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Man Kind



the Question is can Mankind handle the
a open time based reality
that would mean that anything is possible
and their might be problems with security
how would you go at keeping such technology safe from the minds that want to play with the possibility.
Is mankind really ready for the possibility
of time travel with the way this world is right now to many people might take advantage of it.
We evolved in an environment with basically linear time. I don't think we could mentally handle the stress of a complete temporal free-for-all.
Time travel is so far off that none of the people alive today will probably ever see it become a reality so by the time we can actually do it the question, will we be able to handle it? would be meaningless. I refer you to the types of civilizations. We are only a type 0 and it requires a type 4 civilization. which means that it is billions of years off.
Human kind as we know it is definately not ready for the automobile much less time travel. If we wait for humanity to be pure of heart the universe will implode. As for technology getting into the wrong hands, we are not the only ones working on this and NO discovery can be protected. Nothing has stopped us so far.
Mankind, uhh, what a fascinating group of people. You push them, they push back. You help them all your life, they shun you away when your in need of help. Definitely a race you don't want to mess with, and one with a track record of going where it doesn't belong. Take me for example...

I'm part Indian and Spanish. And when the white man came and took the Indian's land, the white man's struggle to take it all, now became the Indian's struggle to stop them. They think they can just waltz right into someone's land and take it? Show them your guns and shoot them if they don't comply with the white man's orders. Kill innocent people who never did a thing to you, but offer their hand in friendship, in peace. I guess people didn't see anything wrong with that back then, so they just went along with the killings and murders of innocent lives because we thought we knew what we were doing; Taking their land.

Just curious... Are the majority of the people who are in favor of Time Travel white people?

Any pattern here?

It's pretty typical... That after all these centuries you would still not see the sin of your ancestors. Can't you all just leave things to be. America didn't belong to you in the first place, yet you took advantage of the Indians with your technology.

So now because you forced your self's onto our world, you expect us to all think like you. Your religion, your ways... And a few hundred years later, Time Travel. Accept Time Travel? Should we think it's OK? It's just like taking someone's land away (haven't you learned anything from history yet), except on a temporal scale. Stealing someone's soul, life, by changing it without their knowledge. It's Wrong, it's cheating, it's playing God... Doesn't anyone see that?

As fas as I am concerned, Time Travel is just another plot by the white man to take control of anything he set's his eye on.

Just let things be the way nature intended it to be. Natural. Stop with the genetic manipulation, set aside your superior arrogance and other sins you brought with your self to this once beautiful continent. Just enjoy the beauty it can bring to you, by not trying to control it.

Now to define what I meant, in case some of you might have taken offense and not understood what I said. First off, I am not racist of white people. Some of my best friends are white. Yet they can be jerks and assholes half the time, their still my friends. And Second, I used the example of how the white man claimed to be superior centuries ago and killed people for their land that didn't belong to them. A race of people that weren't even a match or a threat to them. Heck, if they gave us guns, we might have beaten you too. But we did what we had, and we fought well.

Anyway's, got a little out of hand there. My point is, you still think your able to do whatever you want after all these centuries. But what you don't know, is that it's still a wrong attitude to have. The majority of you may think it's not, but it's the minority who have some integrity in the human spirit left to know that your only going to drag the innocent along with this, whether we OK'd it or not. And you have no right, you just can't dictate what you think it's best to those who are innocent. History will repeat it's self, because you did not learn.

Third, This doesn't mean we are standing in the way of progress. Progress in medicine and in safety, is different from exploitation and manipulation. Your doomed to repeat history if you the people keep allowing for something like this to happen. It won't take centuries to create Time Travel, it's in use NOW! And all of you are letting it happen right under your noses.

I have lived thousands of time lines, and a number of times in different portions of my existence. Yet when I come to it, it's the same mentality you all share. I know that once this year is over, we'd reached a point of no return. I guess I was to slow in reaching people in this time line, I must now wait for my next window of opportunity.

Nevertheless, you can still all make a change. If you know that it's wrong, please make a stand. They can't change you, as long as you don't want to. Resist, or be a slave. The choice if yours, is yours.

Sincerely yours,
Javier C.S.
I am part arabic and irish so don't blame my people for anything. The irish were nearly wiped out when the english took over. so don't make generalizations. I don't know one person of anglosaxon descent who is actually working on time travel. I'm sure there are but the majority are probably japanese and german. Besides since when has this been a discussion board for the issue of racism.
Generalizations, I was making a point. Did you not see that? And the majority of the people that I know, that are into Time Travel are white. It's not a discussion about Racism, but a discussion about Mankind. And about Social attitudes.

Did any of you take the Census? Did you think it was about Racism?

That's what I thought... I am only saying that falling into the mistakes of the past, are dooming us to repeat them. And that's a lot of time to lose. We would have already been having Colonies on the Moon & Mars.

The Germans are busy right now fighting another kind of war. And the Japanese, I think they would have some honor in creating Time Travel and using it. Except if they don't, then we're screwed. Who does that leave out??? Someone who is in deep research and wants the fame of being the first to create it. I think you all know who I'm talking about.

Just make sure when they write about him in the history books, they don't leave out his egotistical attitude and lack of humility.

Anyway's, just think about it, read my last posting again. It will come to you if you read carefully. There's a point in there, and it's not hidden. Just look for it, you'll find it.

Javier C.
TTA, we all got your point along time ago. As for the evil white race, evil and cruelty are not totally white trait. The Japanese invaded China and threw babies in the air to catch them on their bayonets. Right now in Africa there are races slaughtering each other and raping babies as good luck. In New Guinnia they eat their enemies brains. Don't forget the Incas bloody sacrifices and the Hawaaians threw virgins in volcanos. All human kind is capable of atrosities, but as Pamala said, maybe it's up to us to get there first in order to gain some protective control. Don't kid yourself, time travel is a global quest. Just because you don't know whats going on does'nt mean nothing is happening. Everyone is aware of the inherent dangers. Nothing anyone says is going to stop the time race. As for you Scientist, your head is in the sand when you think we are milleniums away from the objective. Just because you yourself don't know the answers doesn't mean someone else has not found them.
"They think they can just waltz right into someone's land and take it?"

Throughout history, people, animals, insects, plants...have been taking over whatever they can. That is nature. Abandoned cities are reclaimed by plants, insects and animals. Insects and animals destroy their kind and take what was there. Weeds like to take over gardens. Doing that does not make them evil.
actually it is not me it is science. we can not build a time machine for quite some time. We don't have the technology. We don't have the knoledge. We don't have the wisdom. We don't have the spce to build it. We don't have the proper theories yet.
mokrie dela, in responds to your 1st, 2nd to last posting, once again you missed my point entirely.

I did not make my earlier posting to talk about races, but to use it as an example how technology can control an entire group of people. And somehow you missed it, again.

I am not saying that it's wrong to create Time Travel. Read carefully man... I said that it's use and how it's regulated is what's important. Geesh, don't you ever listen? I keep letting you know, that the opposing side matters to an issue, as much as the one in favor. You keep thinking that all that matters is the Pro. Well, guess what? The con also has some valid points to be looked at too, think about that.

I don't know why you keep assuming it's all about race and I'm against all progress. I was using that as an example, and I am only against how it will be used (need of rules and ethics). And that's the Bottom Line!

Get the point or not this time, there is a limit to my patients at how many times I have to repeat my self to you.

-J. C.
Twenty five years ago they did genetic engineering in level 4 containment labs. Today high school students are doing the same thing as HOMEWORK projects. Go figure.

If you want an example of what will happen with time technology (as it is developed and spread) you need to look no farther than the present fad of writing computer viruses and dumping them onto the net for sport.

Fools die......and take the inocent along with them. It is a fact of the human condition. And you ain't going to stop it. At this point I could say either: "Good luck trying and mean it or I could say "so quit your bitching" if I wanted to add a pointless cruel twist. I don't like it either.
Well, I guess you would never want to be a Time Cop someday. You actually have to care about these things. And I do.

Not every human I guess nowadays has integrity. Mighty sad that it would be up to a few people to save you from your selves. You should be grateful someone is watching over you, protecting you.

-J. C.

P.S. I never done genetic enginnering in High School. What high school is this? Where did you hear this from? Must be some rich private high school... Not public school like where I went to.
Speaking of sad truths, I've got enough of my own problems to occupy four of me. In the mean time, you may play timecop. Who knows you might actually do some good.

I plan to step out of cyberspace for the rest of the day and see if I can get the laundry and dishes done. If there are a few minutes left over before bed time, I will work on my plans for world domination.
You just might be ahead of your 'time', TimeTravel Activist.

We won't know about the nature of time untill someone actually studies it. For all we know, it may be impossible to change history, therefore you have nothing to worry about.
Activist, The sad thing is that I agree with you that Time travel could be a dangerous technology. I never disagreed. As a science I am facinated. Militarily and governmentaly I'm scared shitless. You are like the man in Nagasaki holding an anti war sign as the atom bomb came down. You can oppose, protest, cry or pray and the research will continue. Work is being done in Hong Kong and Russia at this moment. Contrary to popular belief, the cold war never ended but instead of guns tanks and planes, it is now laser satalites and technologies that "include" time travel and much more. I have understood your point all along but know enough about all governments to know it doesn't matter how anyone feels about it. As far as I'm concerned we'd better be first as we may be the only ones that create rules. I look to the brighter side that it may save humanity someday.
Sure mokrie dela, you agreed with my point all along. You felt the same way I did about Time Travel. You didn't want to just think of the Pro's, like everyone else was...

In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic. Who are you fooling man? You were one of the worst, main one's always debating with me on the other post saying that you disagreed with my views and that the Con didn't matter. Remember?

I don't know where you get off saying this barely now that you agreed, but I think you might want to go back and re-read some of the things you said. Cause your being contradictory.

Cause I know this is the first time you finally got my point and agreed with it. Check it out Man.

Well, on the bright side, better late then never I suppose.

J. C.

P.S. "Willing to Vaporize my self" ring any bell?
Activist, I'm still for time travel. I would still gladly volenteer to step into a prototype. I am not contradicting myself. I know the inherent dangers, wether it's making a new weapon or a time travel device but I personally think it is all worth the dangers faced in any new endevour. I merely wanted you let you know that myself as well as most thinking people understand what you have been railing about. We are willing to move forward and face the problems as they arrise. Better to be ahead of your problems then trampled by them. You said I did'nt understand your point of view. I wanted you to know that I do but I have my own point of view and nothing will sway it. I do agree that you are ahead of your time. You probably could be a good time cop. You are on the side of protecting humanity and I am more interested in the achievement. I have not meant to "fight with you." I merely feel your fight is futile as research will continue none the less.
Someone willing to vaporize himself in the name of science isn't a sad thing. If it wasn't for a few brave people willing to put their lives on the line, we wouldn't have supersonic jets or astronauts, to name a few.

I personaly don't feel a need for any kind of polincing of time. Either the past is unchangable, or the time traveller will have to live out the changes he made in his own alternate universe that he created.
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