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Open poll question, safe points motivation in TT


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My question is such as to the nature of time travel, among qualified time travelers or otherwise.

What is of interest to this nature of this posting board, is why do people time travel at all?

What are their motivations needs wants and why do people generally travel from one place to another?

There is also the peril that when a person travels from one point to another they cause what are known as time divergences, or alterations within the timeline that they are visiting.

This means that Mike sees a world conflict coming his way, say in a parallel time of 1947B, which to our knowledge within this time, has never existed.

He sees world conflict, wants to protect himself and family so travels to 2100B, which is supposed to be a time of enlightenment, where all opportunities abound.

However in the process of time travel, Mike changes the timeline that he is visiting and 2100B, becomes another intended dictatorship, to where all Mike had sought, is now lost.

Please discuss if you would, what are safe points from point to point when one time travels and jumps not only into time, however the future, past and other version of same time lines?

Do you visiting this board, feel that loosing ones coolness of collection within their personal demeanor, and jumping into another time, necessarily saves or changes that time travelers or interdimensonal jumpers status?

What are the motivations and intentions of both interdimensional time travelers as well as plain in-lineation time travelers.

This is a free and open poll of general consensus, so not answer is really too obtuse or wrong.

What do you think, is leaving a particular timeline that is due for disaster, when everything is nice, necessarily save that time traveler or interdimensional jumper?
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