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ok ill need ALL your guys help on this one......



i am making a game that revolves around time travel. Four teens must somehow "accedentaly"
get to the future while being ON THE PLANET and by a means where the must find ANOTHER way to get back.
this will help me GREATLY.
do u guys hate me or something?
or do your incredably smart heads fail to find an answer?
We don't hate you. Just give us a little time to think about this. I always like to give the best answer I can on a question. To me that is just a matter of work ethics.


Edwin G. Schasteen
sorry bout that

trying to keep track of two message boards is frustrating.
Ahh, a time travel video game. I haven't played one like those since Daikatana. I suggest making it a turn-by-turn basis kind of game. Like Final Fantasy, and other such fine RPG games.

Make it so that the hero is like a Time cop, sent through time to stop an evil menace intent on messing up worlds.

And he falls in love with some girl from the past, and starts to get unstable. That he's no longer capable to Time Travel, but only in the dream world (which is really real). Which he battles and wins matches all through time and space. And part of that shifts to reality, that even while awake he shifts around dimensions.

Always having these Evil Time Travelers taunt him, until one day he becomes stable and uses the awesome powers of his mind to bring justice back to this world. Thus things are set back to the way they should be?

Or something likes that

-Javier C.
uhhh first of all i have a plot already mapped out and secondly i already have a custom battle system in mind.
all i need is a way to get my heros into the future by accedent.
i was thinking a wormhole but the guys on this board didnt think that would work.
How about doing the "Alice in Wonderland" routine, and make it seem that it was all a dream?

Which can really relate to alot of us, since most feel that "life is but a dream

Why not use a classic Wellsian Time Machine. It's still probably the best vehicle for fictional Time travel there is.

After all, your game/story is really about what happens when this Time Travel occurs is it not? Forget HOW it happens. Just go with the results, not the method. It worked well for Stephen Baxter.

But rgrunt will probably come up with a better suggestion than mine.

He usually does.

Or get hooked up with TT_0.

His scenario is pretty good. He even has a web site to back it up.

And there are still a few folks here who actually believe he may be for real.

I'd say he's doing a good job at it.

Talk to him.
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