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"Metaphysical or Oobe"


New Member
\"Metaphysical or Oobe\"

Hey I made a posting before titled "New to message board". Might want to check that out to get a feel for who I am and what happened to me.

I just awoke a little while ago and wanted to pose a question to the more "seasoned" posters out there.

I was "told" tonight that "Lan" (by the way if anyone out there recognizes THAT off the wall name pleeaaase let me know!!) that I was being met on "neutral ground" "metaphysically".

Looked it up and realized what it meant. OOBE. Could this really be a means of time travel in the future?
I have been conducting my own research on this subject for the last 30 mins or so that I've been up but the resources out there are unlimited.

Anybody that might know anything, please feel free to post a reply, pm, or message me at my own email address.

Thank you much.
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