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mind travel



I am told the mind is very powerful and we only use 10% of for daily use. I was told by someone that it could be possible to astrally project back in time and leave a message or a sign for yourself which would obviously change your future. Is there any truth in this - it sounds too good to be true!
While astral projection can be used to travel to different times, the idea that you can use this ability to pass messages to yourself in the past goes against my knowledge of the astral plane. There, just like every other place, there are still omnipresent laws and beings who will enforce them. I have never used astral projection with the intent to change the past and I imagine that should one attempt to do so that they will find themselves worse for the effort.

Remember guys that your concept of your "mind" or "conscience" is certainly not in your head - everything (including your body and brain) is made of "atoms", which means your "self" entity is certainly not in existance there.

Please don't get convinced that everything occurs in the "head".

This world is coded in ways of atoms, and those are solid codes which cannot harbor emotion, feeling or matricies.

My dad, the most down-to-earth, sensable man on the face of this green Earth claims to have been 10 feet out of his body once, through astral projection. There's no question that it exists, but it's difficult to prove and disproove such theory. I suppose once we get time travel down we can delve into astral project. Or maybe evene the other way around. Perhaps through understanding the inricasies of the spirit, we can get an idea of how hard time travel will be to manage.

I suppose if somebody did astraly project backward in time, nobody would remember to be able to teel the tale. So surely it is possible but we would never know!!
Why couldn't we project astrally back into time. That would explain most of the Deja Vu scenarios if we have been doing it. Perhaps we can project into our own past bodies and give thoughts, ideas, or messages. How much time have we subtly altered over the years, trying to change our own past. Who's to say that the past has been changed and now we have to live with the consequences. Maybe I should have wore the blue shirt instead of the red one to make a better impression. Oh well. Wait a minute I did where the blue shirt.
Has anyone got any more information on time travel via mind travel. I have heard it really works but can you change anything?

You can change your mind. How do you know that what you decided yesterday was not altered by what you are thinking right now or tomorrow?

In other words you might be changing the/your past on a regular basis and not even realize it.
You should hear what I relly think!
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"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

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