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Light traveling through a Black Hole...


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Does Light when being sucked into a Black Hole travel faster than "stationary" light? You know what I mean when I say "'stationary' light". I mean light not being sucked into a Black Hole. Why or why not? If you shine a flash light into a Black Hole, you cannot convince me that there is never ANY light being shown. It is merely that the photons are being sucked away faster than you can see them. Therefore, the light that you CAN see must be traveling slow enough for you to see it, where as the light you cannot see is traveling TOO fast.
You just totally replied to your own message, and then responded to the message that your yourself replied to. Not only was it insane, but it was also cool. But insane.

Here are you answers:


P.S. Get some help. For serious.

P.P.S Oh, it was just some dude with an extra vowel in his name. And then an E instead of an A at the end. A E I O U. Peace.
Does Light when being sucked into a Black Hole travel faster than "stationary" light? If you shine a flash light into a Black Hole, you cannot convince me that there is never ANY light being shown. It is merely that the photons are being sucked away faster than you can see them. Therefore, the light that you CAN see must be traveling slow enough for you to see it, where as the light you cannot see is traveling TOO fast.

The photons will travel at c. That you eventually cannot see them isn't due to any change in velocity. They are red-shifted as they lose energy during their fall into the gravity well of the BH.

You don't see the light from the flashlight is due to the fact that you don't have the ability to see the virtual extreme infra-red spectrum. The light that you do see isn't far enough down the gravity well to have been red-shifted out of the visible spectrum. (I'm assuming that by "see" you mean that you are using your eyes and they are unaided by any device.)
Note, edit to E.W. Derbyshire:

The primary investigative group, under Horowitz, as reported by science reporter Bartsuiack, had said via film to theory of exhaust points on B.H.es; That near the relative poles of black holes, infer-red action, which had denoted particle fountains, from analiation of raw matter into black holes, was the result of probable ohlmic heating and or as a result of crushed matter heating.>

This yield is such, having to do with the universal constant in energy conservation, where it is said that no one sided energy system, bit it natural or man-made, can take in energy and or raw matter, indefinalty, without reproducing energy, within that one sided factor.

Ergo, as an addendum to E.W.'s edit technical post, the derivatives of infer-red being acceleration of photonic qualities, to an undefined supposed multilaied spectral door as quantity quality, That One, produces the second scalier return quantity vector, of infer-red.
Two, as an indication of matter being produced, as a produced of a multi-filer system, where both energy and matter must be returned near the relative poles of Black holes.

>>Yield; then this is said and supposed as 1980s information of high gravimetric systems, as defined intake collimation, to any point X, as opposed to any point Y.>This is supposed where relative poles of black holes are juxtaposed from the scalier quality of lower gravity at the equator on any proposed black hole. >Know that further, as any high gravity quality is supposed at temperate same sphere relationships to the sphere of a vb black hole to the finally supposition that where-by near the relative poles of black holes, a particle return energy equation product, must always be returned.

>Then this is said in adjunct to E.W. Derbyshire, then over-supposed a near equilibriumized black hole, where the quantities of both matter and energy are observed both taken in and some quality thussly returned.

Photons in travel in space time under no propogational influence, are realized as photons in situ, or traveling where they will be found.

Propagational sources are always adjusted as photons with plus energies, exited over C in natural a space time in-situ, of where photons always are, either as invested light, or from quantum mechanical subgenertional changes.

C at overbolace, as a product of electrical addititional matrices to C, yeald>V as from a source, are always understood to have accelerated past the holdance of light capability.This said is supposed in any one assigned frequency, so are therefore considered elusive, to the assignment point, were C rest as defined within self travel of transit, on C's own virtue.

>C at an over-pumped lasic value, is always thought to transend the quality of a normal assignment of C as C traverse in space time as that space time is realized.

So therefore as a negative acceleration via gravimetric means into a black hole, as opposed to supposed top ended C, within an energy matrices, has differing concurrent values with respects to C.These qualities might travel, in respects to the forgiven postulate of B.H.es, as opposed to a neutral gravity environment with respects to travel.

The values of infer-red, replies to the quality of observing photonage, are energy pressure of C as photons, in respects to observed travel, as opposed to utilization of sup[posed C as a candidate into a gravity well of any black hole.

It is understood that since the quality of space is always considered multiscalier, then the nature of C as C as captured via the gravity of a black hole horizon, would have to be multispectral, not singular, within the taking of C, via gravimetric means.

A greater series of mathematical equations is indicated here, within this brief note, concerning toppogarpahic topologies, entailing locals on any one projected series of black holes?

>>The only exception to this rule, is the quality of the double sinusoidal double horizioned set black holes.This said as to where the qualities of designative boundaries, as well as relational proportions of particle and energy relationships.

These conditions said near these kinds of black holes, for this point in time, considering probably statistical dynamics, seems to be in question?
Timespace can support a great deal of field distortions. When the blue giant has extinquished its useable Hydrogen and Helium reserves its structure becomes unsustainable. That is to say the energy being released by the fussion process actualy applies a antigravitaional force, thereby sustaining the mass of this huge object. When the useable fule is extinquished only heavy elements remain compounding the structural dificulties created by the lack of fule ergo fusion process. The ratio of useable fule to heavy metals reaches a critical mass. This critical mass is when the mass of molten metal extinqueshes the fussion engine at the center of the star. The fussion process can no longer maintain the Hydrogen Helium core of the Star. As a result the Heavy atoms of the Iron replace the hydrogen atoms at the core at the speed of C2. The velocity of the Iron is due to the intensisty of the Gravitational field.

Having converted all most of its fuel to Iron the blue giant has created a relitivly dence super structure. It is the intensisty of the gravitation that drives the Iron together at an exponetial velocity. When the Iron meets at the core a total anialation reaction occurs.

This total anialtaion is similar in concept to the fussion process, however The speed in combination with the mass of the Iron atoms creates a temporal door way. That is to say there is a limit to the amount of gravitational energy Timspace can sustain. Beyond a certain point timespace fractures. The black hole is an open door to the nutral temporal reality, this nutral temporal state is conected to the negative temporal reality. The influx of pure energy into the nutral temporal reality creates a masive temporal distortion in this nutral space field, the energy is fluxed into the negative temporal reality, this positive temporal energy is converted by the negative entropy of the negative temporal reality. With the energy conversion complete the energy cycles back in an equal and oppisite form obaying newtons laws. This energy renters timespace in the form of antimatter. Thus the total anighalation reaction is complete. All Matter is converted to energy and this pure energy conrisponds with the size or grav field of the back hole. The hole itself is just that a lack of space time. What is left is the medium of the nutral temporal reality. Nutral temporal reality is pure energy because it has no dimentions, this is why it is called a singularity. Its reality is singular consisting of one value. Pure energy. The energy can not be quantasised as this reality has a singular value and timespace quantaties or properties do not appie to this indivisable concept of energy. Ergo the Singularity is said in conceptual terms said to be infanite energy. This definition also applies to light, as light is a manifestation of nutral temporal reality. Light opperates at zero time.

All matter is converted to light at the event horizon, this is due to E=MC2. Light has no mass. Ergo this energy leaves our temporal reality. Light opperates at zero time. Zero time is the medium of the nutral temporal reality. Light travels through this zero time medium. Conceptualy we can say this universe is every where and no where because it has niether the the dimention of space and time. We however conceptualy see this nutral reality at the centre of the black hole. Get ya mind around that one.

This is why Hawking and others believe Timespace is an iverted singularity, our reality is conected to but outside of the singularity. And as we all know 14 000 000 000 years ago there was only a singularity. Fortunatly for us this singularity inverted creating a very nice construct for us to occupy.
Hello Enoch...I think you left your Keys here on earth quite some time ago. Come back to retrieve them?

I think your posts are right on the money. I think they also follow the theories of Observer Physics

Enjoy your creation. Use your awareness. Direct your will.
enoch2 says>And as we all know 14 000 000 000 years ago there was only a singularity. Fortunatly for us this singularity inverted creating a very nice construct for us to occupy.//

*Please note, that as said in Scientific American, that realms of space, for some localized reason, undergo cataclysmic events, and whole quadrants of space, are recreated.

The big bang, is a fuzzy locus point, with little understanding as said, how all matter could have come to a single point and then burst into reality of being?

The creation of the universe, may have in-fact been a slow globular event, when then burst forth to creation?

Light is a neutral filament of communication.

However light can be both conscripted, to have mass pressure, although light does not register mass and the ability to refresh or renew its own pattern.
You are a very refreshing person. As a child I was taught to be ashamed of my name. I have grown to reject the way everyone else thinks. So I think it is ment to be that I have a name that sticks out like a saw thum.

Well I was posting in a philosphy site for a while, I was just getting carried away with retoric. I love philosiphy and retoric, but it can also be tiresome.

A newtonian thinker just kept rebuting everything because you either get realitivity or you don't. but I kept hammering away because I love retoric. Any way I said that Einstien believed that the Universe was a inverted singularity. This guy said no he did'nt and talked about the cosmilogical constant. So I looked up inverted singularites on Google. I first found something on Hawking, and then to my suprise on the second page I found one of my own posts was up there. So I reread my post and thought mabe I am waisting my time.

Then I came across this site and I though hmm interesting. When I got to the main board I thought now I will get some constructive critisism from individuals who have a working knowledge of Realitivity and Temporal Mechanics. Great. This is my work, I develop all my theories on line. On day I ll put it together in the form of a dialouge like Platos.

Any way the basis is quite simple the structure is not realy mine, I've sought of borrowed alot from Einstien and Lao Tzu. Albert said the key to creativity is to hide your sources.

Anyway having a good grasp of temporal mechanics is good. And that is what this site is good for. I dare say there would not be to many Newtonian thinkers around here. As I said Temporal Mechanics is good but its only the Begining. My Holy grail is quantum mechanics.

We have to look at the known laws and find out or explain why matters particles has fixed quantities. And its relationship to light is the prize. The photon.

It gets realy complex in that bloody atom. The only way you can understand it is to say it has multiple temporal states. You have to think of matter as in a state of flux. And light man that [censored] is spun out. This pure thought stuff with no math is just art. And the math side is quite funny, how do you define light in mathmatical terms what a joke.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Pie they aint got it. 22 over seven sounds simple yep. But they can't find it the rabit hole never ends, and it is a real insult that the blood number just keeps repeating itself. Our concept states that if we have a defineable real ratio we should be able to find a real number at the end of the devison, yet it aint there.

The answer to the questionis infact quite simple. The first assumption is incorrect, The ratio 22 over seven is purely conceptual, that is to say no where any where in this universe does one real circle exsist. This is because there are four dimentions and not two. Just for spatial physics you need three and of course reality states we need to add a fourth just to complicate matters. This is true with all mathmatics, there are no absaloute values. Take a frequency of light for instance, you can never have absaoute acuracy there will always be intagers going of into infinity after the decimal place. That is reality.

The truth is all of reality consists of waves or more precisely spirals uclidian spirals. The golden ratio is truely golden.

It took thoes number crunches along time to work out thier real numbers where useless. I wonder how long it will take before they realise there intagers are worthless to. They should be looking at the relationships between the numbers instead they get hooked on balaceing equations they use ratios like pie that arn't real and never were.

Mabe they will never know only thier mind can go where I can take them.
when light travel through a black hole it isnt sucked but bent.
therefore this light will not move faster than stationary light.
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