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Lets get down to business


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After reviewing many postings I have come to the conclusion that there is much talk, but little action. We all have that urge that something may have possibly happen with the Montauk Project and the visions of Duncan Cameron. The question I have is what are we going to do about it? The Government will always be experimenting with these ideas and abducting test dummies for their extreme experiments. My theory is that if the Montauk Project really happen then, by 2012 the beginning of the end will start. I think that the Aryan children of 6037AD found the Last Empire that ruled the earth for thousands of years (THE ORDER). I believe the Luciferians will rule the earth for thousands of years before meeting a supreme race that will literally abolish mankind and his creations. This order will come from the supreme interstellar council who are fed up with man's evil ways and habits of war. The Golden Horse the children saw was the last standing monument of mankind. If Duncam Cameron visioned the timeline haulted after 2012 and he was able to vision around to 2013, why not start a private council focused to rewrite the Luciferians evil plot? The technology is obviously in the mind of Preston Nichols, the war can begin with these two men or has it already began? There are also some problems with mind control, the data is still there...it has to be regenerated.

Are we just sitting fish waiting for the destruction of our era, or will we be part of the new era and rewrite what these evil beings have started. The first thing is energy, we have to harness and control raw energy and bend Space-Time . I believed our bodies are walking energy beacons, with the right control we should be able to generate enough energy to bend Space-Time. What technology will help assist with this theory. Once we are able to control our energy, we could use it for defense and offense as well as time travel. Remember, everything operates off of frequencies and vibrations. The planet we live on can be destroyed by simply matching the vibrations and using it against itself like a tuning fork. The time to act is now, the Antichrist has started the holy war... the calling is now.

Don't be afraid
We will be successful

The Key Master
I think that the way things broke between the Angelic hierarchies Lucifer, was an arranged plan of sorts.

I feel that this is just how things feel and this is where the state of man is today.

What bothers me is, that within the context of the Betty Luca abductions, by the Elders, is that they had to place implants within her, in order to gauge some aspects of what she was doing, while out of the Elder observations.

By the insertion of these implants, humans, God's children also became cybortgs, not free reigned children.

I think, feel that both God and the Devil knew ahead of time how this would turn out and the resultant end, would be Earthbased mankind, as her is represented here on Earth today.

To continue to say that Luciferans would continue to be a threat, would be tantamount to a monotheistic statement by the Luciferians and not to their cause.

You have not also pointed to the other manyworld timelines, which in their varied characters, are not defined here.

You can not rewrite the timeline to come, you can only push your timeline problems into someone else's other timelines, as both good and evil must balance, more or less, for Earthbased man to have his values as man.

Note, I heard say that this statue was lociated within Central New York City, was owned by the United Nations and that in a certain radius out of where the Montauk conscripts had been let off, there was no life at all recorded?

So by what your'e saying, that the identiy of this all metal horse, rearing up, was by the Luciferians and not a past owned statue of the U.N.?
I thank you for your reply. I am saying this Statue will be built once the Order come in full command. The unity between the USA and the European countires are important to the Luciferians. In order to succeed, they have to all be on the same ideas and beliefs. I believe we are still at war and the age of man is about to be tested. Duncan Cameron stated that there were children sent to the future (6037AD), if no life was recorded after 2012, why send the children?

Our timeline is so ancient and the powers beyond us are reserved to allow man to advance. We are trapped in a bubble of death and war, why not use what Preston and Duncan knows to defeat the Luciferians and their plan. The higher council will not allow man to alter the timelines, but as man's habit is to destroy any authority over him..what is stopping man from planning a powershift in the Universal Council? This will allow man to banish the existance of any race that is not Aryan. The time to act is now.

Things are not what they seem

Whatever we do, we're toast. Humann occupation is just a temporary phase of this planet. We don't have time to solve the problems that would save us from our own sun or fate.
Re: Let\'s get down to business

Ard, in what way are you refering to the sun and in what changes to come, if you would be so kind......?

Thanks Dan
Re: Let\'s get down to business


Humanity will likely be long gone before the sun destroys most life on earth. Gravitational effects of the Sun (polar shifts) occur every 7 years and these can cause sun storms that can cut our ozone layer by 1/2 or more causing a super greenhouse effect.

It is easily possible that radiation from solar storms and changes can destroy technology. Solar storms can easily kill satellites and with enough force could destroy the electronics of entire cities. I think that humanity will lose its technology before it is gone. From the fiction side, I think that the book "the time machine" forshadows technology being lost.

As for the survival of the species when the earth becomes unsuitable for human life...
We can't even live in a Biosphere environment without bacteria killing us. We have so far to go to figure out how to survive in environments that do not sustain human life.

Now that I think about it, our real chance is with the genetic engineers. In order to buy us enough time to leave this planet, genetic engineers could make humans evolve into some form that would allow us to live in the oceans. This would help the race survive longer in hopes of finding travel to a planet that could sustain it.

I find it fun to think about the concepts and I do have an open mind. There is a chance that an asteroid could kill life on earth well before the sun gets its chance. He who giveth can taketh away. One cannot drink from an empty cup. (The village idiot rambles on and proceeds to attempt to blow himself up with the holy handgrenade of antioch, darn these instructions are tough! ) hehe
Re: Let\'s get down to business with aliens?

A lot of how this society functions is decided by designers, planners and political heads.

It seems at time, within their process, wants arer established , which in-turn dictate the ego description of what is needed by and large for the society.

So for'instance, the wants of these in power, are gas powered cars.

So designers provide attractive gas powered cars, which of course pollute the atmosphere, rather than sup[pluy a vehicle which runs off a combination of solar electric, which can in some way perform relativity the same task.

In the larger sense, with reference to your last tenet of philosophy, what one must understand about humans here today, is that they are part of a larger ongoing experiment.

Earth does not have an illustrious peaceful past, as told by a major part of all of the it seems planned wars, which has caused so much global destruction.

The quest goal of traveling into and colonizing space, has in the short past, by the Vietnam War gobbling up funding for space exploration in the fiscal management scheme of things.These attempted fail wars, plus other wars after Vietnam, seem to take from man's exploration quest?

Again, one goes back to what are the dictates of the politically telling structure., which encourages design for those needs and wants?

The new telling the a probable appearance of Planet X by the www.zetatalk.com web site, global warming which has been verified by many environmental watch groups, as a major area of concern and the peril of overpopulation, which pulls on what little resources that we on Earth have right now.

What are the needs and wants encouraged by those within power?

There is it seems, not a valid consideration for the safety of man on Earth, however a traditional re'encouragment for a return to old established hierarchy.
These approved, enforced, ego desires, which are more fornication for the masses, still more polluting auto vehicles and an encouragement towardsa an imperialism which may be petroleum based.

There are, it is said, bases already established on the moon and Mars, however these are secret places, that one has to know someone in order to get there?>See serch word, {hidden alien bases}.

The maintiang of Earthbased man, as an edofiple, that can be made to suet survivability, for a series of hidden races as a gene source, is probably already being done.

It is the morality of such an enforced situation that begs the questions, as to why this type of treatment is being done towards man.
This supposed treatment, rather than why we are not already established as a publically known forces, along side aliens., on the moon, as well as Earth and Mars, plus other locations in-between?

The truth in foundation is, that Earthbased man is a kind of 57 varities of beings; all blended into one single world population.

The perrrils of a possible pole shift, pull the now seen worldwide appearance of coming Planet X by the Zetatalk group, ask the question;> what is man within his supposed Erathbased freedoms and is there a chance for those who do not want to become consigned to being future cattle for alien needs, to reside elsewhere, outside what it seems is an enforced design dictatorship?

Note, man as said in the text Extraterrestrial Friends And Foes by George C. Andrews, in the Khyla interview within this book, is said to be multiphase.
This said, with man alien contributions to his makeup, this combined with ape-like creature; which to some extent show not only certain actions as to why Earthbased man acts as he does, however certain inheld behavior traits, which are the behavior traits on Earthbased man.
Re on let\'s get down to business

Please note on Tap-ten-like groups, and proposed technical contributions to these types of groups:

As an addend to this former post, I had found two areas of proposals that were of concern.The ideals not fully figured out, however the nature of these proposals never came to fru-it-ition, since the poster before had asked.

ONE, was the size of society and any relationship with the biological end product, homosexuality, within the gene sense of the word, not the latenticy within normal persons, as shown by Freud.See Sigmund Freud, latency factor, works of Freud:

>The proposal to Tap-ten wads the homosexuality must have been a mechanism by where since in families of usually four boys or more, there is sometimes be genetic design, a gay son born within this social set.

This may be because there are ample boys to carry-on that families line, so a fourth son needed to carry on extra gene materials within that line may not have been necessary by nature's design.

So the fourth boy had been born gay, which is a process of diminished or non-present hypothalamus gland, which is the biological motived force, towards women, which enhanced the reproductive act.

The product of a gay boy or girl classically being born into a family structure, may have been part of natures overall design. This tenet irregardless of population head size, with reference to humans here on Earth, as the gay son or daughters were not producers in the natural sense, of more offspring.

This say is in the classical sense.

So with reference to the hidden component of aliens directing certain aspects of Earthbased mans gene factory poll.
This is as a force to where the genes of man would be directed in secret by alien presence under the web search we words,(hidden alien bases and extraterrestrials), there might be at this time, more free bioloiogcal reign, than once thought?

This said is so, as the process to where gay children were still allowed to be born, it seems was no interference, by the hidden alien presence.

>The star children gambit,. to where certain children were abducted by hidden aliens, is a process to where certain children were materialized through walls, during the night by the Gray's consortium here on Earth.

These children were said, [in print], to be taken to laboratories at undisclosed locations.
This is where they were said to undergo a process, to where some aspects of their souls, as well as their psyches.

These treatments had traditional barriers broken down and these children were instilled with superpowers, ranging from the mental to the psychokinetic power ranges.

I have knowledge of this program close-up, knowing of a few star children within my town.

>The statement printed of extra powers in the psychic range, is no exaggerations.

One child can turn on a television set, as well as make certain battery-powered toys run without batteries.

These children in groups, have also said to have viewed a said Mars landing.

This is said where, their televison sets, in unisen, were all of a sudden switched to certain channels.This was to see the vertical landing of some said special kind of ship, landing on the Martian surface?

These children have the ability to turn appliances off and on by shear will and also posses great mental abilities, ranging from clairvoyance to clair-audience.

So with these two set contracts, of letting nature still make its own choice with reference to population head size.

We can see with reference to the in-held gay factor, as opposed to purposely modified children known as the (Indigo Children) and Crystal Children, we see that in some respects, alien forces.
These forces although hidden, both modified existing mankind, however still let the processes of natural selection within the gene stance of a species form.

2.>The proposals sent to Tap-ten, on a solar electric auto, seem with the new information concerning hydrogen fuel cell vehicles being bad for the atmosphere, as re'issuance for concern.

This is said and proposed that firstover, a battery of solar cells, high fidelity would be used to gathering existing sunlight.

From this gatherance then a cabled shuntted to a regulator, which one-ways the power feeds to a step-up amplifier.

From this point in junction, there is a feed into a section of batteries, to where a rise fall level would always occur with this batterypack.

This said batterypack, would then supply power feeds back to a step-up power amplifier, which would then be sublette to a series of motors, which would propel the vehicle.

A mechanical transmission would supplant, the needs for better performance.
Be it knownst, this very simple set up, could in principle using Tesla technologies, within pulsed width cycle power ratios, be applied for spacecraft, flying crafts, and other application where traditional flues were not either needed or wanted as capable of being applied.

These two main submission mentioned here, were design proposals that were not necessarily pro-politically hierarchal, within their natures, of applications.

Consolidation definitions:>

First submission was be nature how by and large any one society un-genetically modified would have operated.

The second tenant was an alterbased ego structure, entailing how power could be derived cheaply for the masses, without so much of a propensity for global warming.

It is thought in some way, that enmasse use of hydrocarbon burning vehicles, increase global temtpaturtes, so causing a potential geo-weather based potentials world wide disturbance.

For Gary
Re: Let\'s get down to business

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