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Linearity post, historyvampires and werewolves:


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Linearity post, history differences between 1500s and 2000s:

To time travelers only visiting this year 2000 era realm.

Please note the following on both vampire and werewolf topologies.

There is ample evidence that in the 15, 16, 17 and 18oos, that there were both vampire and werewolf plagues, in central Europe.

These were invested plagues, which some in part had come from India, as retribution for past deeds of others.

There was also naturally occurring vampire clans, such as said in Germany, which were famous said completive clans.*Vampires have their own kind of economy and sociology and they more or less stick to themselves, unless they must deal with man.

Other than this, real vampires have very little to do with mankind.

The two sources that I point to over what is given in the year 2004, as supposed to have been factual, the movie Van Helsing, follows accordingly.

That one, in Bullfinch's book occult and mythological creatures, there is an engraving to print, from the rough 1600s showing an entire town razed by an army of werewolves.

The only survivor of this encounter, told his story by escaping to a tree, at which he heard two werewolves converse, after they ran to the base of said tree.
*These werewolves looked similar to large black wolves, however could both talk and stand errect on their hind legs, at will.

The second was offered in a simple red colored book on vampires, which told of people who were dug up two to three weeks after being interred, being found to be awake, however immobile in the daylight, with their mouths gorged with blood.

There is evidence in the contacts I have made, that vampires began to socialize with mankind, in the probable 30s 40s on to the 2000s.Titled Vampires.

This would mean that as I have been told, that vampires may have made use of laboratories, to genetically alter their young, so that they could blend in with then human crowd, for sub genetic variants of vampires, surviving on into the future?

This is also indicated by two or three late to 2000s film jonra, showing variants on the old standard stereotypical vampire, whop is said to inhabit the night, replacing these stereotypes, with modern looking wimen, in fashionable dresses.

It may be that the new stereotypes, such as Van Helsing, are very nonaccurate and meant for entertainment purposes only?Van Helsing link http://movies.yahoo.com/movies/feature/vanhelsing.html

There is also the serious question raised, are some vampire attacks, which may have been recent, being blamed on the vampires, when the real culprit this era, may have been the said underground alien network.
This network has been known to manufacture both new types of scare creatures, as well as beings, that classically could have passed for vampires.

If you are visiting this time and have seen the movie Van Helsing, then realize that what is shown within this movie, may not be an accurate portrayal of factual information?

It is said even in American, that there are active clans of vampires, however it is their wish for their own economic reasons, to stay well hidden and not receive real publicity, as to their particulars.
I got mail from the old country and they want me to come back AL.

At the rate things are going I have little here to hold me back, why stay?
You know, I've been wondering something about vampires. And since you appear to be quite the expert on them Creedo, perhaps you can answer this question:

What kind of music do most vampires prefer? I'd think there is probably a stereotype that they like the "long haired" classical stuff. But I tend to think they would be more into fusion jazz... you know, something smooth to go with a nice glass of red.

What do you think?
I don't know.

From what I understand, art does follow reality, in some ways.

The Anne Rice novel did take place in New Orleans.

I have found that sometimes, a storyline does follow reality?

As I have said in my past post, I very firmly believe that the vampire consortium, now wants to change.

Ya know, the funny thing is, is that in art, there is also verification for reality.

The Italian made picture, Demon Planet, staring Barry Sullivan and Barbara Steel, dealt with a spaceship that had visited a far off planet.

While on this distant planet, they found an old ship and on this ship, giant anthropoids, or what was left of them.

There is one part in the movie, where Barry Sullivan must pick up a hockey puck sized door activator, once held by these giant.But know that the voltage that ran through it, was so powerful, that it almost paralyzed his arm.

The special effects on this movie, were very good.

I think in some way, that this movie may have been the forerunner for the Alien series, which was equally as good.

My minds not in the old country, but here.

On my recent statements about a politician, that by Als saying they might have to raise my taxes, because said something?

Well' it was true and is in the quatrains........?

I thought that the Alien series was extremely well done in the first series of movies.

It left the viewer and the principles of the script, way out in space, with spurious orders and in an equation that when unfolded, taxed everything that they could possibly know and or come up with.

You might say for yourself, that you might be compared to actor Paul Riser and his antics in the second film of the Alien series.

I had written this to NASA in just chatting with them, that if there would be something like the alien in the Alien series out there, then it would be equal to a shark here on Earth.

I think that the score from Alien was conducted by a John Colinganrio, who is Texas based and also wrote the first background for the Alien series.

The Alien series is a story about friendship, peril, taking Earthbased man out of his elements and the very best one can come up with, in a strange nonEarthed environment.

Oh yes Rainman, the end of the story, do you know why?

Because by luck, the female is much deadlier than the male.

Maybe this and pure dumb luck?
So what do vampires and werewolves have to do with aliens? Is there a blood connection there? And what kind of music do aliens listen to? Some sort of genre we don't even know about? Or maybe since they are more advanced than we are, they would enjoy our more progressive and alternative forms of rock? I just got DirectTV with all the digital music stations, so I want to know what sort of music station to play if I am trying to attract (or soothe) vampires and aliens?

Surely you must have done some research on their likes/dislikes for different forms of art?
vampire are people to, they have different tastes......just like me or you. You people don't understand that they are not just savage beasts.