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Nothing is Immortal-A philosophy thingy by me


Alright. This little thing was created by me and no one else. One thing: Ultima is what I call all the universes as a group.

Nothing Is Immortal
Nothing is immortal...
Everything must perish at some point...
Even if that point is when our universe collapses...
At the end of time...

But when all we know becomes no other than a void of nothingness...
Does it mean the end for all the other infinite universes as well?
Or is harmony within the Ultima nonexistent...

If there is no connection between the universes...
Then how can the parallel universe theory be correct?
If all universes within the Ultima are identical...
Then should not their end be at the same time?

If so, then everything that has, is, and ever will be in existence shall be vanquished...
And if so, will anything ever come into existence again?
Or is the once Ultima simply doomed to be an empty space of absolute nothing...

Nothing is immortal...
Even the Ultima, the supreme existence of everything...
Is highly unstable...
As to vanish from the overlapping of memories...
To which man calls time...


This was just made up by a pitiful kid, or me, so don't expect it tp be flawless. Thank you.

Why worry about it? Don't you have anything else to do? Doesn't your computer die every time you shut it off?
I didn't say I was worried about it. I was just presenting my prediction for the future.
I have lots to do, but I had five minutes, nothing else to do, I just made it up as I went along, didn't know what else to do with it so I posted it here. It's true that we don't worry when our computer shuts down, and that's because there will always be someone to turn it back on. If all the universes disappeared, but would be left to turn it on again?
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