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The Spirit that we now know as the Light in man, involved itself in its own substance by ingression until it reaches its depth of involution. It then began its evolution and today we know that the Spirit of man is struggling to free itself, and nothing can stop its progress. For this great and overwhelming force of Nature is the true governing agency of our planet. Although differentiated into form, It remains the same Absolute Spirit, undifferentiated, the one and only One.

The time is not far distant when mankind will be freed from the bondage of politics, economics, dogmas and blind orthodoxy, their end is near. Hear the cry for freedom from every part of the globe. Mark the change in the thoughts of mankind. See the mass of advanced literature that is on the very hand and how eager people are to get it.

It is this true urge that is making you all seek this true path to freedom.

As there is a cycle in man's earthly life, when he comes into it, and leaves it, so there are greater cycles in which he is moving and which are moving forward the whole of mankind, to greater freedom and glory of the power of the Spirit that is within.

The solution of the great mystery of death has already been solved on the Cross of Calvary, and many more since that time have also solved the mystery. To those there is no more seeming death, for those who pass out are present as though they were still with us. This knowledge will eventually be the property of all, as the spirit sensitizes the senses as our progress is made. The spirit is evolving the human instrument in its greater cycle of unfoldment so that mankind as a whole is changing.

Just as the end of man's earth cycle ends abruptly, so will this greater cycle of spiritual unfoldment take place, and the inner urge that you all have for enlightenment and awareness of the truth is the her alder of the new age to which the old age must give way.

Freedom will be easy for those who seek this unfoldment, yet it will be difficult for those who cling to the old age of bondage, superstition, greed and ignorance, to free themselves. It will be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one who clings to the old age to enter into the Kingdom, for "he that bindeth shall be bound, he that freeth shall be freed. He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity. He that killeth with the sword shall be killed with the sword. As the old age endeth, so in that hour shall the new be born."

These are the words I got as I began to write this lesson.

As there is only one mind in which we think, in which all our thoughts are active and tend to produce their kind, it is most important to us not only collectively but as individuals, that we should recognize this fact. And the more we know about the Universal Mind and our own individual minds the better it will be for all.

The real secret of power is to be conscious of the all-embracing power behind all creation, which is individualized in us, and which is the only reality in ourselves.

The Universal Mind is carrying out the desires of the Absolute at the same time it carries out our own individual desires and innermost thoughts whether we know it or not.

We can not interfere with the great evolutionary forward movement of the Divine Spirit, but we can co-operate with it, and by doing so we are carried along the stream of life instead of battling against it. Therefore, the more conscious we become of our unity with the Universal Mind, the less conscious we shall become of our conditions and limitations, and the more we realize we are one with the great scheme of Spiritual evolution, the more free we become; freed from the conditions and limitations we impose upon ourselves.

As we become aware of the inexhaustible power which is behind us and which is within us, we can rely on this power as we draw upon it, to develop our greater possibilities, of which at present we may hardly be cognizant. Yet by application of this law we can manifest upon the objective world of ours things which at one time we thought impossible.

Our ability to think is the proof that we inherit the creative power that created the Universe and which is now expressing itself through its own creation, and is the very power we ourselves use to act upon the Universal Substance. For we are the very channels through which this Infinite Mind is expressing itself, and whereby this eternal energy is being manifested.

To become conscious of this life is to really live, for we become a tuned and attached to the Universal Mind which is limitless and contains infinite possibilities for us when we co-operate with it, with results exceeding our wildest dreams.

The individual mind contains the quality of the Universal Mind because it is one and the same, as a drop is to the ocean. When that drop becomes one with the ocean it is the ocean, so is the individual mind one with the Universal. The qualities of the Universal become those of the individual who becomes aware of its oneness. Thus the individual receives its power from the Universal to meet every situation which may arise in the individual life.

Our ability to overcome conditions depends upon the consciousness of this power, therefore the more conscious we become of the source of all power the greater will be our power to control and master every condition in life.

To the degree that you feel the creative mind can and will reproduce your desires, just to that extend will it manifest itself in creating them. Hence according to your understanding it shall be done unto you. Therefore the one hundred per cent positive mind becomes the ideal mind. This ideal mind is not obtained by loose imagination without due regard to facts or due regard to our thoughts and emotions.

Our habitual mind reacts to our present situation or condition. We must observe what our thoughts and feelings are and if they are dominating us. We should note carefully if our minds are manifesting fear, worry, joy and sorrow, hate and love, doubt and faith, and what are the varying degrees. What are our reactions to specific things and circumstances that definitely pertain to our happiness or success? our advancement and our unfoldment. Whatever happens to be the situation, stop for a moment and realize the cause of your confusion and feeling of despair. Instead of looking upon every lack and limitation, focus your attention upon the positive aspects, learn to get your facts arranged properly and in sequence. Build from the foundation constructively, bearing in mind that the Universe is built upon foundation of true facts. Do not allow your imagination to escape into the realms of the impossible, not at first anyhow, not until you have gained confidence in your own ability to accomplish.

Do not base your foundation upon opinions. If you are of the opinion that a stone will remain in the air when you throw it, you will find that the fact does not coincide with your opinion, for the stone will come to the ground through the law of attraction.

A positive mind will produce successful ideal while the negative mind cannot. A positive mind is a balanced mind, a negative mind is not. A positive mind allows no outside interference to affect its constructive ideas; a negative mind does. A positive mind learns to reason the cause of any apprehension, a negative mind fears and fails to reason.

A positive mind is always calm under difficult circumstances, which leads to successful overcoming; a negative mind becomes irritated, fearful, antagonistic which breeds defeat.

Observe well the separate negative and destructive ideas, and suggestions, which keep cropping into your mind, for it is by dealing successfully in your mind with these specific negative ideas that victory can be achieved.

My experience in helping other people to be well and happy, and to accomplish, has proved to me over and over again that the necessary elements to health, happiness and achievement lie hidden in our own minds. Most people do not understand the language of nature because it is too simple!

We are sometimes confused with terms in understanding the power of thought.

First of all let us consider mind as a substance that can be changed and is continually changing according to the thoughts, which are seeds that are sown in mind, and use the mind substance in their formation.

Wisdom and intelligence possess the power to produce. Intelligence possesses an identity or consciousness, a combination of will and knowing how.

The body is the substance of mind in a passive phase, having no power of its own although it has natural senses in its own sphere.

The soul has intuition and clairvoyance independent of the natural senses.

Mind is spiritual matter and I have found that by the power of my own thought I can change the mind of my patient and produce a chemical change in the body, like dissolving a tumour.

The general impression with most people is that mind is intelligence with will or direction.

Now I make mind a substance subject to the intelligence.

The word "fire" does not mean the material to be consumed but the process of consuming it. So mind is the spiritual substance that can be changed.

The power that governs mind is Spirit - consciousness and intelligence - or will, direction and intelligence, capable of creating.

Wisdom is the expression of the First Cause and is superior to mind and moulds it.

When I have wisdom I can change mind substance constructively.

Thought is a seed which we put into mind just like a see of a flower or plant that comes forth in the form of an idea. It then waits like fruit to be eaten.

For instance, a thought is sown in the mind while we are, ignorant of the truth. It grows and comes forth and produces a strange sensation in the stomach. The spirit is disturbed and tries to get rid of the enemy. This disturbance may be called an ulcer and effect in called disease.

Now if no name had been given or fears existed, the tree or idea would die of itself because it was not watered by belief in the condition.

Disease is what follows the disturbance of the mind or spirit matter. The mind is disturbed like the soil or the earth ready to receive the seed. This disturbance contains no knowledge or thought any more than a building that is on fire which disturbs the inmates who try to flee, not knowing the cause. It embraces the mind without truth or error, like a weight set in motion without direction. Weight, like mind substance, never sets itself in motion but being set in motion, it is called mechanical power. So is mind set in motion by spiritual power. Both are governed by laws of truth and error, the fruit shows which of the two governs. If directed by the wisdom of God no bad result can follow, but if directed by error and ignorance it shows as error, which is belief in error which has no intelligence. Ignorance is its life and truth is its death. By the destruction of error comes the introduction of true science of life and health, which is the wisdom of God.

Error is disturbance in matter of mind. The matter or mind is not destroyed but the opinion or belief in the disturbance is annihilated.

The form which follows the disturbance is called disease. Here is where the error lies, the effect is taken for the cause. We take an opinion for the truth and this is the error, for what we know we have no opinion of. Knowledge is the destruction of an opinion which is made of mind directed by error. Therefore the truth is the destruction of this opinion or belief.

The theory that mind is one thing and disease another has left people in darkness and ignorance and causes more misery that all other evils put together.

Mind is spirit matter which, being agitated, disturbs the spirit. The disturbance contains no knowledge of itself but produces a chemical change in the fluids of the system.

These disturbances may be produced in various ways, through shock or fear, by the death of a friend or by religious beliefs and fears, while ignorant of the truth. These are communicated to the Spirit and set it to work to create what we call disease, after the form the spirit or consciousness gives the mind.

The mind being matter under control of the spirit, is capable of producing any phenomena. When the truth is known to the consciousness or spirit, the phenomena disappear and truth expresses wisdom. With this understanding the error, being a chemical action in the substance, disappears; the disturbance is overcome and the truth remains. Herein lies the power of the truth being eternal and ever-present. Truth is life, ignorance is death.

Now can you grasp the difference between opinions and facts? Facts, like mathematics, are scientific, and opinions and beliefs are not scientific and create error.

Having facts is knowledge and where there is knowledge there is truth. Opinions like beliefs have no knowledge and without knowledge we are liable to error. "The Truth shall set you free." "And the Word was with God and the Word was God and the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us." This is the wisdom of God, the perfect expression of the "I am." So the prophets know the eternal secret. The "I am" was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. There is only one Infinite mind in which everything is and can be created. Therefore all must be mind. Matter dissolves into mind substance when energy is applied to it, thus proving this to be a fact.

Jesus said, "He who is greatest amongst you is the servant of you all," thus revealing the Father as the all-perfect wisdom, the perfect Giver, the Servant of all, showing the great Truth that to become aware of this, the Divine Nature expresses itself of its own free will.

This is the great knowledge sought by all, yet how simple is the truth. Once the Spirit in man recognizes its source it is free. Jesus proved the freedom of this truth by freeing others by the same truth. And by this self-same truth I will free you also.

The majority of people talk so glibly about that which is within. They talk about this thing which is within as if it were something apart from themselves, something separate and distinct.

If this is so with you, then this thing is worthless and has no power and no wisdom, it is just an image in the mind, an opinion or belief. those who are in this stage are almost in the same position as those who know nothing about it. "Thou shalt not have an image before me."

The truth is we are individualization of the Infinite Spirit and live and move in Infinite Mind, and to know this, our reality, is proof against all error. This is the problem that eludes the intellectuals, they try to make truth conform to the standard of their limited thought, forming it into creeds, dogmas and opinions, limiting themselves and their adherents.

The Infinite is now as It was before it particularized "Itself" and determined Itself into finite selves whom we know here as men and women, "ourselves," in conditions of time, but the majority do not realize this.

As Infinite they had no beginning, while in their manifestation as unit selves in time had a beginning and have an end. When they withdraw from certain conditions of time into inner states of being where time is replaced with state, there is a beginning and an ending to each state of conscious life, so far as regards the outward manifestation of the same inner self and through all changing states. Yet the same unit had no beginning and consequently, can have no ending as regards its actual life principle.

There is a beginning and ending to every stage through which the Spirit must pass but the inmost Life-Itself knows neither beginning nor ending; though apparently differentiated as a unit of Life, yet it is undifferentiated as to the Life Itself.

Consciousness never occur apart from life nor does it cease when life withdraws from its various states. It is life that is the essential substratum underlying the phenomena of consciousness, for consciousness is a quality inherent in Life itself and it is the one Infinite Conscious Life, and is the source and basis of being and becoming the ultimate Reality. Raul says, "We live and move and have our being in Him."

There is but one Life Infinite - Ineffable, inscrutable in Itself - which is made manifest by and is the central animating principle in every form that appears to have life of its own, in every world, in every sphere, throughout the myriad Universes of universes.

Although the Infinite will ever remain inscrutable, unknowable and incomprehensible, we can become "aware," knowing that we are the expression of the Infinite Life which is not subject to any law, state or condition of being, yet this Life which is ours by Divine Right expresses itself in an infinity of forms. To identify ourselves with this Life and the Wisdom of its true expression is the guard against all error, beliefs, and opinions of others no matter who or to what organization they belong. We will be fortified against all that assails us from without, when we know ourselves from within to be one with the one life that is eternal, birthless and deathless.

"I will put my Law in their inward parts and write it in their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour and every man his brother saying "Know the Lord," for they shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them, saith the Lord." Jeremiah XXXI: 33, 34.

Realization and loss of the self "I am" following in direction of truth not illusion.

I was too as you are 120%, I know now I am not any more through life experince.

The only way to know if this is truth or not is to Know it yourslef.
Spiritual enlightment really does sound like quite boring, I personally like my economic and politcal dogma, and my sports dogma and my video game dogma, and my burning fossil fuels in my V8 engine dogma,

The great mystery of death isnt really a mystery at all, You die, someone says some words. you get burried or burned, people take your stuff and forget about you. sprinkle in some decaying and smelling bad.

and you kinda lost me on the rest i will wait for the concise version of this post. or go watch Star Trek,
Not quite, Master Lao Tzu says the Tao that is spoken of is not the true Tao. He speaks of consiousness.

The way consiousness manifests with in the constuct is quite simple. All order with in the universe is a manifestation of consiousness. The universe consists of Timespace and matter. Both matter and timespace consist of Vibrating Waves. The posible frequency of these wave vibrations are bound by known Laws. However the opperating frequencies of Matter and Timespace are divisable by infinity. Ergo the Informationl capacity of the constuct is limitless.
The old age of doctrine of the New Age. Like an atheist would ask, who is the Great Mind? Can you prove there is such a thing that exists? From this standpoint, are we to believe that we are part of a great plan? A quantum leap in evolution to a superhuman race? Please, get your facts straight, we did not evolve from apes and we will not evolve either! This Infinite mind definition appears more complicated than it is in theory, but in actual fact, nothing more than old theology. Sorry, I can't bring myself to believe in such a thing.
Please, get your facts straight, we did not evolve from apes and we will not evolve either!

Sure, our DNA is "only" 98% similar to that of a chimpanzee. Who are we to think we evolved from apes, right?

Sorry, I can't bring myself to believe in such a thing.

But yet you have no trouble believing in something that can't be proven in any way whatsoever?

What I have heard via the Pleiadeans telling at the Billy Meier web site is that Chimpanzees were a leftover product from the designing of man, that did not end up having a sterile end line.

The Pleiadeans are weird and of course have ulterior motives, however on this one snip-it of info, I do feel they were telling the truth?
First of all it must be taken as a genuine contact event. The evidence suggests he is talking to someone. I believe technoligy does not make the man. We have the capcity to understand truth without aditional technoligy. Ergo we would be able to know if these entities were trying to manipulate us in a negative way. I concure with you. Billy admits openly he is in love with Semjasie. A state of Love or blind love is not condusive to a state of positve intestela comunications. Furthermore Billy seems to not be the best one out of us to contact. This man is delusional and suffers from illusions of his own Grandure.

His theoligy is nothing new and basicly flawed. They believe the individual charachter code is disolved at death. They believe our spirit energy reincarnates with a bran new charachter code. This view of incarnation is very simmilar to that of paganism and contradicts eastern views.

Also his pictures of a nebula, the Dal Universe, and Semjasie herself have been proven to be reproductions of art or pictures of a very earthly origin. Billy seems to be himself a victim of a very well planed hoax. The man himself has mental problems. He earns money from his spiritual work and claims to be the messia and yet derides everyone else in the New Age Movement as Scizo money grabers. This is a oxy moron. Oxy Morons are not consdusive to Logic. And the lack of Logic is by definition a state of delusion.

I do admire his pictures. And some spirituality is better than none. But a note of caution must be added as cults as we all know can create fanatics. We have been left alone here for a reason. That is to work out what is true for ourselves. Believing in Jesus is a good for people who can not have a knowledge of the spirit, however it is incorect to claim the world was made in six days when Jesus never said such a thing.

He did say this: To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God. But to the rest it is given in parables, that seeing they may not see and hearing they may not understand.

This is Luke ch 8 verse 10. I do suggest that all christian fundimentalists read it and the rest. We have light that is coming to the earth which is over 10 billion years old. The speed of light is constant. This light shows us what the universe looked like 10 billions years ago. It is a time macheine. We can see the universe being created all around us, all you have to do is look. We can choose how far back in time we want to look by just looking at something further away.

In Consilation to my Born again friends, it has not been proven that we where not seeded as the Genisus acount suggests, also the focil record is sketchy. Still my German Shepard is smarter than the average dog, yet I do not claim to have created him and he does worship me but not as a god.

My point is inteligences can interfere in evolution, but the creators method of creation is evolution. Thier was a big bang as the universe is still expanding.

I know your scared of Satan but don't be, I don't believe in Satan but I do believe in Jesus so read Gods words, in seeing they may not see in hearing they may not understand.

Thier are some of us who know the mysteries of the kingdom of God. But thier are not enough. This period of time in our history is for the ones who don't understand to catch up. I do believe Jesus is coming back in the not to distant future, call it a new age call it what you want. I call it AWARENESS
Enoch wrote:

"I call it AWARENESS"

This is so true. And one can accomplish many amazing things once they leave limitations behind by raising their awareness. But one must will this to happen, in other words, they must want it.
Notes on computer usage

Note, although enoch2 has some good points in his philosophies on certain subjects, I am not going to take the time to read them.

I think what you do, is either go to a blank email, or word on the computer and place the document on the platen as it is and then click on spelling and grammar?

I don't know as to whether some are doing this to be irritating, however I would use spell check and english grammar and composition, as I simply won't read these posted documents any longer.

I also will abstain from documents that have become over-long in length, due to their heading into post being too long.

We've just gotten rid of a few jerks and new ones seem to come right back in?

Re: Notes on computer usage

I think I have seen more than a few posts from yourself that are quite long, and even off topic. Are you being hypocritical?
Re: Notes on computer usage

It is the will of consiousness which creates evolution. The path a spicies takes is its colective will, this will also interacts with the collective will of the Super organism which is the Biosphere. All systems are interconected.

The same is true of individual evolution as spiritual evolution. It is the will that drives time. This can only be found on the inside. One must chose to control the ego with the higher mind. To evolve.

As for words, they are tools nothing more. Representations of thought. Pure thought is dismembered by this code we call laungage. Artists have perfected the method of minimal loss of pure thought with art. I am trying to be an artist. My work gives me great joy. If others gain from this it can be only positive. Thoes individuals who may not reconstuct dismembered thought need much time to evolve. Artists grow at an exponential rate.

Man is a product of the universe. Ergo all of mens creations are bound by natural laws, even abstract ones. Words and thier use evolve. Certain individuals are trying to freaze frame not just our laungage but all of our culture because thy feel this system benifits them greatly. This view is purely exostential and erronious.

Its evolution