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proof of Time Travel...?

I may not be a pyshciatrist, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that you might be insane.
mike may be insane, but i tried the "cacoon" method of psionic remote viewing that mike illustrates on his website. i've read a number of his predictions and they are pretty bleak. in my sessions the future is not so bleak as mike's visions. here are my predictions: world economy-shit til 2005, middle east-shit til 2005, terrorist problems (no nukes going off in u.s)-shit til 2005, g.w.bush-shit til 2005; everything down hill til 2005. .....then a stock market will start upward gyrations started by news of fuel cell cars hitting the market place, home fuel cells will start too, but fuel cells for cars will start the new tech boom. companies that specialize in retrofitting gas stations with hydrogen will make stock-holders millionaires over night. home robotics and personal flying craft will come within reach of the average middle class home by 2006. bush, who seems quite helpless now, as it turns out his graduated tax relief is giving back the consumer more and more money each year generating more and more revenue for the consumer to further fuel the market. bush (second term) reprises the social security privatizaion and it passes, money pours into the markets. it turns out that the u.s. state dept. has secretly condoned the anti-western media blitz in arab countries to give militant cells and schools in these countries a false sense of carte blanche, thereby freely communication by cell phones and internet all monitored by saudi, israeli, u.s., philipino, Palestinian and british govt agencys. this along with all gitmobay prisoners released over a period of two years "under pressure from human rights groups" turns out that all were released with either nano chips implanted in their bodies or as brainwashed operatives of the us govt. june 6, using infor gathered over 5 years, over 60 countries crush all terrorist cells in one giant sting. it turns out, g.w. bush plan to phase in Palestine as a state, evokes new leadershp that is more prowestern in their approach and thru a secret plan brokered by powell and chaney, 20 arab countries pour billions into palastine. russia gets into a conflict with china over a spying incident and go to war. russia easily defeats the china army in 6 months, it turns out that the technology that china has aquired proved to be worthless because of inadiquite training. u.s. puts pressure on russia not to occupy china, russia complies. dow doubles in 3 year period, nasdaq goes up 6000 points in same period.... not bad for three remote viewing sessions eh!?
ok then please include these corrections: no chaney in bush's 2nd term. bush wins reelection by a landslide only because he is the incombant, more of lack of confidence in his opponents than anything. end of second term, everybody loves the guy.
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