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I've been to the Montauk base.



I\'ve been to the Montauk base.

Hi, a few years ago when I was a teenager, I travelled with my family to Montauk, Long Island for a vacation there. We stayed at the Beach Comba (if that is how it is spelt) Resort. We spent most of the vacation renting movies FROM the hotel lobby, going to the beach, and exploring the area. It was alot of fun.

I am aware some people will question my honesty about this, but I'm not lying. The Montauk base does exist, I'm not sure if that is a question in anyones mind, but as it stands now it is totally desolate of any activity I have found. I read parts of the book "The Montauk Project", and at the time that some guy was at a place in town preaching about this nonsense, outside some kind of bookstore. I don't really remember. I am a huge fan of the X-files, and all of this unexplained phenominon stuff, so we eventually found the base.

Going INTO the base is an extremely long and tedious walk. We went in through an entrance where there is a baseball field directly outside of the entrance, and a sign that says no trespassing. On our way there we saw several people jogging, a guy on a motorcycle road by, etc. So the area is in no way secure. I am pretty sure these people do not go jogging on the base though.

Anyway, we went to the trademark dish building and it was huge but totally abandoned. There is spray-paint everywhere and even a building with no floor. There was a pile of white dust on the grounds that I actually walked in. I'm not sure what it was, but it was pretty weird. All I can say is that there is no 50-mile underground base or anything like that. I am absolutely certain FROM my own experiences. We spent around 30 minutes just looking around and found totally nothing.

I was so open to going there and really hoped we would find something, but it was a huge disappointment. I remember reading that the guy said the satellite dish or whatever it is actually moves and still works, but later found out it moves because when it was abandoned it is because they left it in free-mode and the wind pushes it around.

I have read alot about this in the past and recently discovered this board.
RE: I\'ve been to the Montauk base.

Hmmm....Do you actually think that the goverment would leave any signs or proof that there was anything going on there ?.... If you do then im guessing your IQ is that of the fried egg i ate this morning. And as for the 'underground area', they wouldnt leave signs up saying "DO NOT ENTER THIS TUNNEL, IT LEADS TO LOTS OF VERY SECRET STUFF !..." All i can say is "HELLO ?....THIS AINT NOT DAFFY DUCK CARTOON !..." any entrances would have been filled, covered and made to look exactly like to surrounding areas.
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