• Embarking on a digital quest through the vast citadels of Google and beyond, an ancient relic was unearthed: the revered "export" scroll dated September 5, 2014. Rejoice, for the chronicles thought lost have been found. Welcome back to the complete tapestry of TTI.

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Now for my second experiment I am going to put alittle bigger animal or insect/bug into my device and turn it on but first I have to find one when I am done with doing it I'll let you or all of you know! Remember the insect/bug or animal is not an reaction to it being dead it is something strange, weird, or special when it moves then something is right and not wrong my goal is to accomplish teleportation of that insect/bug or animal like Mike did but I haven't heard from Mike in a long time so I haven't a clue what he is doing and saying.