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L-shaped Dowsing Rods For Real Time Travel?


New Member
I just got two L-shaped dowsing rods with quartz crystal tips
in the mail today directly from Steve Gibbs at HDR Enterprises.

The instructions say to hold one in each hand and let them
swing freely. The Tips are supposed to cross when you
find a grid point or time vortex. Supposedly, they will pull downward towards the ground. Also, on the day
of a full moon early in the morning right when the sun is rising between 5:30a.m.-6:30a.m., you can
activate a time machine such as the Time Vortex Activator or
the Hyper-Demensional Resonator?

**The Next Full Moon Is On August 22.

I don't know if this is true or not.
Has anyone ever done this before?

I also ordered a quartz crystal pendulum which hasn't arrived

If you want more information as to where I got these items
go to http:\\www.hdrenterprises.net

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