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Noted optical darkenings in atmospheric densities, crossing the Dougal County Bridge:



Please be aware that in the approximate week of the middle of march, I was drving FROM North to South on the Dougal County Bridge, within Winston State.

I had been crossing FROM the Town Of Brewger, to the highway 943, as posted FROM Kano County, to Dougal County, in central Winston State.

Once accross the Columia River, there is a mountain placed, which is about 3,000 feet in hight, which must be filled with very high amounts of iron, as placed within the rock.

This iron has the effect of blotting out both raido signals, while also it seems effecting the gravity of space and time.

I have been on the game preserve, at seven miles in distance away FROM the this small moutain and had a photograph taken of my relatives.The moutain is insight within the pictures taken.

This photograph was taken with an infer-red camera.

When the film was developed, it had shown a flying saucer standing on end, as if it was coming through a portal in space time, so placed a'top of this mountain.

As I was driving across the bridge, I had seen like a black fog, start to form as I had crossed this bridge.

I had optically note this black density, as the pitch seemed to be a rapidly changing density, which seemed as if one were to hold one of those cards, where when you tilt the card a certan way, then an image appears.

When I had rounded the corner, I had notice as I was making a left hand turn onto the highway, along side of the river, that something was hovering in the air. Whatever this was was only about thirty five feet in diamenter, and it seemed to be a cloaked saucer craft of some kind.

My vehicle was not more than twenty yards FROM this hovering vehicle, however like the fog, this hovering vehicle was only a shadowy image, which one could not redily discern.

About two or so weeks before this, there was also double-talk cross talk on not only the A.M. raido, but the F.M. radio band as well.

I feel that both some agency I can not understand and maybe the E.T.s which live within this area, were somehow fooling with time and space.

This may have also been some kind of geological phenominon, which I do not fully understand.

I had wanted to realy this actual happening, however the place, due to a probable E.T. hidden base posted within a fourty mile away range, has been changed to a non-discloure of where this place actually had been.

Note the beings at this base know of me and we get along, so I won't betray them, or point them out.

Thank you creedo299x9

You said in your post above,

<When the film was developed, it
had shown a flying saucer
standing on end, as if
it was coming through a
portal in space time, so
placed a'top of this mountain.>

Sounds interesting, Can you SHOW this picture?

No, I can not for technicality relaited reasons.

I can describe this however.

>Take one sunlit day, with only a few clouds in the sky.

>Now place subjects with a range of about ten feet FROM the camera, in the kneeling fashion, at game preseve entrance, on a gravel road....>smiles, two people adult and child.

>Now at an approximate distance of six miles, in the backround you will see a small moutain peak.

No snow and pine or fir trees ontop of mountain.

There is about if picture was blown up, eight by ten inches, about three of so inches to the top of the picture, which is sky blue.

Placed over this moutain top, which is a gray-like granit top, is a brown colored verticle oblate shape.Saucer shape, only standing on end, instead of horizontial.

This now that the picture has been enlarged, is say about about three quarters of an inch long.

There are three or four other photos of same stiles of ship, in the level classical sence, once they have leveled out and are headed to the Indian Revervation side of the river.

>Under a psychic agreeement, I do not SHOW these said photos, to anyone.

These may not, be typical Grays and have been within the indian ledgeneds, for four hundred years.

The iron within the mountain acts as a natural space and time parter and the ships can easily slip in and out of space and time.

The brown color, is probably the ship being placed under an exterior hull current, which is really orangish, or red closer up.

You can not see or take pictures of these craft, with an ordinary camera.

They go over all of the time, almost similar to an airlines routing.

I'm use to it, they sometimes also effect the power supplied via to utility lines, as these are E.M. craft.

yes these craft have blue green red and yellow lights and emite a humming vibration. would you like a description of the occupants? white skin tight clothing emblem on the right hand side of chest long very long bony fingers. I have seen them and they definitly have something to do with indians. clara

they are going in and out of the moutains here where I live . a man I know has sat in the woods and watched them fly. to the indians they are the little people.
Yes'that you be nnice if you could j-peg a photo.

If it's an active mil. contract, however, aaahhhh?, I guess go a'head anyway.

This is not like I'm giving their personal address out of something?

Thanks for the return comment Clara, that was very nice of you, to reveal this knowlege and offer the jpeg.

Thank creed'
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