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Notates on forum posted subjects


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Note, although x-poster might have some good points in his philosophies on certain subjects, I am not going to take the time to read them if they are not spell and grammar corrected.
**X-poster, or any poster.

I think what you do, is either go to a blank e-mail, or word on the computer and place the document on the platen as it is and then click on spelling and grammar?

I don't know as to whether some are doing this to be irritating? Know that I would use spell check and english grammar and composition, as I simply won't read these posted documents any longer.

I also will abstain from documents that have become over-long in length, due to their heading into post being too long.

Point 2. I will no longer argue physics with people who hold old Newtonian phylophies within either near space, or deeper space mechanics.

One can talk and discuss the new stringed physics, with concern to how this phenomenon effects space and time?That is, if they take the time to understand that quantum theory is also eletrodynamic string, or supposed null space theory.

I'm sure that if one where to be able to Sir Isaac Newton and start to explain certain theories of how quantum eletrodynamic aethers are effected by gravity shifts and Newton would look and see nothing but null and supposedly void space, that Sir Isaac Newton would think that you're crazy.

The other tenant is light from a distance from Hubble.The contention being, that light from long ago in proto-galaxies, is the same as it is today is true.

This can not be, as light is certainly invested in mass and this aspect, would be light not only affected by its vast traverses of space and time travel, but also how this light is effect by pull near galaxies, due to their collective mass size?

So light, it is known and guess, as invested in either mass or what is now known as M+, or modified space and time, must change form-fitting characteristic.

I will no longer, in certain realms apply old Newtonian mechanics, to the new said suppositions with reference to time travel mechanics and how C, or light as a function would invest in these qualities discuss newer toppics, in older modes?

I wonder: Is there anyone, other than yourself, that cares what you do or do not do? That is an existential question, which each person with an ego must apply to themselves and their mode of commnunication. Do your pronouncements carry any weight with anyone other than yourself? And given that the answer is clearly "no", then why make such pronouncements here?