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Possible Time Distortion/Time Travel Method?

Shaun Holt

I know its possible to listen to a beat or tick from the second hand on a watch at 60
bps and slow the thinking process down so to speak, so that it seems as though there are minutes between each beat or tick giving more time to think on something than would normally be there(almost like stopping time), but I think its also possible to do the same visually with an image of flashing
colors, changing colors every second. And if this is possible then what could possibly be achieved by doing so? I am under the impression that by doing so we'd put a literal meaning on the phrase "the hand is quicker than the eye". Think about it, if we were to slow our visual senses to almost a halt, wouldn't that mean that we have succeeded in altering or possibly even being able to stop time? I personally feel it is possible. It's the only way I can see how certain things have been accomplished such as the martial artists that seem to hit so fast and hard that to us onlookers it seems like a mere slap, yet it's a devastating blow. Those people who are able to catch
an arrow flying through the air. It's obviously not because they can move so fast, but because the can visually slow things down, in their eyes, slowing time down. Also, I'm under the impression that if time can be brought to a stand still in this way, then the complete opposite should be possible also, the ability to speed time up. Look forward to reading feeback.

-Shaun Holt
when one has built up his muscles and nerves
to become one with his thinking,where the spirit moves and body falls in pefect sync
and when one can visualize catching the arrow and beleives he can do so... he is then able to.
ever hear of mind over matter? this is sorta like spirit over body.
All this metaphysical talk is making my stomach turn...

Would you all just give me a break?

Don't delude your selves with wishful thinking; no one has ever caught an arrow with their bare hands (yet anyways). Well I haven't seen it on Genious Book of World Records. Until I do, I'll believe it.

Man, it's going to be a pretty sad world if the culture is headed for things like supernatural and spiritual.

YuKO... that's so nasty. That leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. All this talk about things not being what they seem, giving things excuses. It's being in denial of what your world actually is. Nothing but self affirmations (lies to your self) obscuring your self from the truth of what you and the world really are.

I recommend a dose of red-hot animal passion for life. Not this sissy pacifistic religious and spiritual crap.

Give me hell on earth any day, then an eternity in heaven. All those smiles, all those hidden agendas (for spiritual proposes), and people playing God with your life without your damn consent will make anyone want to leave.

It’s mighty sad the way some people devote their lives to lies.

-Javier C.
Well although I like hearing other peoples opinions...I have to say your one ignorent person, Javier. I guess your "logical" mind can't process our metaphysical way of thinking. Well, I have one question for you...What the hell made you come here to discuss tima travel? Time travel in its basis still is not proven, therefore it is basically metaphysical. I think you better put a little thought into it.
I find this quite surprising, Javier.
You have Martial Arts listed in your profile.
Does this mean you just like to observe it and dont actually have any training in it yourself? care to explain the concept of Chi?
Somethings wrong with JC today. This last post seems to me to be 180 degrees off everything he has posted in the past. Dualing personalities JC?

Maybe split personalities are actually PARALLEL 'personages'. The sufferer of such could get the feeling that some one (or thing) was switching worlds on him. It is tough to be caught in an angering situation, especially over a long period of time. Changing out the personality or changing out the 'world' adds up to the same thing.

And yes, I have at times been acused of being full of crap. SO?
I may not be spiritual or in tune with life in a metaphysical way, but I have never called anyone here ignorant.

So -Theory, thank you for proving my point. You people get pretty extreme and radical when someone sheds some truth on what your world is really like. Messed up.

As for me and my Martial Arts, I have been in it for 6 ½ years. I don’t do any of that spiritual peace loving Martial Arts that gets you nowhere. I do the real physical, go out and break a few bones off someone kind of Martial Arts. But I do know what Chi means, Duh
… By brother does Thai-Chi. I prefer the physical, adrenaline rushing contact of Karate, Kempo, Maui Thai Kick Boxing, and Wrestling.

And about me being psychic, it’s true. I have been unfortunate to have been cursed with the ability to see things others don’t. Nevertheless, as far as I am concerned, it only kicks in when I am asleep or when I get déjà vu. So in other words, I feel it and use it every day. I have developed some psychic techniques…

I hope to teach them to someone I can trust later on in life. They are really cool

Just today, I got an idea for an invention. Hey Time02112, e-mail me, I want to tell you about it. Maybe we can patent it. No one else has thought about it yet
, so let’s get first dibs. $$$$ If you know what I mean.

So, any way’s, I hope this clears up some confusion. And I’m sorry for disappointing some of you. Nevertheless, they are things that a lot of you don’t realize about Life, that only I know. Maybe someday, you’ll develop a sense like my own, and see the truth, for what it really is.

Sincerely yours,
Javier C.

P.S. Here is a picture of me. I am not ignorant, I am very knowledgeable in many things, and I have many awards, and have a psychic talent. So please, don’t call me ignorant anymore, without even knowing me. Thanks…
Hello JC,
I don't think you'd have to worry much, I can't say I believe in a heaven and hell as some religions view it, but, if had to talk on their level, I could use the words heaven and hell to describe my beliefs, and if I were to do that here I'd say friend, don't worry, because you are experinecing the beginnings of hell on earth already.

Now, as for your views and what your saying about these people whom have alot of interest in the metaphysical realm, I must say you are the one lost friend. I've been travelling this country by foot and living amongst the land for the past year in search of people who can talk on my level and I have yet to find that. Reason being, because most people, in my case, all people i've come across so far, like yourself, havn't been able to open themselves up to a way of thinking that allows them to accept eveything and view at all angles without judging, letting it all build an image on its own. There is no reason for us to conciously think and make rash judgements, because our minds can make all the decisions for us and answer all our questions and show us the Truth. All we have to do is quit interferring and let the minds do their jobs. And most importantly, start listening.

-Shaun Holt
Shaun Holt,
Just because I may show some signs like the people you met in your travels that can't open them selves up. But that doesn't mean I'm exactly like them, and that you have me all figured out because I remind you of someone.

I am unlike anyone you have ever seen, met, or talked too before. Everyone is different. My reasons for not opening up, will not be the same as the ones your buddies had who you met where like.

And that's all I have to say about that.

-Javier C.
Just today, I got an idea for an invention. Hey Time02112, e-mail me, I want to tell you about it. Maybe we can patent it. No one else has thought about it yet , so let’s get first dibs. $$$$ If you know what I mean.

Not exactly shure by what you were implying, for the total of that last remark, as this could imply many things to equivalate the sum, or value within the context of what you envisioned. So it might be more prudent of you, to elaborate a more "specific" nature of your intended thoughts?

And I wanted to say that I strongly agree to many things that "Shaun Holt" has projectd within this forum..... your insight is very perceptive, and yet has an appearence of someone who reflects from experience, and wisdom.

Thanks for sharing with us

<This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 12 August 2000).>
I've read alot of things where people (Such as Shaman or budist priests) have done things such as being locked underwater and such for days at a time. I presume that this is done by slowing down the bodies processing to such an extent that little or no oxygen is required. I wonder, is he in a trance? Or maybe he's sees everybody moving very quickly, kind of like his personal time was slowed down.
Again todays TTA is not like yesterdays TTA. Some thing rotten in Denmark. Anybody else notice? Or am I just immagining things? Care to step up to the plate J. C.? You know you never have explained what exactly, who exactly is "messing with your life".
I don't see anything wrong with me. As far as I'm concerned, I'm the same guy I've always known. Maybe I can't notice any changes, but what's different about me?

What makes everyone suspect something is wrong? Don't I sound the same as always? Don't I smile

Let me know,
Javier C.

P.S. And about who's messing with my life; I know that Time Travelers consider me a huge threat (cause of what I know). I will not join their side, I did that mistake before. I have flash-backs all the time of what I done.

I am deciding on a new orginization. I will keep you all posted on what I decide
, night.

<This message has been edited by TimeTravelActivist (edited 13 August 2000).>
TTA, you have flash-backs of what you are going to do or could have done? Perhaps flash-backs is not the proper term for things that have not happened yet. I think foreshadowing or flash-forwards would be more appropriate ?

What exactly did you do or think that you are avoiding from doing this time around?
Aren't you the same Dave that wanted to know about my private business, and created an entire thread about me the last time? Yeah, I remember you now.

I told you before, and I will tell you again. If I wanted to talk about it freely with you, I would have done so by now.

Only people that are my friends (or where) know about my experiences. And I would not talk about them here anyway’s. Only through e-mail.

So, don't ask me again. Thank you.

-Javier C.
I believe you must have me confused with someone else. I was being sarcastic if you could not tell. Flash-backs are of things that have happened, is all I was saying.
Shaun Holt...

I was pleased to see thoughtful posts on the concepts of changing reality, or the perception thereof, *little shrug* a matter of semantics that mean little in the end run.

It is unfortunate that you have yet to come across another of like mind.

The concept of the ever Now allows for both of the situations you describe in your initial post... with the perceptor creating the change to allow for actions that appear to others to be...*little smile* everything from *magic to bogus* depending entirely upon the mind set of the watcher.

Thank you for the contributions.

Be safe and dream sweetly.


<This message has been edited by WanderingSoul (edited 15 August 2000).>
There are many paths to the greater truth. Some take the long road. Some take the steep and rocky path and some get half way there and go to sleep. The journey is what makes the destination joyus.
That is actually a very interesting idea Shaun. I believe what you are really refering to is living in the moment. I do believe that it is possible to at least change your perception of the rate of time; to what extent I do not know. Obviously, there are biological considerations as to how fast one can react which should be the limiting factor. However, I would imagine that increasing one's concentration of the present would be what is required to slow your perception of time down. Much like the old saying: "A watched tea kettle never boils". I do believe that behind your question resides an entire topic in itself: human perception of time. For all we know time on our scale could be more chaotic then we perceive it with eddies and whirlpools instead of the linear perception which our human brains tell us is real. The current laws of physics tell us that on the smallest scales possible that space and time is in fact chaotic. In the words of John Wheeler, on such small scales(approaching 10^-33 cm) space and time forms a sort of foam like structure where both space and time is distorted and can actually loop in on itself.
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