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My Theory


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I feel that time travel can occur but only travel to the past. I dont think its plausable that someone can return to the future for 1 single reason.

I have a theory that the moment someone arrives in the past, the past (the date which the traveller intended to arrive) becomes the present and the future becomes uncertain.

Because it would be a paradox for the future to excist (i.e. the future is moving just as we in the present are, and the future must excist for the traveller to return there) when someone is excisting in the present. The future can never be set in stone. Only the time traveller would have knowledge of the future which would be where he came from.

Any Thoughts?
Note that the persona of Creedo 299x9 as relayed to this time travel forum, as well as other forums, has been that as a time travel advocate, as well as a theoretical instructor.

Creedo 299x9 as detailed in these threads, has held the thought line, that time travel is to be used for as both an experience and to verify historical evidence of happenings.

There has been the reporting of time bubbles, which are modification of adjoining time lines, due to too many time travelers, having activities in certain neighboring time lines.

Bar 1 as a former theoretical instructor, does not approve of the creation of time manifest bubbles, as a result of limited time line travels, which are now being discussed on this particular posting board.

This stance is in line with the Pleiadean advised time travel protocols and this instructor intends to observe the letter of this advisement given.
I think totally opposite of you. I believe that it is possible to travel in time to the future but not the past. You see, I feel that it is impossible to travel back in time because of the infinite number of parodoxes that could possibly happen. But, if you go forward in time, you just travel to a future where you were gone from your leaving time period to the future time period because it is impossible to go back in time.

it is possible to travel back in time to the past of a different "orignal" timeline, change said past, and have no effect on the timeline "you" came from.

You simply create a "reality" in which you were inserted to the timeline through your actions in a seperate timeline, and create reality in which you do not exist by killing certain relatives, or otherwise preventing key relatives from meeting and having children.
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