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What are some of the best Remote Veiwing techniques? I've been interested in Remote Viewing for a long time, now, and not found any good methods around. Could anyone please tell me them, or where to get them? If you want to reply via email it's [email protected]

Thanks alot!
to uyoku

go to google.com, type in *remote viewing* get 50 good hits

I actually tried it, it works.
Hey Shadow,

When you were gone you missed a whole Bra Strap from Creedo!

His posts were unbelievable! He hit on allot of things that pertained to me. Visions and thoughts that I've had somehow were implanted in my mind or vice versa. I will never confess what they were though! I wonder if he even knows them himself? I think these visions just randomly come to him and sometimes he himself doesn't even know what he is seeing. Some of his thoughts are of his own devise and others, who knows where??? But I certainly do think that he deserves a hell of a lot more credit than anyone on this board has ever given him!

When he talks about all the perverted stuff that he does, he is not gay! he is just visualizing himself in the others persons shoes.

I've been keeping track of this and the odds are impeccable! I really understand his accomplishments now! He is gifted in his own special ways...

I will give you one example. I implanted a visual thought in my mind about creedo and I sent it strongly into every post that I wrote at that time. He than made a differential comment in one of his postings saying, "I DON'T KNOW SHE CAN DANCE


I told you creedo was channeling . thats how he knew about my uterus. You didn't blieve me way back then but now you are starting to see it to . go head creedo channel Jesus for us I know you can do it . clara
go to a newage store, the kind of stores that have magik books, insense, crystals and all that groovy witchcraft stuff. i went to a local store called "mystic goddess" and rented a video tape on remote viewing AND astral projection (same tape). the guy explained the difference between the two and then set you up to watch the tape for about 30 minutes of psychedelic lava lamp like patterns while he talked you through with breathing instructions and visualizations. all the while a metronome ticking sound would start out at a certain rate and settle at a certain resonace that is supposed to bring you brain into the alpha state (according to the fella who made the tape). the best remote viewing i did was when i tried ot go to mars and kept getting images of guys holding an auto parts store instead (throwing stuff around also and just being real all around axxholes).
only to find an article in the local paper a few days later of a rash of auto part store holdups.
my trip to mars was boring and all i saw was an underground facility that was many levels deep. no newpaper articles to varifiy what i saw that trip if you know what i mean.

i had trouble astral projecting, i felt the "looseness" of my astral body, but couldn't leave my physical body. (probably because i have a fear of not being able to come back once i leave.)
Thanks alot you guys. This is helping alot. and I got a whole bunch of links too.
I'm really hoping I can do remote veiwing easily. It'd help me out alot with stuff. Not to mention it will be easy to go see the world and universe that way. I'm also wanting to find a friend of mine who's been missing from online for a month now. Not like him at all. and if it were net problems he'd be back by now. That's also why I want to learn remote veiwing to try and find out what happened to him.

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