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More gravity = faster time!!!!



One little interesting FACT i wanted to mention..... gravity and time are directly related the closer you are to a massive source of gravity the faster time moves a documented experiment was done with 2 atomic clocks (the most acurate kind created) one located in a vally one on a plane they where like this for 24 hours when they where placed nnexted to eachother 24 hours latter the clock in the vally was exactly 2.4 seconds faster!

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This is called time dilation but had nothing to do with it being a gravity experiment.

The fact that the plane accelerated, traveled and moved at a different rate of speed to the stationary clock is what caused the dilation, not the high/low relative positions.

The theory affecting gravity's effect on time is not the experiment you reference here. THAT theory says the effect is the opposite of what you are offering here, that gravity slows time down. But one needs to be in the proximity of a very large gravity well for the effect to be noticeable i.e. a black hole. The Earth is not a large enough gravity well to cause an effect we are capable of measuring at this time. A "frame dragging" experiment is under way however which will measure the effect of the Earth's rotation on gravity and time.

To the outside observer, one who approaches a black hole does not age, he actually slows down to the point that the external observer never sees him fall into the hole, just get closer and closer to it, according to this theory. The one who is doing the falling notices nothing at all as far as time is concerned. Remember, it's all relative on what frame of reference (FOR) you use to measure.

The clock in the plane ran slower due to accelerated dilation. If it were gravity slowing one of the clocks, it would be the one on the ground that ran slower. This is/was not the case, quite the opposite.
Re:Re:More gravity = faster time!!!!

so the faster somthing moves the slower time travles for it and the closer somthing is to a gravity source the slower time goes for it
Re:Re:Re:More gravity = faster time!!!!

The relative speed/time dilation is one we can measure. As yet the gravity/time issue is not, to my knowlege. The gravity/time issue is still purely theoretical, to my understanding.

Anyone with contrary info on this gravity/time issue, please ring in.

But remember, the key issue is RELATIVE. In measuring time dialtion, you have to have something to compare the moving clock to. So, you compare it to a "stationary" clock, and you get a difference. The moving one having recorded less elapsed time. As in the airplane experiment.

If you have nothing to compare it to, you wouldn't notice it at all.
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