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Parallel Universes, and our counter parts in them.


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Wouldn’t it be like looking in the bathroom mirror? Opening the medicine cabinet and having that reflection reflected off of the other mirror, while you looking at your self? Does anyone get what I’m saying? Has anyone tried this before?

Anyhow, I would always think, if there were another (me) counter part doing the same thing in another Universe. Then I would not just be looking at my self doing this in the mirror, but actually looking at another me(s) for real

And each me would be just as much confused at how to get a word to me, if we are doing the same thing
. Then again, if it’s not that much of a parallel world, or differs slightly, then I would really just be looking at my own reflection in this world. Haha…

But hey, it would be a trip if I really were to do the same as my other self

Anyway’s, please feel free to post your ideas about Parallel Universes, and our counter parts in them. I think it would be interesting to discuss it, since we haven’t really yet

Hope to hear from anyone’s ideas soon. Even yours Janus. But do try and keep an open mind this time. For all you know, you could be quite the opposite of who you are now. Maybe your actually a nice, tolerant person in another world

And let’s not forget your dominant trait in this world that has kept of many arguments a going for such a long time, your arrogance.

-Javier C.

P.S. And there’s no arguing that
And let's not forget your dominant traits which have kept arguments going:
-self-conceit and egotism
-selective memory
-insulting, derogatory language

Remember to keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.

You know what my answer is to the parallel universe question: either they exist, but are completely unreachable by us, being seperate universes, or they exist and require manipulation of energies on the order of the mass of the galaxy to contact. It's useless to posit that they don't exist, because one can just say that they are completely unnoticeable by us, and thus cannot be proved or disproved.
No, it's okay Time_02112. Janus is just hurt because it's true, and felt that he needed to retaliate. I'm not angry, or mad at him...

I my self may be very idealistic at times, but I'm always humble
. I may have it all, great health, a good job, a great girlfriend, and the respect of my peers and friends? I take nothing for granted, apperciate everything life has to offer me.

Can you say the same Janus?

Have a nice day,
-Javier C.

P.S. Just very quickly wanted to say... You said "It's useless to posit that they don't exist, because one can just say that they are completely unnoticeable by us, and thus cannot be proved or disproved."

Finlly, a thread where your not going to be only looking at one side of an issue

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Interesting concept! However, where does that leave the religious concept of one's soul? You know, the one and only one? If science were to, one day, clone a human being, than there would be 2 or more people sharing identical gene pools, but also different souls, or I would assume. But how does that work, provided one were to take a religious standpoint, with parallel self?
My speculation is, that perhaps some scientist will explain “The Soul” as merely being brain wave patterns. And since both your self and the clone would have the same brain wave patterns, then proving you really have a soul or are one, will debunk religion and some peoples beliefs.

But then again, this is only my speculation, and I’m not saying that all scientists will explain it like this. I said some

I my self believe in God, the spirit, soul, whatever name you like to call it
. I have my own name for my soul. But that’s another story

-Javier C.
It's laughable how you make yourself out to be just a bit idealistic, saddened by the terrible, arrogant bastard that I am, evilly trying to quatsch your noble and humble goals of enlightenment. Really, TTA, you've started more arguments than I, and you have a very short fuse when it comes to people who don't agree with you. Don't cloud the facts with patronizing gibberish.

Of course I'm arrogant toward you; you wouldn't know science if it smacked you in the head.

Oh, and don't assume that I'm agreeing with you on the parallel dimension junk; I just said that it's fundamentally not disproveable. Just like the existence of God: if He runs the world exactly as it would without Him, then His existence is essentially unproveable, and not disproveable. But pointless.
Janus. How can I be the one to start the arguments, when your the one that responds to people's post as if your ideas are the only ones that matter? Talk about clouding the facts...

But you have to realize, that others have their own ways of seeing things, and that we too in order to know anything, must take it into account. Every issue has 2 sides Janus.

Maybe someday, you will see and understand that. Then maybe, there won't be so many arguments.

And I'm sorry you see if that way. That I'm so ignorant, that I don't know anything. You must run into alot of people like me in your life, and that bothers you, doesn't it? Well, if that's the case. Don't respond to my posts anymore. It's really that simple.

Try and have a nice,
Javier C.
every time TTA posts,Janus replies with some half witted comment about statistics and how ignorant people are in posting...
if people dont post,it'd just be you..
similar to the brandon guy stalking himself...

Fast Out
I believe there ARE parallell universes but that does not mean there HAS to be duplicates of each and every person here. There are lots of people in our own world that resemble us. There are only so many facial features to mix up on a head and you get look alikes in our world. Some people make their living as Elvis impersonators or Cher or Marilyn Monroe. I'm sure they don't share a soul with them. If we have look alikes in other dimensions they are still them and we are still us. If we functioned on the exact same level we could never meet anyhow.....as we traveled to their dimension they would travel to ours.
Hey Janus. This silence suits you. It shows that you can't have an argument or rebuttal for everything. Especially when it's every body who agrees. See, I told you. There's 2 sides to everything. Not just what you think.

I hope this experience has taught you something. That your not always right. And can’t always give a smart allec answer to get away with your attacks to people on the posts, that don’t think like you.

Have a nice day,
Javier C.
*chin in hand*
In my wanderings I have come across multiple science, as well as spiritual sites, that speak to not only time travel but to parallel selves/worlds/universes. Much of what is available is separated only by the language in which it is presented.
Humanity appears to be on the cusp or a profound explosion of knowledge and ability *little chuckle* My intent is to challenge those who "favor" one paradigm over another to step back, reassess and explore alternative and diametrically opposite presentations...It is an interesting journey.

Be safe and dream sweetly.

Welcome to the posts WanderingSoul, you sound like your pretty out there
. In a good way...

Are you spiritual or something? You sound like your enlightened? So what exactly is it that you would like us to explore? And when did you reach the point in your life to make you so aware that we "humanity" are about to explode into something better
. Did it just click in your head? And found it to be so simple?

Let me know
. I would really like to know. Believe me, I would...

Javier C.
*chin back in hand* TimeTravelActivist...*head tilted*

It would depend entirely upon your intent and desire to explore ... Do you have a particular paradigm ? Are you interested in expanding your reality to encompass more than what it is now? I would be more than happy to share and exchange different sites that may challenge a *head tilting the other way* *chuckling* linear thinker...although I am not suggesting that you are... merely clarifying my intent.

I do not consider myself *enlightened* as you put it...simply interested in mature, thoughtful and genuine dialog that actually challenges the mind beyond the ordinary... not the hum ho of common discourse that can easily be found elsewhere...

*chin back in hand* ...and vibrate into perhaps *little smile* not explode...

Be safe and dream sweetly.

Wanderer, *burping and scratching* There are many forms of enlightened and informed minds in the world. The Budists and the Aborigonies are enlightened, as well as most nuns and the Pigmy tribes of Africa. Enlightenment is subjective as is intellegence. *levitating off my chair* The point is to offer new views and see if those listening are receptive or can expound on the subject so all are fulfilled, wizened or amused. You seem gently mystical in your remarks but I would like to hear more of your actual thoughts on parallel dimensions.*floating out the window*
*laughing* That was fair mokrie dela...

Time as a concept, be it scientific or spiritual, is often misleading and limiting. It exists to provide a structure for catagorizing experience...Once the structure of the concept of time, be it the concepts presented in quantum physics or lightwork or merkaba meditation and travel, are viewed as a flexible structure based on perspective and perception...The concepts of parallel universes/worlds is quite easy to incorporate. Free will exists to choose and experience...all moments occur simultaeously ..past, present and future..it is merely the perspective and perception that changes...by choice with intent.

*still laughing at the gently mystical*

Perhaps my perspective shall become more wizened when *junior* is not attached to my nic :)

Be safe and dream sweetly.

well you certainly did an exquisite job of explaining to the rest of us that it is within the lack of knowledge & understanding of certain underlying principles that we are just beginning to scratch the surface to find the real answers we seek.

The lack of language, to describe such things, exists as proof of that, for which we do not understand. (as of yet.)

and as for "Merkaba" energy fields, this too I am familiar with. I am especialy intrigued with it's vibrational frequencey ratios, to produce modulation effects that create Time Dialation. (experiments which I have incorporated into our research.)



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On the subject of "clones", they've been around for millions of years. "Identical" (as opposed to "Fraternal") twins are in fact clones of the same zygote.

If souls exist, I doubt anyone would say these twins/clones do not have separate souls.

Brain waves are affected by more than just genetics tho. Environment also plays a role. Twins/clones are individual thinking beings with ideas and experiences that are different from each other. Although these twins/clones HAVE been shown to share certain thoughts and charastics that are not common to us "uni" beings.

It also appears from the "Dolly" experiments, that clones develop with the aged cell charistics of the original. Dolly was seven when cloned. Her infant clones turned out to show the cell age charastics of a seven year old sheep. Cloning MAY turn out to not be such a good idea where high order mammals are involved. As in "us".
Good point. Don't quite agree with your definition of clones though, but it's nice to see some people taking an activist role in scienctific progress. Or so that's what they call it

Wandering Soul, Your answer to my question was very good and sorry I goofed on your Hollywood script style of writing. You sort of threw me for a loop for a few minutes. Lee: I cloning of people could have more then aged cells involved. I have heard from more then one doctor involved in transplanted organs that the cells therin may also carry residual memorys from the donors. Cloning may also carry traits of the donors.
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