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Please note on 70s to 2000s cult groups and or UFO


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Please note on 70s to 2000s cult groups and or UFO groups

Please note in their actions that cult groups as well as UFO groups from the 1970s on, may assume these actions.

That when they first arrive, the beings in question know all about you and even hold some relationship to humans.

So there is a bonding, as the viewer of these cults, realits that the central group has contacted someone that they in some way know.

*A social chorus and a dialogue are formed, at first where many writers seem to explore through some said contact method or another, the nature of the beings contacted.

This actions causes a following to their groups.

*Then as time goes one, whether these contacts are real, or not, usually some economic, social, or belief system is infracted and or explained and this may or may not fall into the sets of harmony, or divergences, or complete disagreement.

Other infractions of a social kind may occur then, after the said contacts and dialogs are made.

*After a good length of time is past, once the UFO, or said E.T.s have now made contact and posses an office group to which they can relay facts, it may be after a time that these beings contacted, either approve of, own, or disown any supporting author to their group, as a contacee?

Please not as an example the Billy Meier Groups of Switzerland have professed the Pleadians are related to man and were happy to come here in 1975.

Then contact groups were formed and evidence presented.

However in time people were called liars, there were accusations of self interests made and non-trueisms and even reports of attempts on the life of Billy Meier.

Still with more time passed and an apparent normalization with the Pleiadeans was achieved, Ptaah, the said Pleiadean Commander of the contingent associated with the core FIGU group, had disowned all sayings, from the author, Barbara Marciniack, even though there was it seems valid substance to what Marciniack had written?

The new contacts with said Planet X, seem to be what is known as the Niebhru Council, which is now posting that they too, have known mankind on Earth in his infancy and have much to tell him.

So what is deduced are a certain series of actions, followed by a somewhat predictable script.

This type of appearance may be a distraction, in order to have accomplished other social actions, imposed on either the width and breadth of society, or on certain chosen individuals themselves.

At least, know the pattern.

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