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Quantam Mechanics



"when a tree falls when no one is around, does it make a sound?"

This is a question that reality says yes, because sound waves are emitted never the less

But speaking in the form of Quantam Mechanics the answer is no. Ask your self a question...how do you know it does?? if you put a sound wave detector then there is an observation being made so that is void.
Another example of this is: Quantam Mechanics states that if im not looking at my friend he could be anythinf: an elephant, a bug, a neutron star whatever...according to Quantam Mechanics this is possible...think about that

1 last thing: for all the people confused out there: Time and space are relative; without space there is no time; time IS IN THE UNIVERSE; the universe IS NOT IN TIME...confused?? its true
Quantam mechanics does state that....also i have something to add to Hellfire. Tachyons are theoretical particles that "go faster than time." I do not believe this is possible considering that "c" (the speed of light) is the ultimate limit in the universe..AND REMEMBER THIS: TIME DIALATION IS POSSIBLE BUT TIME TRAVEL IS NOT!!! there are some people out there selling "time travel devices" but remeber TIME TRAVEL is not possible and TIME DIALATION to a large extent evern 1day needs more power that the world has!!!
Hell yes I'm confused. If I were not I would be making money right now. I'm new to this site but not new to the subject. I am stunned at the expertise here but not at the confusion. Lets put it this way if we actually knew what we were talking about we'd be so dangerous that the government would have to hire us or wipe us out.
wait..first of all i dont know what you are talking about

second i do know what im talking about...i know quantam mechanics and i wouldnt mind working for the government
does this make any sense to you?
"He must have dilated his aura a great deal,
to have brought back this grass."
just wondering........
if the "aura" was time then if he dialated it then that would mean that he has dialated time (slowing his own time...relative to the "rest")...does this answer your question pamela..im not sure?
To Hanman:

Time travel is possible. The question is wether or not it is practicle.

Reading up on Quantumn Mechanics, a form of time travel HAS to occur.

Take Shroedingers Cat:

You put a cat in a box. After you close the lid, there's a fifty percent chance that it will die. Before you open the box and observe it, the cat is in limbo, flickering between life and death. The wave function.

Once you observe it, the flickering stops, (The wave collapses) and you find the cat in one state or the other. Now say you open the box 5 minutes after you closed the lid, and you find the cat dead.

Ok, now for arguments sake, let's say you have a time machine. You go back in time 3 minutes, and arrive before your past self made the observation. You open the box.

Is there a fifty percent chance that the cat is alive? Nope. It's deader than a doornail.

This is because once you made your first observation, the collapsing wave collapsed entirely, past and future.

So if time travel is impossible, than there'd be a chance that the cat is alive, contradicting what we already know.

Cool, I think you have just done a topper to the famous grandfather paradox. According to this, to go back in time one would have to undo previous observations. This is also saying that sentient observation is the motovating engine that causes the forward passage of time. It sure LOOKS like "O.J. did it" but proving the case will take more evidence and more believers

One problem with consciousness collapsing the wave function is that the the test kitty might be quite able of collapsing its own wave function. Who is to say that the cat might not jump out of the box and find that the good doctor has died?

It seems that the unreal is made real by looking at it. Though this may well be true, I still feel like we are looking here, at what amounts to, a "barking duck" and I don't believe it.
Quantum Mechanics? This is more like Temporal Mechanics...

Ahhhh... consciences and the old trees falling... the kind of conversation I love!

Let's think of this idea as a temporal conviniency. If we are not looking at comething, then it may well be anything, a cat, dog, elephant or even mroe precisely it doesn't exist. It would be inconvinient for something to exist when it doesn't need to, wouldn't it?

Let's take the term "exist" into consideration. Exactly what does it mean, I myself would class "existence" to something I am 100% sure of existing. If, I am not looking at something, then I CANNOT be 100% sure it exists.

As for the tree falling, it would have only fell in a relative temporal dimension. If I saw it fall, then let's say it did. But if another person wasn't there, then in their temporal dimension, it simply didn't fall. If you went home and I went to a football match, then in your temporal dimension you'd be at home, and in mine I would be at the game; all at the "same time".

Anyway, how can I be 100% sure that everyone human I meet is not a robot? I will NEVER be sure that you all have "temporal dimensions" and experience existence like me.

Remember, EVERYTHING is based on faith, and no matter how unreal and daring things may seem, we must always trust the faith. We won't get anywhere without risks.

"Omnia Vincit Amor"

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What if the wave function only collapses for the observer who does the observing? Then the system could be looked at as a series of collapses: first, when the cat notices if it's dead or not, and thus collapses the function, then, the scientist, for whom the function has not collapsed yet, looks at the cat and measures its state, thus collapsing the function for himself, then he tells his friend, for whom the function had not yet been collapsed, collapsing the function, and so on. for those outside observers who have not measured the system, it is still in a state of 'quantum limbo' - it still has a 50/50 chance of going either way.
Pelase translate what was written here Caesar.

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<This message has been edited by Dymenzionz (edited 25 April 2000).>
That can't be true Janus.

For example, if one hundred people came in to look at the cat seperatly, fifty would say it was dead, and fifty would say it's alive.
Why did you erase Caesar's message?
now you got me curious.....what does your half mean?
omnia vincit amor?????? that you sign at the end of your posts.
I erasesed his message because it was in rebbelion to my quote.

Omnia Vincit Amor means Love Conquers All.

I am refferring to a somewhat "true" love which has not yet been harbored, as it is typically beond human comprehension.
My point is not that some people will see it one way and others another... Once the scientist has observed the state of the cat, he is now enmeshed with the state of the cat. To someone who has not made or had access to a measurement of the cat's state, the state of this system, now including the scientist, is undefined. To everyone who has made the measurement, the state is collapsed in the same way; if the friend looks at the cat and sees that it's dead, then the state of the scientist also collapses into "the cat is dead". It could have gone either way; for anyone who hasn't made the measurement, the state of the entire system is effectively still 50/50 dead/alive; and in quantum mechanics "is effectively" often means "is actually".

BTW, I looked up Caesar's quote - I think it means "Love doesn't conquer all; swords and armies/soldiers conquer all". I took first year Latin :)
Thanks for the translation. I just firmly belive that the largest and most concise emotions would indeed conquer anything else; in adopting the physical or mental abilities.

"Omnia Vincit Amor"
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