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Actually it is 186,292.+ miles per second or 2.9979E8 meters per second IN FREE SPACE. Remember my thought and information about the speed of light in other medium. The velocity is not the same.
Yes...it already has in a sense. See my information in the 'Combined thoughts...." discussion thread on the speed of light.

Remember some of the following statements and who said them. Someday we will fold, bend and staple the space-time continum.

"Heavier than air flying machines are impossible," "Radio has no future," "X-rays are a hoax."

- William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)
President of London’s Royal Society (1895-1904).
"There is no likelihood man can ever tap the power of the atom."
- Robert Millikan,
Nobel Prize in Physics (1923).
"The secrets of flight will not be mastered within our lifetime.. not within a thousand years."
- Wilbur Wright (1901).
I had read somewhere about scientists shooting a molecule or particle or someother, and it went a certain speed. They fired that same molecule through a more solid object and it went faster like it was being propelled by the object itself. Has anyone heard of this.
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    Interesting theories, some of them. The rest is just fantasy or plain wrong. Also the thing about black hole because that assumes that black holes (as originally described) really exist. Rather than what I heard myself that the infinite mass thing is simply based on a mathematical error nobody seemed to challenge.
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    I read this on a french YT channel about UFOs, that: Magnetic field + gamma rays can be used to create a circulating light beam that distorts or loops time, which can lead to a twisting of space and time. Looks like what R.Mallet working on it. What's your thoughts on this?
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