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New Science: Growing Plants From Branches


To Whom this may concern:

Seem to be able to grow apple fruit trees from branches.
Place the fruit tree branch in a little water in a glass vase soon as
possible after being cut from the tree.
The water level is about 4 centimetres deep to keep the stem
base where the cut from the tree was made submerged.
Add a some small acquarium pebbles or sterile pebbles into the water
for a mineral source. Sometimes may add a few drops of fruit juice, and
a little commercial plant food powder to the water.
The fruit juice may add some nutrients to the
water, but may not be needed. After being cut in winter,
in about three to four months small green
leaves showed at the tip of the branch. The length to thickness
ratio of the branch perhaps should be long enough to supply food to
the leaf buds on the upper branch section.
Place the branch where there is much sunlight. May need to replace
the water in the vase and clean the branch from mold a few times a month.
The branch still needs to grow some roots at its stem base.

March 15, 2003.
The first above branch growing experiment failed, because the temperature was to hot. Perhaps a humid, cool and sunny environment may work. Mold must be kept out of the water in the vase also with an air filter.
The process you are describing is not new. It is a well documented form of vegetative propagation. If you want to get roots, try dipping the cut end in some rooting hormone (usually available at hardware/garden centers) See this page for more info on vegetative propagation.

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