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This thread is in dedication to all of our favorite places to travel too, please feel free to share yours with the rest of us here, that way we can all access them any where, at any “Time”


(Inventions & Patent Assistance)

*Welcome to Inventure Place, The National Inventors Hall of Fame!
Inventure Place is dedicated to the creative process. We're a museum - and more. Inventure Place is a laboratory where you can explore your curiosity and creativity. Inventure Place is where you will Discover the Inventor in you.

*The Invention Dimension - An eclectic assemblage of news, surveys, resources, and links. Perhaps the most interesting is an archive of "inventors of the week," which is searchable by invention.

*InventNET is the first Internet based inventors' organization - the central point of the inventors' community in cyberspace.
Our main goal is to provide independent inventors worldwide with real information and help them develop and market their inventions. We inform and educate inventors regarding the many pitfalls hidden on their path to success.

*The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office - - Posts a wealth of information about issued patents and patent applications, and you can search its vast patent database to see if your idea’s already been taken.


(Science & Technology)

*Welcome to Explorations in Science with
Dr. Michio Kaku!

*Cosmiverse-The online portal for space & science enthusiasts.

*Rice ElectroMagnetic Field Models
- Quantitatively modeling of the electromagnetic field of geospace has been a major research activity in the Space Physics and Astronomy Dept. at Rice. Our goal is to provide the research community a portable, flexible, efficient model that can provide realistic, self-consistent magnetic and electric fields at any given point in geospace. The model could be applied to many research related to the large-scale magnetosphere electromagnetic field.

*Weird Research, Anomalous Physics

A collection of files and links dealing with unconventional physics, including energy machines, gravity devices, Tesla, anomalies, etc.
*The Princeton Pulsar Group is part of the Gravity Group in the Department of Physics at Princeton University. We are particularly interested in studies of radio pulsars, with active research efforts aimed at high precision timing, studies of the pulsar emission mechanism, and, of course, the continuing search for new pulsars.

*The Why Files (Einstein) - Science education site about Einstein's theory of relativity and its scientific proof. View a brief biography and reading list. Also includes information about the speed of light, space-time and black holes.

*This is The University of Iowa, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Space Plasma Physics Research Group led by Dr. Louis A. Frank. The research group is situated in Van Allen Hall on The University of Iowa Main Campus in Iowa City, Iowa, USA. Van Allen Hall is named after Dr. James A. Van Allen, a leading pioneer in Space Plasma Physics Research. His instruments were the very first flown in space by US rockets in the early days of the space program, including Explorer 1 which was the United States' first successful orbiting satellite. It made measurements that lead to the discovery of the two highly charged particle, or radiation regions which encircle Earth. These were later named in his honor as the Van Allen Radiation Belts.


*Space Plasma Physics-This service is divided into four sections (Plasma physics, Regions of interest, Phenomena of interest, Space physics instrumentation and analysis methods) and Appendices, each of which contain several pages. Only few of these pages are directly reachable from this title page; rest of the pages become available through surfing the text or by using the contents listing. Space physics is interested in the natural plasma environments found close enough to the Earth to be studied by in situ measurements.


Fermilab-The Science of particle physics research. Educational site covers the basics of particle physics and particle accelerators in text, pictures and animations. Site includes overview of quantum mechanics.
Particle physics is the science of the fundamental nature of matter. Research of the past century has revealed the structure of the atom with its nucleus and orbiting electrons. Probing still deeper into this structure, research now focuses on the individual particles inside the nucleus, studying their properties and the ways they interact. A continuing series of experiments has resulted in a model of the fundamental particles and forces of matter, the Standard Model.

* The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh Blackford Hill, Edinburgh, EH9 3HJ, UK.
comprises the UK Astronomy Technology Centre of the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council and the Institute for Astronomy of The University of Edinburgh.

*Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory- Official site of U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory that conducts research on matter and energy. Clickable tour explains particle physics. Site covers educational and public programs and scholarships.

*MIT Center for Space Research- The Center for Space Research (CSR) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology supports a broad range of space-related research by scientists in many departments. Current topics range from theoretical cosmology, astrophysics, and radio astronomy, to laboratory and flight experiments and ground-based observations. Laboratory facilities include X-ray generators, particle accelerators, vacuum chambers, and conventional electronic test and machine shop equipment.

*Wormholes in the Cosmos- If you've always been plagued by a question or your just dieing to let the Universe know how you feel this is your chance. Now you can exchange ideas with anyone, anywhere, anytime, interactively.

Purple Crow Lidar (PCL)- The PCL is a laser radar which operates from a University of Western Ontario research facility near London, Canada. The powerful laser emits pulses of light as bright as simultaneously turning on 1 million 75 W light bulbs! The laser light reflects off air molecules. The reflected light is collected by a large telescope formed by rotating liquid mercury at 10 r.p.m. in a 2.6 m diameter container.

*Free Energy- Seeking to power the twenty first century now.

* Welcome to the Society for Scientific Exploration.
ï‚· Provides a professional forum for presentations, criticism, and debate concerning topics which are ingored or studied inadequately within mainstream science.


*Quirks & Qarks- Quirks and Quarks is heard on Saturdays on CBC Radio One from 12:06-1pm in Canada, on shortwave and also by satellite. You can also listen in RealAudio format here on the web, check out this season.

*Future Horizons:Advanced Technology- A small research and developtment group dedicated to making secret, supressed and controversial information accessible to interested individuals. Their goal is to "develop new advanced technologies and concepts and help move mankind into the 21st century and beyond." Most interesting feature is the "space-age" weapons section....they offer everything from lasers to stun guns to tasers, some of which they say can be built at home.

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(Free Energy & Negative Energy)

*The dawn of a new era in free energy research some projects are shown with diagrams and photos of a device the researcher has constructed to today along with some theory on how it works.

in order to change destruction into creation, first of all the mechanism of generating negative-energy should be cleared. That is the aim of Genesis.

A new idea mainly related to electromagnetics is introduced here. Clearing the process of the electromagnetic phenomena occurring with imaginary time, it gives a hint of the concrete measures of separating and generating positive/negative-energy from nil.

The site above, and many other associated with the exploration of alternative energy resources can all be located on the following wesite from
10th International Market for Advanced Technologies
Toulouse, 18-21 October 2000
Parc des Expositions

Created in 1981, SITEF, the French innovation and future technologies exhibition. On this, its 10th anniversary, NEW SITEF has received the exclusive label
Innovation and Future Technologies Fair
from the MENRT
-French Ministry for Education, Research and Technology-
Organized by CCIT
-Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse-

"So who is this guy that I should meet, and why should I meet him?" I asked with enthusiasm. She responded by telling me that she was a reporter for the local newspaper and that she had written an article on him a few weeks earlier "...he's an extremely interesting man, building an anti-gravity/free energy, space ship." This was it. This was the contact that I had been waiting for. I was on the trail and getting closer. When I asked her how to get a hold of him, she opened her purse and flipped through a note pad that she had scribbled some short hand notes and found the page with his information. She gave me his phone number and off she went.

I immediately went to the phone and dialed the number, not knowing what to really say, but knowing that it was the thing to do. The phone rang several times before it was picked up and I was addressed with a strong French-Canadian accent. "Allo" he said in his loud, course voice. I hesitated.....

"Hello Mr. Hamel, you don't know me but I am in town for the weekend with the psychic fair and I am very interested in anti-gravity and free energy......"

I hardly got it out when he interrupted with a robust, familiar enthusiasm "Well, you'd better get over here and see what the hell I've got here in my workshop! If you want to know anything about anti-gravity you'd better get over here and see it for yourself! Do you want to come over tonight? Cause you won't believe what you see with your own eyes!
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