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if you could go back into the "past," and then we want to return to where we rember being the present, are you going into the future or the present?

and one more thing. if we could go into the past and then for have obtained time travel, would the time to get there be instant or would it actually take a certain amount of time to get there?
If you assume time travel in both directions then you destroy the primacy of the present. The present would be WHAT EVER time point you returned to.

How long would it take to get there? Now, thats a good question.
If one travels to the past and makes a change, does he
A)not change a thing because he was always a part of the past,
B)create a split in the timeline, therefore creating an alternate timeline,or
C)change his reality in his present.

Just a thought....

Three more good questions.......that won't be answered untill you try it yourself. But this doesn't stop us from harboring suspitions. I suspect that zapping back to the past is as easy as dying. And I suspect that effects do NOT propagate into the future; we do. Hey if there were a rational explaination for time, we would have one already, wouldn't we.
Maybe instead of attemting faster than light travel (since it is theoretically impossible), there might be a way to bend the timeline (making space 2-dimensional) and simply "joining" the two times together and "snapping" them apart again, therefore being in another time altogether...
If you travel back in time 15 years, you might be the person and age you were 15 years ago. If you go back further than your age, you might be the person you was in a previous life and you would not have memories of the 'you' who did the time traveling, maybe. If you travel into the future, you might be a future incarnation of yourself, a different person with different memories, maybe.
Jim, calm down. Your you all the time, any time. And your always in YOUR present. You just move to your present in a new location. Just like going on vacation. It's not metaphysical. It's just a trip to where everyone dresses funny.
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