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Matrix 2....Christmas 2002


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Anybody like the movie, the MATRIX?
the sequel is coming up Christmas 2002.
found a neat website that tells all the upcoming movies...we can keep an eye on any time travel related movies coming out.


For Time 02112 :also releasing 2002 a movie called "the Time Machine" under Science Fiction heading.
and one Janus would like. "The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" also in 2002.

For Mokrie:Michael Crichton's "timeline" 2001
For Doc: "the Matrix 2 and Matrix 3"
for Javier: "Battlefeild Earth and Final Fantasy."
and I think Dymenzionz liked "back to the future lv and v" in developement.
for LEE: coming out this year "the 6th day."
its about cloning.

something for everyone! take a look.

sciencefiction section: http://upcomingmovies.com/scifi.html

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''DONT PANIC" hitchickersguide to the galaxy loved it,the matrix had fantastic effects but seemed to drag on a bit,perhaps my chip aint fast enough
Trevor, the movie "hitchikers guide to the galaxy "doesnt come out until the year 2002. here anyway,In the U.S.
Did you see it coming out earlier somewhere else?or do you mean you liked the book?
"Hitchhiker" was a BBC miniseries years ago. Hollywood finally found a good plot. In a book of all places.

I'm still waiting for them to finally make Stranger in a strange Land on the big screen.
Hey Pamela!!! Thanks for the glimpse of Matrix2.... I only just saw the first Matrix movie a couple months ago and while it was entertaining I was a little dissapointed as the movie is nothing like the real thing. But then that's Hollywood for ya!!
I'm still waiting for Montauk The Movie!!LOLOL


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