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Peace. LOVE and Life to you all


I come in peace to share a great wisdom with you unknown as it may seem to many in human form.

Yes there are vast many posts here which hold several keys to life and the possibilties of that which you seek in regards to Time and Space.

I encourage you all to close the viel of illusion and open up the reality that exist and always have in life.

It is not propagande, nor religious babble it is however immutable in fact of reality.

My postings are in the forum as Thetazone may realization be yours and may you surpass the veil of illusion that exists in human form to reveal that which is reality.

I wish you all pure love and peace throughout your universal existance and beyond into eternity.

Warmth and love to all


Reaction is merely the limitations of the mind a direct effect caused by illusion and the limitations of the mind. Hence will receive no negative weight or reply other than the return of love and caring and refocuss back into the light of life energy.