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john here


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john here.
im in grand rapids michigan. its pretty cool here, i met some guys from the band "the moms." check out thier webpage themoms.net. yeah, i think these guys can prevent that stupid war in 2005. i just need your help. listen to the moms and maybe head up here and give me a call. bring beer.

you can try time travel with all of your fizix and crap but the moms just rock thier way back in time.
Ozzy, slayer, in flames, children of bodom, green day, metallica, rammstien, system of a down, thats good music. :D
O yes, can't forget Thrice. Thursday, Thrice, Senses Fail, Matchbook Romance, At the Drive-In, Mars Volta, Rufio, Cursive, Glassjaw, Coheed, Saosin, Taking Back Sunday, Early November, hella good bands :D

BTW Keven I also enjoy listening to music from the bands you listed as well :D So many good bands out there man, music makes life a lot more enjoyable.
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    Interesting theories, some of them. The rest is just fantasy or plain wrong. Also the thing about black hole because that assumes that black holes (as originally described) really exist. Rather than what I heard myself that the infinite mass thing is simply based on a mathematical error nobody seemed to challenge.
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    I read this on a french YT channel about UFOs, that: Magnetic field + gamma rays can be used to create a circulating light beam that distorts or loops time, which can lead to a twisting of space and time. Looks like what R.Mallet working on it. What's your thoughts on this?
    Mylar Mylar: I read this on a french YT channel about UFOs, that: Magnetic field + gamma rays can be used to...