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Please join my club.


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Only if you are serious about being part of history’s fight to uphold the traditions and respect for life we humans have based these nations ideals on. Who wants to be apart of the resistance to fight for freedom? Let us take back our lives and stop cheating our selves in the end. If your a man, or woman of strong character with morals, conviction and compassion. Then please join us. We are "The Individuals Opposed to Temporal Manipulation" I.O.T.M. And we need your help…

Persevering mankind’s future, cannot be accomplished without our concerned citizens of this world. You must come together to decide. Time Travel, or No Time Travel? Do you know where you stand, now?

Yours Truly,
Javier C.S.

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You just can't wait for me to leave, can you Janus...? My presence must really be getting to you. Why not leave again

Hey think about it this way. It's only a matter a time until the real you emerges once again, and the people see you as a bully, an arrogant bastard. If I don’t hurt your pride, someone else will. And you’ll go back into hiding. So why show your face again? You know you don't like us, and we sure don't like you.

So how do you feel about a certain someone who became moderator of this board? Knowing how you always clashed in the past. That must really be brothering you

I'm not leaving for another week. So go back and hide under the rock you crawled out from. I'm here to stay...

-Javier C.
Hey, you're the one who said you were "just dropping by home to pick stuff up, see you in a few months". Then you posted again. Must be having a fun vacation, I thought.

Good for Time02112! He always did try to smoothe things out on the board, anyway. He's probably a very good moderator.

I like how you say "I'm going on vacation" and then "I'm here to stay." Way to contradict yourself!
OK, let me put the clues together and play detective here.

You emphasized that I mentioned that I would be leaving as soon as I picked up a few things. And when I posted the first time, you thought that would be the last you would hear from me. Knowing that no other post of me speaking of the truth about you will resurface. And no one will be the wiser, since no one seems to remember you anyways.

However, when I created this topic, that assurance was no longer guaranteed to you, was it? In addition, that is when you posted, “having a good "vacation"? Your sarcasm is evidence that I was right. Because this topic was in no way directed to you. The topic was “Please join my club.” So, my last word to you was said the first time, and that would have been all. Nevertheless, you chose to respond to my topic.

Therefore, you must have felt that the time you would have to wait to show your face here again will have to be put on hold. Since “I am here to stay.” My continued stay threatens your new image here, doesn’t it? Cause I know and you know, you have no chance as long as I am here that you will get away with anything.

Oh, and one final detail, when I said, “I am here to stay,” I know you got a lot of fun out having me say that. But you forgot to mention, that I also gave a specific time when I will be leaving. I said next week, which is this week.

So come on Janus. You know I’m not doing anything wrong., Just responding to you. Don’t try to come back to a place you said you wouldn’t, and talk to me. Cause you said that to me twice before. That you wouldn’t talk to me or Time02112 anymore. And what was your reason for that again
. Oh yeah, because we don’t think like you. Just make sure when you accuse someone of contradicting them selves, that you don’t do it your self.

Sincerely yours,
Javier C.
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