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The Trade Center debacle was a singular, major and well known event. Any would be prophet should have able to stake his claim to fame by predicting it. No one did. Why?
would you want to be famous for knowing that the twin towers were gonna crash? No. They didn't want to bring up the fact that they "knew" it was gonna happen, if they did, people would think badly of them for not telling someone, ya know?

If YOU had known (or strongly believed) would you have warned, kept quiet (=complicity), or done some short selling? Hypothetically speaking of course.

One does not get credit for prognostication unless they say something before the fact.
true, but all these "prophets" nowadays really have no clue what they're talking about. And none of them knew that the towers were gonna fall.

If I knew the towers were gonna fall, I probably would've kept quiet. There's no way the government could've stopped it. The world needed them to fall.
Your point is well taken.

However I was hoping some one could comment on the time travel aspects of the surprise.

Seems to me tha some remote viewers out ther could have picked up on something.
The warnings are already there. Hedonism draws us to need specific info. Come on People, it's only as complicated as we make it. And simple reality isn't fantastic enough for most pf us so we create all sorts of stuff to believe in and perspectives to explain phenomenon. No one who really believes in God wants to be seen as a prophet. Have you read the book? Do you know what people do to prophets? Any self-respecting believer claims only to be a child of the Father. Everything else is miracle.

Not being able to take simple pat answers as practical and 'good enough' is a disease. I suffer from it.

You are preaching to the devil.

Take a nap, watch some sports, have a nice comfortable life and leave me to my need for more. Thank you.

what good is prophesy. Like religion, we need to get rid of it and create our own reality. It never does me any good when I predict the future. Half the time I don't even believe myself much less someone else. what if someone told you tommorow that at 5 o'clock something bad was going to happen to you. by just telling you that could they change the event. Maybe you would be scared all day and not got hrough with your normal routine causing whatever was going to happen not to happen. Then when it didn't you would think that person was a nut. because to you nothing happened. but in reality she or he was correct, so can anyone ever be a prophet.
>>>create our own reality<<<

Great idea. The problem is most of us are not good enough at it that we can be happy with the results.

You seem to be sending the message 'take care of the here and now'. Can't argue with that attitude except to say more information is better, even if you have to look to the future to get it.

Are you an American?
The way I look at prophets, usually, is a stab in the dark, vague, very likely prediction.

Of course no prophet saw the WTC attack, or, in their followers opinions decided not to tell.

If you have a dice, you can predict which number will come up based on probability. So a prophet, throws the dice and say's, The number will be a large number. Now, we can take large number to be anything from 4-6, or even lower, depending on how gullible you are. That's like me saying in the 18th century, "In the coming time, a big war will happen." That's inevitable, it will happen. There we go, I just predicted WWI ... WWII before it even happened. But to jazz it up a little, and get people all exicited, the reporters, and the people translating will stick their own little special little thing in there. And so it begins, the nastrodamus phenom.

Prophecy, proven by WTC, so far, to our human knowledge is a sham. Maybe I'll look like a real jerk when some guy comes on TV and predicts everything, but until then. So do yourself a favor, call up Ms. Cleo and tell her thanks for not notifying the people in the WTC/Pent. on 9/11. Ask her what's going to happen next, who knows, maybe she'll be able take her vague stab in the dark like me.

[email protected]
First we should make a distinction betwen "prophecy" and "so called prophets"; than we should be able to see more clearly what we're talking about: What is the aim of genuine prophecy and what is the aim of so-called prophets? It is pretty uncertain that we're able to know the real purpose of a real prophet's statement (unless he/she wants us to) but it most certainly isn't that of "staking his fame by predicting it" (which probably is in the case of a so-called prophet).
If someone did indeed saw it comming and didn't tell the world, he/she had it's reasons not to.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">decibelus
Maybe Jesus was making predictions on our behavior at the time. He did appear to those who had been fighting each other for eons, the Jews Palestinians and romans. Aren't we still doing that today.His reference to hell may have been that if we continued to fight we would one day gain the intelligence to blow each other to smithereens. If reincarnation is a fact which I'm not proposing just speculating then in the future we would have to live in what we had created. At that time were we not creating a hell for the future by hating each other. So his reference to love your neighbor as youself was our wake up call to accept one another in order to create heaven on earth not Hell. but of course he would also know the law of free will and could only warn us, not make our choice for us. We have made the choice with our actions. Maybe its time we woke up. free will , choice, negates Karma which is simply cause and effect.
This is so simple it almost makes me sick to think how long it has taken us to figure it out. maybe Jesus was a time traveler Maybe his world had gone through the same thing . He would have clearly been able to see where we were heading but we would not have had that vision. Maybe he has returned but only those that will listen can hear him, and what they may be hearing is love yourself and love others no matter what. Then we will truly become masters of our own destiny. If we don't listen this time well I can't imagine how long it will take us to come around maybe thousands of years. Or worse yet we may just end up blowing ourselves up would't that be pretty. clara
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