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Limitations of Perceptions: Alternate View of Time


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Interesting stuff here. I've enjoyed reading it all so far! I'm a newbie, so forgive me if some of my thoughts have already been brought up or discussed.

A simple fact of our physical existence is that our senses are limited in scope. For example, we can only see within a given frequency band of "visible" light. Science makes an enormous error when it states an assumed fact based on what our senses tell us, because what our senses tell us might not be the whole story. The perception of Time is a great example. We "set" our arrow of Time (and hence we perceive it as linear) because we have vision systems (eyes) that are designed to respond to light. Thus, events can "never" proceed at faster than light. But now suppose a species exists that does not have vision systems. Suppose that the highest form of frequency-responsive sensing that this species possesses is equivalent to our own ears. Such a species would "set" its arrow of time based on the speed of sound in some medium (air), rather than the speed of light. To this species, the speed of sound would appear to be the same type of "impenetrable barrier" that we perceive to be true of the speed of light. The equivalent of Einstein in this species would set Energy = m*a^2 (where "a" is speed of sound, not light).

What this thought experiment should tell us is that the linear nature that we PERCEIVE Time to be (thanks to our eyes) is likely not the whole story. In fact, it is likely a very small part of the story. Indeed, recent measurements by NASA confirm this: The "visible stuff" in our universe that we call matter only comprises about 6% of the total energy in the universe! Only 6%, and that includes all the galaxies and astronomical objects we can "see". We are truly missing out on a lot of data if this is the case.

However, all is not lost, because great people in our past have been able to infer what "reality" may be like just by examining how our senses paint a picture of our universe to our minds. Thankfully, our brains permit us to remember things that happened in our (perceived) linear past, and also allow us to ponder what may come to pass in our (perceived) linear future. This ability to recall and project may help us understand how Time may NOT be linear, one-dimensional. But we must begin such a journey with an understanding that "things may not actually BE as we perceive them to be."

I will take this concept forward in my next post (this one is long enough) and introduce another way to envision Time...one that also nicely corresponds to what we perceive about Space and Mass (the other two fundamental dimensions of science and engineering). Until my next post....

Re: Alternate View of Time

So we begin by acknowleging that thousands of years of human science and engineering have correctly identified that the building blocks of "reality" are triplicate in nature: Mass (objects), Space, and Time. But the alternate view of Time would begin with a question of "but what are these building blocks, themselves, made of?"

Space - We all seem to agree that Space is 3 dimensional: Length, Breadth, and Height. Some would call it X, Y, and Z. Others might choose spherical coordinates and call it Radius, Azimuth, and Elevation. However you choose to represent it, the key is that Space is 3-fold, or stated another way, the dimension of Space has 3 subdimensions that comprise it. This understanding is probably the oldest communal agreement we, as a human species, have formed amongst ourselves. So let's move on to more recent understandings...

Mass - In the more recent past, our atom-smashing activities seem to also be telling us that the composition of Mass is also 3-fold in nature, just like Space! We've identified the concept of discrete electrical charge, and from this we defined the electron (negative charge), the proton (positive charge), and the neutron (neutral charge). Just like Space, we could select any relative form of identification for these sub-dimensions of Mass...call them Tom, Dick, and Harry, if you like! The main theme is their three-ness...the three subdimensions work together to "define" how the higher dimension presents itself to our senses. Finally, we move on to the one major dimension that our society seem to be "arguing" about at the current "time"...and that is...

Time - Consider... if the sub-dimensions of Mass and Space are both triplicates, as described above, would it not seem to at least be reasonable that Time also has triplicate sub-dimensions? And yes, we find that it does, for we distinctly define the Past, the Present, and the Future as 3 distinct "directions" from our current Point Of View. Where we make the error in trusting our senses completely is in believing that the Present is an infinitesimal "piece" of Time, and both the Past and Future are broad continuums. This gives rise to a concept of linear time, with conical light cones, and world lines....all passing from the past, to the future, through the "point" of the Present.

If you think you might be starting to understand what I am getting at, here is an exercise you can do on paper to help solidify this line of thought. Draw a set of triplicate coordinate axes that are orthogonal (at right angles) to each other, as if you are defining a spatial coordinate system. The temptation will be to label the axes as "X, Y, Z". Resist the temptation, and instead label them as "Present" for the X axis (independent variable), and "Past" and "Future" for the Y and Z dependent variables. You have now drawn a representation of a 3-dimensional Timefield. Within this Timefield, you can now identify triplicate coordinates for any point in a NON-LINEAR, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL form of Time. Any "point" in the Present (your "point" of view in the Present is different from mine) also has associated with it unique coordinates for Past and Future. And certainly, your Past and Future are totally different from mine, right?

Play around with this concept, and give me your thoughts. Then, see if you can comprehend how this 3-dimensional "view" of Time may be an interesting way to view how the 3 higher-level dimensions of Mass, Space, and Time interact with one another to "define" the reality of our physical universe.

Happy New Year!
And By The Way...

In this particular "view" of Time (as 3-dimensional), you should be able to (mathematically) convince yourself that the following are true:

1) Time travel WOULD be possible.
2) You could NEVER create a paradox, no matter how many times you traveled through Time (since each coordinate triplex of Past, Present, and Future is unique from all others)....and...
3) The way John Titor described % deviations from a given world-line would be completely sensible and easy to measure as a cartesian difference between Time Coordinate (Past1, Present1, Future1) and an alternate Time Coordinate (Past2, Present2, Future2).

Enjoy your holidays! It may be the last one you celebrate under the auspices of "ordinary, linear Time". I tend to believe that the "event" of 2012 is related to the final casting-off of our old view of linear, 1-D Time.

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