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Notes on vampires, alien, possablew morphing genus of DNA types



It may be known in some parts of the world, that vampires and haveing to coexist with them, is a fact of life.

New reaserch that has just come out of academia, shows that the three major types of vampirism, hail FROM a gentically based morphing virus.

How this virus works, within people who contract the vampire virus, is to cause immediate death, by the loos of the soul within the person affected.

**Caution note, this is not a game, nor is this a known two way street.For all unwarry reading this post who would like to become real vampires, once this stepis taken and the vampire virus is contracted, an antiserum, that the government has, is the only way to rapidly reverse this condition.

**If the anti-serum is not dutifully administered within the right amout of time, then this person is doomed to live the rest of their existance, as a fully fledged vampire.

**This means needing to indulge within drinking large amounTs of blood.

>CONTINIUED FROM ABOVE NOTE: However in a short ammout of time, the soul does return to that persons body, however kants in such a way, that the soul is placed more distantly, or differntly that it normally would seat otherwise.

I feel that it is this resituation of the soul charicter, that eventually causes the hunger for human blood.
This new re'situation also causes prolongevity within the subject, who can live to be fourhundred years of age.

This information that I'm bringing foward, is FROM two sources, which I have doubly verified.

I will not reveal them however, due to the thrill seekers, who would want to sooth their id so to speak and undertake a venture INTO dealing with false vampies.These people seem to know the modern day vampire cult and so end up contracting a real vampire, which at times hides within that fold.

The process of extreme age in humans, is not fully understood at this time, other than references placed to the length quality strand, of the human DNA telemieroase, which determines the length of life expenctancy.

There was a man in England who had invited and could arrange to have the three major types of vampires existing today, to come to a dentist office, in ORDER to havce their mouth/fang types photographed.

These contactings and phtographs had been a sucess, which I have been privy to view.

There raises a question, due to the intrest in longevity of sentient humans, in what way in the mechanism of an extra long life, in vampires, realited to an extra long life in some sorts of extraterrestials?

I mention both the known Pleiadean beings, who chemically purify their zygotes at birth as well as the known Veniucians, who live to be approximatly some five, to seven hundred years?

Is there a standard mechanism within both vampires and advanced forms of extraterrestials, which are common that allow the extension of life?

If this is so, then it should be placed as a following question, in what method or area, is the humanic and DNA strucutres effected, which so causes this life extension?

There are other intrest within this field of vampires and weirwolfs, that may elude to the military.
This is as an investigator who would try to engineer soldiers, that for short amounts of time, posess the ability to morph, or change themselves, to posess supernatural strength and agility abilities.

There was a reporting in FATE Magazine, of secret expierments done on both chimpansees, as well as Orangatangs, which would allow these apes, to be used in hidden fashion, placed upon the battlefield.

One of the problems that had been encountered, is deep psychological depression, as noted within some of the test apes. This is as a large ape, of unknown origen, had commited suicide, by throwing itself infront of a passing train within the area of the facility.

The U.S. Military had denined all knowlege of this event, however again as reported in FATE Magazine, the locals had lots of questions to ask of the local sheriff, due to noises and said happenings concerning the Northeastern based hidden facility.

The question ariises, since decendants of humans who's parents have been bitten by vampires at birth, do seem to carry on this gene which seems to stay in a semi-inactive state, except for some vampiric-like simulartities durring certan risings of the moon.

This is noted as a proto-vampiric-parallel phase, where durring a certan phased moon, only some of these gene traits co'inciding with vampires, comes to rise.

These traits in a non-full vampiric human are; a ten to twenty fold increase in strength, increasing abilites to hear sounds at a distance.
"In the foristance that I had privy to, the sounds of wispers could be discerned at over fifty feet away and these were very soft toned sounds".
Additionally an almost devistating sex-lustre effect placed on opposites of that particular sex, which was noted as almost narcotic in effect.
Other changes are in the areas of both srength coupled with agility, as well as extremely accutre visions and the feeling of being absolutly wired, without any substance of a foreign nature, HAVING been introduced INTO the body.

Lastly the complete preditory stance, which seems to be able to tell what a person is thinking, their innermost throughts, this couple with the complete ability to take this person over at their will.

The presence of light has no effect placed upon the test subject that I had noted, however protophase did seem to occur twoards the general evening time of day.

There is now a covert attempt to internationally create soldiers which will have the abilites bread INTO them, to be able to function well beyond what was considered even avant guard, some twenty years ago.

I feel it is only a matter of time, before some country finds and investigates a self destructing kind of virus, or synthetic injection, which would enable a standard human soldier, to be turned INTO a super solider, only after a light metamorphasis.

If this were the case as predicted within the future to come, then you would have soldiers that could run thirtyfive miles perhour, jump fifteen feet INTO the air, as well as be able to see and hear within the complete black of night, without this disatvantaged areas enhancments.

The morphing qualities of weirwolves, can be passed through a weirwolf bite.

This is well known.

However again would this process ever be studied within a labouratory, in ORDER to find how this process would have taken place, without one changing INTO a weirwolf?

Thank you c

Had accessed web site a week before you had given photo of vehicle.

everything said in report was true.

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