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In south east asia region, there is a legend saying that there is a cave where you can travel in time. A person entered the cave and remain there for just a few seconds, when he came out, time had passed for few years.
Hey Time02112!!!!! You know, with the stories coming about ancient stargates or portholes there's definately a pattern emerging that I find facinating. There a couple of other possible ancient portholes that I would like to bring to attention as well. The first is Stonehenge, long believed to be a dimensional porthole and a place of strong escoterical esscence. Being a Druid myself that site had drawn me as it has many, but when I was a kid, before I knew anything about it's historic and spiritual significance my only exposure to the site was through a picture of Stonehenge in the doctors waiting room. I always felt like I was being pulled into the picture to this place. Another ancient mystery is the sudden disappearance of the Tuatha De Dannon, the Ancient Tribe of Ireland. It is said that they too went through a porthole to the "Otherworld". There is also an indian tribe out in the North American west coast region I believe that vanished through a gate so they wouldn't have to see their land be stolen by the whiteman. I'm writing this off the top of my head so you must excuse the absence of details but the details do exist. Basically what I'm getting at is that possibly there are these ancient portholes to the "otherworld" all over the earth. It's probably an observation that's been made before, I felt that it is of great significance to this thread and the Andes sungate thread. Will post more thoughts on this topic matter soon..

Sincerely, Draco
The secret of time travel may very well be found in ancient archaeology.
the people back then were not underadvanced as the scientists think they were.
the ones they were in contact with were not either.
some legends and myths get there basis on things that were going on at the time and the people had no way of interpreting it.nothing to compare it to but what they cknew around them.
you have to think like them...how would they have described this....
Has anyone noticed that the locations of these places seem to be placed in a pattern of north south, north south around the globe? Maybe the earth grid holds the key after all.
I recall a legend, I think it was from the British Isles, that if you stepped into a circle of mushrooms during the witching hour, the pixies would dance around you and time would move at an incredible rate. The tale told of a man who made the mistake one night and broke free of the circle some three hundred years later.
the continents shift over time and move does the grid move with them?
the landmasses are slowly moving away from each other now. does this change the grid?
if we moved the sungates to the grid points now would a doorway be opened???
just wondering.........
Good one Razmatazz
i too have also heard of these gates
has anyone heard of the mounds which have incredible spiritual evil energy around them?
i cannot remember where they are but apparently an archaeologist went to the site and stood on one of the many mounds in the area and was paralyzed. I am not being specific about details (this is off the top of my head) but he was drawn up into a vortex where he saw a snake in a vortex or somthing similar..
any ideas?
perhaps from north america?
Here is a cookie for your mind,
The Hopi Indian Reservation is situated in direct opposite Geolocation of Tibeten Holy Lands...The Hopi word for "Moon" is the Exact same word used by the Ancient Tibetans for the word "Sun" Hmmm Go Figure?

When I first heard that story as a little kid, I avoided mushroom circles like the plague. Mind you, it would be neat to see the future...

Time02112, but the sun and moon aren't always directly opposite one another. So how is this significant?
You tell me. A lot of languages share words...

Just out of curiosity, what is the word?
Dr. light,
I wish you could remember more details of this mound.
when you speak of evil energy around it brings to mind that maybe a lot of these gates you wouldnt want to go through , you may end up somewhere you dont want to be. and there may be a reason they were shut down.
there are other stories of people disappearing within whirlwinds. one of them was Elijah. whirlwind and vortex could be the same.
it is found in 2Kings 2.1 I have the original Hebrew to English translation. and the exact words in the Hebrew translation was "in the whirlwind" he was taken.

are you sure he didnt EAT the mushrooms?? hehehe just joking with ya!!
Hey Pamela!!! While more details on these mounds would be benificial in the research aspect of them it is important to remember that it is not uncommon for these sacred sights to be under the authority of entities that have been placed to protect some sights from unauthorized access. While someone stumbeling upon them may view them as evil with no better term to describe the energy they feel it's important to remember that to gain the respect and authority to access these places is not done with disrespecting the forces that protect them. Which unfortunately is what most people don't heed or understand.


Hi! You are right most of the places are protected. if not from this side then from the other. well that would make sense though.
morehouse when describing his remote viewing of the ark of the covenent said the ark was protected to by an unseen entity that warned him not to come any closer.
I guess many of the places in egypt also had protection on them but because the archeologist didnt necessarily beleive in other dimensions or other entities even though the warnings were clearly placed on the sites they went ahead and opened them anyway. alot of them died because they didnt head the warnings.
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