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!!NEW!! Description of the White Warrior Armor



The armor has been the subject cat was more concerned about in my story, so i spent a good deal of yesterday finishing off my plan for it.

The armor comes in three Parts. The Breast Plate, The Sword, and the Jewel(carried by Jacob)

The armor, at first glance, is just a brestplate. It is a white curved peice of armor with gold trim and two W's in the middle stacked verticly in the White Warrior Symbol.

When they first find the Breastplate, Jacob puts it on, and notices there is no slot to put the jewel, so he starts pushing on the armor for anything. When he presses on the W symbol, the two W exstend out from the armor(still attached, just out a bit) and a Handle exstends from the bottom. He grabs the handle, and the W and all come off. Then, he presses a button on the Handle, and the Blade exstends. Its about a 4'10 blade. At the bottom of the blade, Jacob notices a slot that looks like the jewel would fit. He puts it in. The sword above that point dissappears, and the section with the jewel goes down into the two W.
He holds in in the chest hole, and it latches back on, the handle goes up, and the W's go back in.

At this point, the Armor creates the arm legs, lower torso, and helmet needed to finish the armor. It exstends magicly from the brest plate. When He takes the sword out, the armor stays exstended, but his sword now has two blades when exstended.

to get back to the brest plate, they put the sword back into the brestplate without the jewel.

The same armor that was used to create the White Warrior armor is ALSO the same metal that covers Vertigo's skin, leading us to belive that the government was using vertigo for more then a soilder.
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