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Has anyone have proof of time travelling into the past and future and other parallel universes?

Does anyone know and met a time traveler from the past and future or other parallel universes and Could anyone share with me their experiences?

What does anyone think about the multiverse and What do you think time travel will be like in the near future or future?
proof, no, but I suspect that I am moving from parallel to parallel.
example.. I remember someone at work showing me how to do something, a month later I ask her to show me how to do it again and she says she has no idea what I am talking about. She never showed anyone it...and those around her who also saw it, say the same.
another. I walk by a series of signs at work and ask when they were put up..they tell me they have been there for 6 months. I have no memory of them until that moment.
another. I get into a massive fight with a girlfriend, she storms around the house yelling and threating me. I sit down and quietly ignore her for about 2 minutes, do a little meditation and suddenly she is calm and it is as if nothing ever happened. Like I meditated myself into a parallel, not a single word of it has been spoken since like it never happened at all.
another. while married, I dreamed about having a newborn with my ex.
four years later, after being divorced. I am dreaming about being in a parallel world <I know this in the dream.> I meet my ex in an office where my counter part used to work, he is dead now..in this world we never divorced. I remember telling her, dont worry, I can fix this, I have seen the aliens do it many times...suddenly a little four year old girl jumps into my arms yelling Daddy!!
I've been gone for awhile but if you caught my post, A friend fromt he future, you saw part of my expcerience Adam. I don't know what time travel will be like, there might be tons of ways, spiritually and physically. The multiverse is amazing milions of alternate timelines, millions and billions, each time we do any action more millions being created, not only futures but pasts as well. The fifth dimension i've heard is the Multivers and the fourth of course is time, and above the fifth is the multimultiverse where there are multiple multiverses, which I have yet to TRY to comprehend this one at ALL, because we barely understand the fifth dimension, the multiverse.

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