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There are problems. The commonest are the so-called paradoxes. For example, if we could travel through time, imagine what would happen to a time traveller if he (or she) travelled back in time and killed his own grandmother at birth. In theory the time traveller will therefore never be born, so the journey could never have been made in the first place; but if the journey never occurred then the grandmother would be born which means the time traveller would have been born and could make the journey ... and so on and so on. This is a paradox.
On the 8th of December last year, you posted the exact same set of messages. Why not just reply to your own messages if want them bumped to the top.

If it's because you lost your password, there is a function to allow you to view a list of all users, select a profile and then view all posts by that user.

What do you call two time-travelling General Practicioners who have killed their own grandfathers?

A paradox!

A pair of docs! Geddit?

Oh, suit yourself.
it has been a long time since i was here. and yes i forgot my password. but also i wanted new answers and feed back on my old stuff. maybe new members ans such.