, instead he has to goto a different worldline, what if in this worldline time travel was never possible, what would he do? The 5100 would be useless and no one would know what he was talking about. What if he went to a different worldline where war never happened, what would be the use of that? If he went to a different worldline, he says he worked for the military, what do you think the military in that worldline would say about him? Especially if then time travel didn't exist? They would think he was a joke.
Since he has to goto a different worldline, he would be there with another John Titor, the same age as him, guestimating that that John Titor was still around. How would the world/country deal with 2 John Titors being the same person. Would he have to live in hiding, what would the world in that worldline say about that? Isn't it possible the news could be all over him.

Why take the risk of leaving your current worldline, if you take in these factors, and are leaving everything behind and all the ones you care about, especially if your mission would be useless in a different worldline? Please correct me if I'm getting the wrong idea about what he said from his postings.
His contact first said that he was possibly from our timeline and then later recanted this say.

Then she said that he was from our timeline and then later changed this again.

So where he came from, it seems in the telling that is told, is not clear and inconclusive?
According to his post the machine had something like a worldline differnce meter(can't remember the name) but it can go back 60 years and the differnce would be around 1% and if it got above like 2% or somewhere around 1% it would go back to the last stable period....so as long as the meter is within 1% everything should be very close to the same
i like to think of it like this... he said there is no good or bad person, because with infinite worldlines, every possability for every event is played out... in that 1percent it is logical to assume that an infinite, or at least unimaginable number of worldlines exist... but if they are 1percent they are close, so a vast majority of those, maybe even all (but thats unlikly) of those worldlines have sent out a 'john titor' to do exactly as he is doing, and if none of them can get back to their world line, but they can get to one close, the chances are very high that any worldline sending a titor out, will get a titor(althought its a different titor) back why bother? because it is illogical to assume, since you cant get back, then its not worth the effort. well, chances are that 50% of the titors probably decided that very scenario, and didnt go... but with an infinite number of them to do it, then it doesnt matter... when you talk about infinites, then everything becomes infinite, an infinite number of titors would have decided to go, an infinite numbers not, an infinte number decide to side trip to 00/01 an infinte not. but each of them would have made a decision to do it, or not. its the decisions that shape our lives, even if there is another 'titor' out there he didnt make all the same decisions in life, there is always a differance.

the answer to your question, is 'because there are an infinite number of possabilities to be played out' and 'an infinte variations on each possability' choice, is all we really have.

or maybe its because he is a hoax and screwed up :p
maybe i missed this part, what goes into factoring the amount of divergence with the supposed machine, or was this not listed?
Three computers onboard the machine measure the divergence - although a question not frequently asked is what the feck is a 100% divergence?

reading back on my reply, i have further concluded that the divergence is an irrelivant % if you are working with infinite worldlines. how can you put a percent on an infinite? because 30% of an infinite is still infinite itself... 1% or 100% would be no different
The way I understood it, it seems best to envision the worldlines as a nearly infinite number of parallel strands, each only different from the other in very miniscule, unnoticeable ways. It appears easier to move across strands than down them, so during time travel, we don't move down or up our own worldlines, but into the nearest worldline which happens to be experiencing our target time. Since it is a nearby worldline, we assume that it is remarkably similar in our own.

John from Worldline A (which is experiencing 2036) moves to Worldline D (Experiencing 2001). Since worldlines are similar, John from Worldline B also moves to Worldline E a their respoective 2036 and 2001 points, and so on. Thus, when "A" John moves from Worldline D to his own time, he winds up in 2036 in Worldline B, which is identical to Worldline A in all ways that seem to matter, and a remarkably similar John from another worldline "returns" to Worldline A from a remarkably similar worldline. As such, we acheive the illusion of returning to our original places without actually doing so.

One never sets foot in the same river twice, I suppose...

Again, Dr. Tom, look at where Pamela said that Titor x came from in her post about him?

First said another worldline, then said our own?
CAVEAT: I am not a Titor-believer. I only reply here to illustrate how we treat percentages for unbounded phenomenon, and that this mathematical treatment would make for plausible reading in Titor's story.

although a question not frequently asked is what the feck is a 100% divergence?

Infinite possible worldlines means we are talking about an unbounded (open) set. Yes, it is common for people to scratch their heads about what 100% means in this situation. The "problem" is with the underlying assumption you are making that the open set is a linear distribution with respect to some independent variable (in this case, the "home" worldline).

We typically treat open sets as Gaussian distributions (the old bell-shaped curve), since that is what we see in nature. An example I use every day is probability of a specific failure event causing a catastrophic hazard. Our design targets are specified as standard deviations from a mean value (sigma), where a 1-sigma design covers 68.3% of all possibilities, 2-sigma covers 95.4%, and 3-sigma covers 99.7%.

So the technical answer to your question would be: 100% (different from 99.9999999998%) could never be reached since the set is open. What this means physically is that Titor would be endlessly traveling through time (fwd or back) away from his worldline, and constantly branching away from it.

Hope this helps. Kind Regards,
I'd forgotten about the bell curve statistics and it was all not so long ago... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif

Yes that would some sense of the Titor explaination - rather than a 2.5% divergence it should be considered as a 97.5% probability of both world lines being the same.

I seem to remember something about a hypothesis can only be proved wrong to get a answer.

I seem to remember something about a hypothesis can only be proved wrong to get a answer.

You got it, James! That is called "Popper Falsifiable" in honor of the guy who defined the concept. Plenty of stuff on the Net about this via googlesearch.

Kind Regards,
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