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Passive Time Travel - It exists, but can't see it


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Passive Time Travel - It exists, but can\'t see it

Physical time travel may be not understood by many, and many do not see time travellers, but I have a theory which allows one to travel or just view the past with no interaction. The closest idea I can get to is ghosts.

It goes something like this, for example...

Omnidirectional radio and television transmissions travel out in to space in. A pickup, such as a human, alien or device, at a point in space, say a planet fifty light years away, will be able to 'tune' in to Earthly broadcasts from the 1950s. This would be similar for light (except it's unidirectional /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif ) and so historic events are travelling and 'stored' in space, much like a vinyl record or compact disc.

Now if there was a way to get to the planet, say via teleportation, in an _instant_, then one could view what happened in the fifties, on a public street, with some sort of powerful 'telescope/microphone'. Also, let's say that the instrument to view and experience the past was more than a 'telescope', but a virtual device than enable one to move around in 3D without the physical interaction, which then, in effect, one would be a ghost. In this case, we are a stage for future seers.

Pretty weird, huh? It's just a theory, and I'm no physics expert. I'd like to think, if time travellers exist, at least by imagination, that the time machine has already been invented, but historic timelines have not been altered from by travellers.

I hope I've made some sense. What do you think? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Re: Passive Time Travel - It exists, but can\'t see it


Actually, this idea was a theme of the book "Macroscope" written by Piers Anthony. It was one of the last sci-fi books he wrote before writing fantasies. If you ever get a chance to read it, it is an excellent book. It's basically about utilizing "macrons", a fictional time particle that was able to zoom in on distant planets in real time. There was also a "destroyer beam" that would fry the brains of anyone intelligent enought to access the "galactic encyclopedia" carried on the beam. It is now out of print so you probably would have to get it at a used-book store and it is sometimes available on Ebay.
Re: Passive Time Travel - It exists, but can\'t se

Ah great,though I don't like the idea of the "destroyer beam". I'll have to check the book out.