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Problem with bubble cohesion....possible to slow down and speed up time at once?



It has always been my experience that time slows down and speeds up at once. This way, the slowing down effect has a chance to compare itself to the speeded up time frame. By making the comparsion, perhaps cohesion in your time bubble could be maintained.

Art Bell called it "the quickening". But maybe it is both the speeding up and slowing down of time. It has been my experience that you can acheive more RANGE when you compare two "opposites" together. Two opposites, in this sense, are not really an opposing dicotomy, but a resolved paradox. By limiting your experiments to simply one way or another, (slowing down or speeding up) you may confine yourself to a limited application within the time control device bubble. Basically, you let the forces get thin and it peters out.

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