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Jon Formet is a Child Molester



Well, how do you like it so far? I will keep forging messages in your name as long as you stick around you sick twisted little pervert. But then your a "time traveler' so you already knew that, right?. Do you think you can just waltz in here and tell me what to do? Don't you understand how much you are hated here, you should.
Alright, everyone. Settle down.

I don't want to start deleting posts, but if that's what it takes, then I will do it. I'm not addressing this message at only one person, but at everyone partaking in these hostile little exchanges.

I believe a little restraint is required at the moment. Try to take "the high road" and ignore the "trolls". If some people choose to live in a fantasy world, let them (hey, TTI isn't even real - pretending to be a time traveller on the message board is just a natural extension of the wackiness). And to those who think they're so knowledgable on the subject of time travel, try - PLEASE TRY - to refrain from flaming those who know less. People come here as much to learn as to discuss. If they're too afraid to ask a question, then how can you expect to answer it and spread your wisdom?

I will be monitoring this board for further hostilities. This is the first and only warning.

Thank you,
Mop, the Admin
Re:Alright, everyone. Settle down.

Here! Here!

Yes, I'm back.

Agreed, that professing to be time traveler is indeed fair game and fully consistent with what you and your staff have done here to create an interesting forum site. Heck, I may try it myself under an alias.

It would be more interesting however if those who "are" the time travelers could at least expound on their methodologies so as to truly "enlighten" those of us who are less fortunate. Claiming to be one and then ducking questions as to how this is so, goes to the point of "why bring it up in the first place?" Failing to elaborate is a cop-out for not having the creative wherewithall to actually explain one's own fantasy. It's starting something you can't finish.

Putting in an appearance from the past or future and then using that as a platform to belittle others is intellectually bankrupt. It's easy to take a superior position when you get to define what that superior position is without explaining why it is in fact superior.

I welcome dialog with all who care to actually ENGAGE in dialog, whether they be persons real or imagined. If they have something to say, they get my time. If not, I do not waste my time in childish self agrandizement. I ignore them, as you say.

I hope your above message will be sufficient.

Hi all.
Re:Alright, everyone. Settle down.

Hi Mop.

I wish to assure you and everyone else that the "Jon Formet is a child molester" message wasn't sent by me.

I admit to posting imagined conversations with Jon on two occasions in the past, but I think that it was obvious that they were not genuine and that I was simply ridiculing his anti-social behaviour. I honestly won't repeat myself by doing it again.

Calling him a child molester however, is simply not my style. I'd rather use my particularly English sense of humour and intelligence to attempt to catch such people out, instead of making such a comment that would only serve to make me look extremely unimaginative. (Whoever really sent the message, are you paying attention?) If a posting doesn't match my style, that's because it's not from me. I wouldn't have posted the message in question when I was 14..

Everyone please note: I will categorically never embarrass myself by resorting to unjustified juvenile name calling.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was posted by Jon himself. It may not seem logical to call yourself a child molester, but I think that may be the point.

I really think that he needs to address the sociological problems that he has displayed here.
Re:Re:Alright, everyone. Settle down.

It always reeked of a scam to me Simon.

It's totally out of character for you and I never really bought into it as having come from you in the first place.

Thanks for the post.
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