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Opinion poll, on DNA RNA signitures, Planet X


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To anyone that cares, or has the knowledge, on planet Xe's luminosity, or effects on density DNA profiles.

Please note that anciently when the Atlantians had landed here at Earth, after the Lyrian civil wars.

Please note that the Atlantians were a fourth density being and not third density, as the human heard now divest itself?

The reason that the Atlantians had phased changed state from the fourth to third density, is due to Earth's unusually harsh sun.

Since it is now said by the Nancy Lieder web site, that Planet X is coming back to Earth's vicinity.
That the luminosity project ted from this solar systems central sun, is increasing due to the reflectance of the sun's light, off the surface as shown on Earth.

I am asking here, since major DNA RNA changed phase states had occurred within the human tribe here on Earth.

This is a stellar mass, only slightly less than that of Jupiter arrives on the scene within Earth's vicinity, then what is the effect once again on people of Earth, with respects to their DNA RNA profiles.>The sun acts as an instruction giver, to Earhbased man's DNA RNA instructions.

If the former solar systems, that gene memory places some ancient humans as being close to a sun; however this sun might have been larger, brighter, however cooler?

Knowing this info, then how does this factor effect DNA replication and performance?This is since these trait may have been acted on some foundation of now present mankind, however in their founding state, over onehundred throusands years ago, when some aspect of contributing DNA founding man, was fourth state?

Mankind is composed of both apelike and alien features in his past making.

However two of the major contributors to current days Earthbased man, were fourth state matter, which is not discernable to this third state frequency.

The Lyrians had only changed once they were here, placed a'new on Earth.

This would be gene interlaced, within or into a culture that was already; maybe not to the Atlantian's knowledge, gene modified, which I suspect is not the case?

How does the projected arrival of Planet X having a near size and much heavier mass, effect the current DNA RNA structures of Earthbased mankind?

Please have your say here?
Re: On latest photos of Planet X

Please note, on recent photo of planet X, shows an apparent burst from the surface of the sun, with Planet X passing close by.http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/rogue/nancy246.htm and......http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/rogue/nancy247.htm

In a site the Pleiadeans had said of Planet X, that it was a high-tech battle star and I'm wondering what the Pleiadeans among other beings said to exist near or on? this Planet moon assembly are doing now.......?

I don't know, any comments?
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