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Problem with Double Digit theory


New Member
Hi, Time_cop here

I'm new to this board but I've been readin the posts for about a week now.

I've been thinking about this double digit theory And I think I've found a problem with it.

It said that we are being controlled by time travelers from the future in this theory. But wouldnt those time travelers be controlled by time travelers themselves?

Think about it.
If the time travelers that are controling us are from the future then they must have a past.

At one point that past must interwind with our present.
So in turn the time travelers (or their family line) would be living at the same time as us which would mean that they are being controlled by time travelers.

so that also means that (now it might get confusing)
the time travelers who are controlling us are being controled, and then those time travelers are also being controlled, and so on, and so on.

so if everyone is being controlled, who is controling us all really?

I hope you understanded that.

I've been to the future, and to the past. Dont blink an eye because I'm coming back fast. From the moment it started, It will finish you see. Time Traveling is the only job for me.
Weirdest site on the net (my web site.)

Welcome to the present.

Ok, perfect. Today the chief Enron whistle blower at the Senate hearings provided the answer to your question:

She said, "If it don't make sense, it aint so." And thats your answer.

Mischivious time travel has more to do with parallel worlds than serial timelines.
whi chi pis huh wha?
( say this kinda fast you hear how it sounds like i'm confused)<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">I've been to the future, and to the past. Dont blink an eye because I'm coming back fast. From the moment it started, It will finish you see. Time Traveling is the only job for me.
Weirdest site on the net (my web site.)
Time Cop

Ok, so I gave you the short answer. Here is an even shorter one: When you figure it out let us know.

Make a diagram of how you think it all might work. Then get a doctorate in phisics. And then you still won't know.

Or take the lazy mans way, the modern way, and cruise the net. "The truth is out there".

Oh yes, you should buy my latest book "Learn Brain Surgery in Five Easy Steps" available at domimatrix.con
I thought I smelled bacon

The endless loop of a paradox that you described can best be simplified if one understands what the common goal for Time Travel is to begin with.

Do you know what that is, Time_Cop? Or are you just one of those Cops, that just dunk donuts all day, and need to suck in that heavy gut whenever the Chief calls for an inspection?

For if you haven’t read much into last week, the reason behind Time Travel is spiritual gain.

And as long as those measures are being implemented by past Time Travelers, future Time Travelers will go along their temporal incursions right along where they left off. It’s only adding to the grand calculation, no need for them to all be paranoid of the controllers, controlling the controllers. They are doing their work, being pawns to their own cause.

There is a structure and organization in how all this is laid out, and which time lines are being crossed, and what’s happening to them. It’s an entire Network that is monitored by the 60th Century, the over seer’s (I think

The higher you go up on a tall building, and look out the window, the more your view of the horizon broadens. So I believe, that the 30th, 40th and 50th centuries are key Time Frames of significant Time Travel. Where each one builds and stacks on top of the other. Assisting and making it possible to accomplish the goal Time Travel is used to begin with.

Transcendence. By which ever means possible. I.e. The Exploitation of Mankind.


P.S. The last Rookie who posted here, who was also curious and doubtful about the Double Digits, got his first taste of it, head on when he posted at a Double Digit. And as I can see, that has happened to you too. Welcome aboard… Are you ready for the truth?

P.P.S. 33 is a bitch of a number; I haven’t been getting the double digits in the clocks at all for another week, only 1 time. But I have been constantly seeing the number 33. In license plates, box #33 in a Fed-Ex signature release form, and a few other misc. things related to my work.

I’ am obviously diminishing their level of reaching me through the digital clocks, so finding an alternative medium must be necessary. Especially at this moment in my life. I am about to go through a change. A self motivated change. And I cannot say what that is right now, for things may come up to hinder that change. And being unable to deliver what I promised, well that would just be embarrassing and disappointing to me, and lower my credibility. But I can say this; I have maneuvered my life, in a 4th dimensional chess game I am playing with the Time Travelers, where at my current standings now, I know that if all things considered go exactly right, I will be able to accomplish what I sent out to accomplish. All variables and attempts to have me be manipulated to come to a different outcome are constantly being considered and re-thought out. I may be just a 3rd dimensional human to them, but I am keeping up with them at a 4th dimensional level, and that ain’t to bad
<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."
Any invasion into our time frame, is counted as an always as this occurs to us within the time that we observe it.

Trying to patch felons from other dimensions coming into our dimension, is frutless, as once they transend, they are always recorded as having been there.

The Dracks time travel.So do the Grays, so do the Pleiadeans and so do a host of both extraterrestial and governmental agencies.

This does and does not have any bering effect placed onm our time, from split realites off any main, to geomagntic disturbances.

Even the Dracks can understand us, as these beings are due for extinction, due to their own shortsightedness.

Faith is the most inportant commodity to have here.

Both faith in yourself and a haigher benevolent powqer, which is not bossed by any influence which would want to control those who would be influenced.

The realization of crulity is its own worst reward so self placed on those who use it.
those were some good replies to my post, i can see your points.

by the way I'm not really a cop ( you could call me a 16 year old geek), I just like the movie.

<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">I've been to the future, and to the past. Dont blink an eye because I'm coming back fast. From the moment it started, It will finish you see. Time Traveling is the only job for me.
Weirdest site on the net (my web site.)
Not really a cop! Boy what a relief. you had us going for a while.

So, TTA how accurate do you think the Time Cop movie is?

Well whoopty-doo, what a surprise.

Time Cop was an okay movie. But it’s just that, a movie, a work of fiction. The character of the Time Cop -Van Dame played in the movie, portrayed a Cop who was typical of the Hollywood adventure/action super hero that can only exist in movies.

The proof of that: I’m not being chased around by anyone with a futuristic type ray-gun. How about anybody here? No, I didn’t think so.

But if I was, I’d be able to kick their ass. I’ve had a lot of practice


P.S. Look at the time I posted last, a minute before a double digit. And then look at the time you posted Shadow. The manipulators (Time Travelers) must really be struggling to maintain their order, after the damage me and CAT have done in the past couple of weeks, and me devising techniques to defend against them. Pretty soon, it won’t be them being the threat, but us
reclaiming our freewill and exposing the lying, evil SOB’s.
<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">
Yes I did read it…

It does if you figure they're trying to kill us.>>

I’m glad your finally waking up to the truth. Maybe there’s still a little bit of fight in you, to help CAT and I, take down the malevolent forces behind humanities control.

Let us know
, if you are interested in collaborating on a joint effort someday.


<<My girlfriend won't let me lick her boots anymore. Its over.>>

So, I take it you didn't have a very good Valentines Day, huh

Well bro, that's to bad. Did you spend it in front of the t.v., drinking beer and reclining on your lazy-boy, flipping through infomercials?

AB Energizer, or AB Tronic? Oh gosh, to many choices

Personally, I think that Cable Flex by my “hero” Jackie Chan (same birthday
) looks promising.

<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">
Cat here,

Well it looks like I take off one day to enjoy my Valentines day and a new string gets posted.

I'm here at work at the present moment and so I have to type rather fast to get my point accross!

Regarding #33 (as I stated in one of my previous posts) that number belongs to the Brotherhood, the Illumintai, the (GLOBAL ELITE!!!) They control and manipulate the politics and economics of the world. #33 plays an important role in their esoteric rituals, AND IS THE HIGHEST LEVEL IN FREEMASONRY.


As to your answers as to who is in total control of the time travelers, well I think that there is "NO" control AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM!!!

The process is continually under rectification and implementation by our childrens, childrens children. Like I said before in one of my previous posts, Time Travel is the best cinematographic shows around. The director is continually cutting and splicing out parts of the movie and re editing them in a different place and time frame in the movie. But we as actors know that we have acted the parts and are pissed off that our parts have been cut out! and the general public doesn't get to see them in the actual movie. But there is a record of them in the behind the scene shots.

I continue to say that time is counterintuitive in life and somehow "subconciously" comes around to claim us. Which is whats hapening here with us that seek this site. Our acted parts have been cut or editied out of time but subconciously we know we have acted them.

Who here does not understand that???

One of the great remnants of proof that has been left behind from time travelers is that of major spiritual and religious figures that have made an inpact of mankind. Like Moses where was his grave? (The bible says he was taken (resorected) by G-D on a mountain outside the Holly land of Israel.) Abraham was taken up by the Holly Chariot and Jesus rose on the third day and his body miraculously disappeared.


>>>>didn't have a very good valentines day....<<<<

No, but it was usefull. Nothing says "GOOD BYE" quite like turning your back precisely on Feb. 14. Completely my fault too, I just walked. I'm scared of women. God, they hate that. She knew I was going to bolt even before I did.
Back to the movie Forbidden Planet and the awsome power of the subconscious to royally fuck-up your life.....at least for me. You know these one word Freudian slips people joke about? I can Freudian slip entire paragraphs, no exageration.

Hey the panic attacks were actually getting pretty cool. To avoid them I would subconsciously slip into an altered state when she was around. I saw with the 'second sight' for a little while anyway. It was like stepping forward in time a few seconds and seeing the present in formation.

The whole relationship was sheer hell for me, like sailing the Titanic for the fiftyith time. You know how it gonna end and you know the feel of the icy north atlantic crashing through the glass.
Hello board!

I am new here. I am Shadows alter-ego. You always knew he was cracked and now he has split completly in two.

Speaking of names, where did that jackass get the name Shadow? "Only THE SHADOW KNOWS WHAT EVIL LURKS IN THE HEARTS OF MEN" (and women especially). Get the irony here, he's afraid of his own shadow.

I am a vast complex of nuerosies, phobias, paranoia, and panic AT-TACs Now that he has let me at the keyboard I can pick up the mantle of insulting the hell out of him.....saving him the trouble of self flagulation.

Enough already.

Good guy = Shadow

Bad guy = AT-TAC (what does this spell backwards?) And oooh what could be the secret meaning????????????)
Are you going to be okay Shadow? This is a side of you we rarely get to see… It’s, how can I best describe it? Honest.

Well if it’s any consolation, I really feel for you. I know how break ups feels. I’ve had my share of troubles with women in the past too. It truly does feel like Hell… If you ever need someone to talk to, my e-mail address is: [email protected] or at least to have someone just to listen.

Take care bro,

I guess I know my answer to the above post.

I am to late.

I edited to long, and now that I think of it, I shouldn’t have left a part out.

“…It feels like hell, and when we feel like this, we sometimes have a tendency to call all bets off, and do things that is in shock of what we would normally do.”

To late though… Unless you find someone quick on the re-bound

Well thats nice of you CATTA, but fortunately I'v unloaded about all the doo-doo I feel like unloading today (thanks for listening) and I won't be doing much e-mail because I don't have an e-mail account. (I get free ISP but no email.) Oh yeah, if you do figure out > how < to "save the world" let me know as I ain't doing a hell of a lot as it is.

>>>>are you doing ok<<<<

Train wrecks and ship sinkings are business as usual around here. Its "what I do baby". I give meaning to the phrase "try and learn".

>>>>best describe it. Honest<<<<

Woman Phobia. Taboo.....wouldn't even admit it to my self.....till I finally got forced into it. This phobia like all phobias is pretty sneeky, it always shows up when you least expect it and only at the worst possible times. Phobias are a real bitch.....especially in my case, ha-ha-ha. They're a rather common affliction and come in all flavors. Even good old fashion 'shell shock' is a phobia of sorts.....like some body farts and they have to scrape you off the cieling. This is the type of psychological ailment that guarentees your shrink (if you can afford one) will refer you elsewhere, cause there ain't a damn thing you or he can do about it.
Hey I like that name CATTA!

What do you think of that TTA? (CAT & TTA tag team)

Sorry about Valentines days and the chic Shadow! There are plenty of more dogs at the kennel!

I myself as being a woman can testify! just when men think they have us figured out the seasons already changing!

But Shadow, if its any consolation of what I have come to know about you on this post. I must say you are just plain ADORABLE!!! Your personality and humor make up for everything! You definitly entice the intellect!

Dont let that go to your head or the "Global Elite" will detect you on radar!


P.S. Curiosity is killing this cat? What is your job specification? Procurement Specialist?

Oh goodie another immaginary woman to talk to. I'll play along for a while. I guess now that I've cracked up I was hopping to get CAT and TTA back together, hense "CATTA"........which was invented from ATTAC(K)) spelled backwards. The ONLY sighn I've seen to attest to your feminity is the joke about men being immune to mad cow. Of course there is your P.S. above asking what my line of work is. Translated thats "how much money do you make"....now >thats< a woman question.

Time travel is an open ended subject. Its subject matter litterally includes every thing and every nonthing form creation to the end of the universe. Time travel is physics and psycology. Hardware and mind games. A lot like sex actually. So lets continue with a subject that is impossible to digress from.

>>>>more dogs in the kennel<<<<<

Seeing as how this "chic" has an 150+ IQ, is a former Army officer, plays in a bluegrass band on the weekends, and has sexy looks that could make the Pope sweat is gonna make it a bit difficult to pick another one up at the kennel. But thanks for the suggestion. Ok, Ok, so she's way the hell "out of my leauge". I discovered the meaning of that expression anew.

Besides I've already tried "kennel chics". Bless their souls but they'll still give you "fleas incuritus".....and usually worse. Come to think of it, ugly women ALWAYS have men waiting in line. Its the best ones who are always shopping around. There are three important things in the love game, availability, availability, and availability. Well maybe not but it sure looks that way from here.

>>>>you are just plain adorable<<<<<

Adorable don't get you laid, confidence does.

>>>>global elite and radar<<<<
I was just thinking if 'they' want us subversives all they have to do is poll the net and compile lists of those who reguarly visits the black listed sites. Ain't no where to hide.

And finally: yada yada yada
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